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Does your pet dog or cat suffer from stained teeth and bad breath? You pet could suffer from periodontal diseases that could lead to kidney problems and heart failures. Now there is a solution to save your pet. Here’s introducing EvoraPet, the first pet oral care product that contains patented probiotics for the oral care of pets.


EvoraPet is intended to reduce bad breath, help to freshen breath, gently cleans and whitens your pet’s teeth, and improves the oral health of your pet naturally.

Simply sprinkle EvoraPet on your pet’s food just once a day. The best part is that since EvoraPet is tasteless and odorless your pet wont even know its there.

The secret of EvoraPet is ProBiora 3. ProBiora 3 helps to get rid of the germs that cause bad breath below your pets gum lines.

You could use sprays but there are a task for you and can be taxing for your pet. Forcing your pet down to be cleaned can be unsafe for you and your pet too.
EvoraPet contains just the right bacteria to clean up your pet’s teeth, making him happier and healthier.

EvoraPet is backed by 25 years of intense research, is 100% Natural, is certified by the GMP, and is approved by the FDA.

Naturally Whiter Teeth

Some pets have yellow, stained teeth along with bad breath! In such cases EvoraPet Oral Care works efficiently to get the desired results of fresh breath and white and clean teeth!

EvoraPet Oral Care is the perfect grooming aid for all cats and dogs and which has been specifically formulated to give your pet fresher breath and whiter and brighter teeth all day long. To use it, you have to just sprinkle the odorless, tasteless EvoraPet Oral Care on your cat or dog’s food each day, and you will see great results within the very first week!

A low-dose, natural hydrogen peroxide is produced as a by-product of the ProBiora3 probiotics present in EvoraPet Oral Care. With the daily replenishing of these good bacteria, a gradual whitening effect is seen with all the complete benefits of long contact times. It acts 24 hour per day to provide the correct amount of balancing and brightening. If you use EvoraPet Oral Care daily for your pet, it would be the perfect solution for the gentle removal of stains from your pet’s teeth, even while naturally whitening them.

It is a fact that your pet’s yellowing and stained teeth are not a usual part of his aging process and isn’t related to lifestyle choices, either, unlike us.

It was observed that during laboratory studies that the low-dose natural hydrogen peroxide which is produced by the ProBiora3 blend of bacteria works to gently and naturally whiten your pet’s teeth and creates an action of continuous whitening benefit that did not show the same level of results in the course of the studies. Thus, with regular and daily use, the beneficial bacteria in your pet’s mouth gives rise to a constant and ever expanding population for effective, gradual, continual and safe tooth cleaning and whitening for your pets.

Naturally Fresher Breath

We love our pets; but do we also love their bad breath? Do you remember the time when they were young? Young puppies and kittens don’t suffer from bad breath, then what is the reason that your grown up pets suffer from bad breath?

Veterinarians will often advise that you brush your pets’ teeth if they suffer from a case of bad breath. But pet toothpastes are usually flavored with the flavors of beef, liver or poultry. These toothpastes may aid in removing some of the plaque buildup on your pet’s teeth, but the actual brushing can prove to be an unpleasant experience for you as well as your pet! Cats in particular, object to anyone manipulating their mouths!

The real truth is that it is not the quantity of plaque that is the culprit behind your pet’s bad breath, but it is the composition of the plaque. If the plaque on your pet’s teeth houses a significant amount of bacteria known to cause bad breath, then simple toothpaste won’t be able to tackle the problem!

You can help to significantly improve the quality of your pets’ breath by simply changing the composition of that plaque and thus, re-balancing the bacteria that are present naturally in your pets’ mouths.

ProBiora3 is a powerful combination of beneficial bacteria and is the main element in EvoraPet Oral Care, which has been specifically designed to target the special oral care needs of cats and dogs.

EvoraPet FAQs

What are probiotics and what do they do?
The live microbial organisms which are naturally present in your body are known as Probiotics. They are also termed as “beneficial” or “good” bacteria. Some specific strains of the different probiotics aid in making your pets’ breath fresher and promoting cleaner, whiter teeth for them. These specific strains of probiotics differ from the good bacteria that aid better digestive health. EvoraPet contains particular strains of probiotics which work by crowding out the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath in your pet; and thus ensuring that your pets breathe is fresher and teeth are cleaner and whiter!

What should be done if the pet shows disinterest in the EvoraPet sprinkles and eats only the food around it?
Don’t worry, most pets show hesitation in trying out new and different looking food and may balk at eating the EvoraPet sprinkles. But, most of them of them will soon begin eating the EvoraPet sprinkled on their food once they get accustomed to them.

When can perceptible results be observed?
If you use EvoraPet as per instructions, you will observe that your pets’ breath will get fresher within only the first week.

Is there a choice of flavors in the EvoraPet Oral Care?
The EvoraPet Oral Care does not have any flavor or odor to cater for even those pets who are fussy and finicky eaters. Your pets won’t even realize that they are having something different and yet, which is beneficial for them.

Does EvoraPet Oral Care need refrigeration?
No, EvoraPet Oral Care does not need refrigeration; it is shelf-stable at room temperature.

How should EvoraPet Oral Care be used?
To use EvoraPet Oral Care, all you have to do is simply sprinkle one scoop (one gram) of EvoraPet Oral Care on your pets’ food just before feeding, once a day.

How long do the contents of a box of EvoraPet Oral Care last?
You get a choice of a 30-day or 60-day supply of EvoraPet Oral Care for your pet.

Are there different scoop measures for different size breeds of cats and dogs?
No, different size breeds do not have different EvoraPet Oral Care measures. This is so due to the fact that the ProBiora3 blend of probiotics in EvoraPet Oral Care only acts locally in the mouth; thus ensuring that one scoop is the correct dosage and will be effective for dogs and cats of all sizes; one scoop will work equally well a Great Dane or a small cat.

When should EvoraPet Oral Care be introduced in the diet of a brand new kitten or puppy that is still nursing?
EvoraPet Oral Care has been specifically formulated to be sprinkled on your pets’ food, so it is advised that you wait until your puppy or kitten is eating food before introducing these oral care probiotics.

Can EvoraPet Oral Care be given to dogs and cats that are either pregnant or nursing?
Yes, EvoraPet Oral Care is a safe all-natural grooming aid for nursing or pregnant dogs and cats.

Can old pets benefit from using EvoraPet Oral Care?
Older pets who tend to suffer from bad breath and yellow, stained teeth will benefit tremendously from the wonderful grooming aid given by EvoraPet Oral Care.

Is the EvoraPet Oral Care safe for pets suffering from various allergies?
Yes, EvoraPet Oral Care is safe for pets with allergies as it does not contain any known allergens.

Can EvoraPet Oral Care be taken along with medication?
Yes, it is safe to give your pets EvoraPet Oral Care along with their medication. There haven’t been any reactions seen, between the two. It is, indeed, advised that you use EvoraPet Oral Care during and after a course of antibiotics, to get the bacterial balance back in your pets’ mouths.

Can EvoraPet Oral Care be given to the pet along with other probiotics?
It is safe to give EvoraPet Oral Care along with other regular probiotics. Regular probiotics are formulated for better gut health, while; only EvoraPet Oral Care is composed of probiotics that act only locally in the pets’ mouth to naturally freshen his breath and make his teeth whiter and brighter.

What are the credentials of Dr. Jeffrey Hillman?
Dr. Jeffrey Hillman is the Chief Scientific Officer Oragenics and its founder. Oragenics ‘ purpose is to commercialize the results of an extensive and intensive twenty five years of research at the Harvard- affiliated Forsyth Institute in Boston and the University of Florida. At present, he is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry. Dr. Hillman has worked at Oragenics full time for the past six years focusing on the final development of these technologies. He has shared his expertise and authored or co-authored more than 125 publications and textbook chapters on subjects related to the etiology and cure of caries (cavities), periodontal (gum) diseases and other infectious diseases and cancer. He received his undergraduate training at the University of Chicago (Phi Beta Kappa), his D.M.D. degree (cum laude) from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and his Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School.




What do I get?
Order today and get a 2-Month supply of EvoraPet for only $14.95 plus $7.95 P&H. Call and order EvoraPet and you will receive a full 30 day supply of EvoraPet for just $14.95 plus $7.95 P&H but if you call right now you will receive a 60 day supply of EvoraPet for just $14.95 plus $7.95 P&H. Official website www.GetEvoraPet.com



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  1. Has anyone tried this product? I really want something like this. But I don’t trust most of the reviews I find on sites like cooltvoffers.com and griffinsfeatherednest.blogspot.com and even the reviews on Amazon.com look like paid ones. I came here to read EvoraPet reviews but got disappointed.

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