EZ Ears Pump Review

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We all love our pets like our own family members, which is why seeing them in pain and discomfort is as disconcerting as seeing a loved one in pain. You need to do a lot for their grooming and cleaning ears is just one part of it. This is often a difficult, messy and expensive affair. But now with EZ Ears you have an easier, gentler and mess free way to clean your pet’s ears without the need to visit to a vet.


EZ Ears Pump
Cleaning pets’ ears is of utmost importance. It is especially important to clean your dog’s ear and allow airing if your dog has long and floppy ears. Besides, their ear canals are shaped in a way that they are always prone to various problems like bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections that thrive in moist, unclean and warm environment. With EZ Ears you do not have to make an expensive visit to the vet any more for regular cleaning of your pet’s ears and you can do it right at home conveniently.

Fill the EZ Ears pump with any pet ear cleaning solution, attach the patented disposable foam tip till it saturates, activate EZ Ears to fill the foam tip with the solution and rub gently against the pet’s outer ear and throw the tip away. It is that easy to clean the pet’s ears. You will see the difference immediately.

EZ Ears is safe to use and does not harm your pet’s ears and they will not feel the discomfort of having their ears cleaned. So prevent your pet’s recurring ear infections, forget messy cotton balls to clean the pet’s ears, save money on the trips to the vet and keep your pet comfortable. EZ Ears costs just a fraction of a single visit to a vet and per ear cleaning kit contains a bottle of solution and 12 disposable foaming tips – so that is saving up on all of 12 visits to the vet in all. Make sure you don’t compromise by not having EZ Ears fir the sake of your dear pet.



What do I get?

  • 1 EZ Ears Pet Ear Cleaning Pump
  • 1 Bottle of Cleaning Solution
  • 12 Disposable foam tips

All this for just $10.00 + $4.95 s/h. Official website GetEZEars.com



EZ Ears Pump Video
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4 thoughts on “EZ Ears Pump Review

  1. I ordered these ear pumps, several weeks later they send me an email stating my order has been cancelled no explanations… I click on their link the message says their server is down I go to their website a message says this is not a secure website it may have virus’s. Not impressed at all.

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