Emery Cat Scratcher Reviews and Complaints

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This as seen on tv Cat scratch board actually grooms cat’s claws while they play. Emery Cat Scratcher Board scratch board is strong enough to support larger cats and its special arch design is perfect for stretching and scratching. Your cat can give itself a pedicure!


How does Emery Cat Scratcher Board work?

The secret of this As Seen On TV Cat Claw Trimmer is its patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness. And your kitty will love his new play thing, infused with irresistible catnip that keeps your cat coming back again and again. This as seen on tv cat nail filer is strong enough to support even bigger cats, the Emery Cat Scratcher Board Board has a special arch design perfect for stretching and scratching.

Emery Cat Refills

Here’s Emery Cat Board refill for your Emery Cat board, which is the perfect attachment to go with it. The refill features abrasive emery-board surface that works like a nail file, which clips your kitty’s nails on its own without you having to fuss over it. Grab it right away and also get a bag of catnip with it that your dear cat is sure to enjoy.

Gift your pet cat the best kitty scratcher for trimming it claws and while having loads of fun simultaneously. Get your dear kitty the wonderful Emery Cat that’s sure to get it super-excited to play on even as it clips its claws itself! Now you don’t have to struggle with your cat to clip its nails anymore. All you have to do is Emery Cat is an incredible board your cat can step on to scratch and have lots of fun!

Emery Cat is the fun new kitty scratcher that actually grooms the claws of cats while they play on it. It causes absolutely no pain and discomfort to cats even as it trims its claws, and relieves you of the stress of doing it yourself. Emery Cat is designed with patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file. It’s infused with catnip, which makes your kitty coming back to it joyously and is durable for larger cats. It also has arch design on surface, which makes it ideal for scratching and stretching. Emery Cat comes with a cute kitty toy as well as a de-shedder as a bonus and the buy one get one free offer to top it!



What do I get?

  • 2 Emery Cat Scratcher Board Scratch Boards
  • 2 Cat Toys
  • 2 Cat De-Shredders

Official Emery Cat Scratcher Board Offer
For only $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H, you’ll receive an Emery Cat Scratcher Board Board along with a Cat Toy. Plus you’ll also receive a cat De-Shedder absolutely FREE! This total package is valued at $45! And when you order now you will also get 2nd package absolutely FREE, just pay $7.95 P&H!

Buy Emery Cat Scratcher Board from the official website and get the benefits of buy 1 get 1 free, bonuses, customer service and guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website EmeryCat.com



Emery Cat Scratcher Board Video


51 thoughts on “Emery Cat Scratcher Reviews and Complaints

  1. The emery cat scratcher was supposed to come with a toy and some catnip. When I opened it up all there was the scratcher only. Rip off….

  2. Firstly can I just say finding your site has reinstated by belief in review sites once again. Now I will only visit your site when I have to look for reviews of products. I had such a nightmarish experience when I was looking for Emery Cat reviews. I went from one site to another and they all promised to have genuine reviews for me. But what they actually had were Buy Now Tabs, which shouldn’t have been there in the first place, no? Then I realized that these sites were sending me to other pages that were also trying to sell me this product. I was extremely disappointed by this experience and was going to give up on reviews completely when I found your site.

    • These things are not uncommon today and you have to really look for genuine review sites. The onus is on search engines to make sure these fake review sites don’t flourish like the way they are; but search engines have been ineffectual in that regard thus far. On the other hand the union of affiliate marketers and manufacturers is prospering. They are in a win-win situation, which has to be changed by search engines.

  3. I have had the Emery Cat Scratching Board for at least 3 months now, and I love it. My cats really do like it alot, they scratch on it all the time. At first for about a month they just walked past it, but after that time they use it all the time, they use it so much that I have to buy the replacement pads.

  4. I bought mine at Fred Meyer. No longer in stock. Where can I go to purchase one? It is six month old and is now time to replace.

    • I just googled Emery scratch pad.com and it brought up several different sites about the product, but there is a web site that says Emery cat for parts and supplies and you can order a new one.

  5. We have 3 indoor cats. 2 of the cats are crazy about this product and stopped clawing the sofa. The third cat has no interest in Emery Cat, I would say I am quite happy with the product. As for the third cat, well… he is hopeless.

  6. It is their policy I am upset about. they refused to modify or cancel my order, after I called and said a mistake had been made. Basically they said “tough luck” I thought I was ordering “Buy One Get One Free”. Instead they charged me for four orders, and a $31.80 shipping charge I called at the first available time (8:30 AM – Monday) and was told my order was shipped, and they couldn’t do anything. I am very upset, and feel robbed!

      • I had this type of thing happen with another company (another product) and it drove me up a WALL for several weeks. However, with persistence (I’ll explain what I did) I not only got my money back, I also got the product for free!

        Forget trying to deal with the reps who answer the phone! They have scripts that they’ll just keep reciting over and over ad nauseum (“I’m sorry, we can’t cancel the order because it’s not in the system yet…” etc etc). Infuriating! Instead, contact the company via email or phone until you get a name, number and email of someone in their executive offices (customer complaint dept). Explain to that person exactly what happened in a definitely polite but VERY FIRM tone, adding details about each frustrating obstacle you encountered. Give many details. Mention the harm this purchase caused to your family’s budget, and how upsetting that was.

        Finally, tell them you want a complete refund and free return postage to ship the boards back. TELL THEM YOU WILL WRITE A GREAT REVIEW ONLINE IF THEY HANDLE YOUR COMPLAINT PROMPTLY. Then present the alternative: you will write a scathing review with great details, exposing the unethical aspects inherent in their purchasing system, again, in a civilized tone. Tell them you’d prefer to write a glowing review.

        If they have ANY intelligence, you will be refunded all your expenses, and they’ll tell you to enjoy the products at no charge as compensation for the unpleasant experience — as well they should.

        I’m NOT suggesting people go out of their way to get free products this way! But if you run up against lousy customer service, and worse, being ripped off, it behooves you to demand they correct the situation. I think the odds are (if you’re persistent to find the name of someone who can make an executive decision) that you will get a refund, free product for your trouble, and an apology. They will likely be appreciative that you took the time to explain the problem rather then just curse them out in a bad review.

        Just be sure to write that glowing review once all is taken care of. Good luck!

  7. Yes Edison nation is mostly a scam. What they do is charge money, but I don’t think they have any motivation to continue with good ideas. Here is the worst part: they encourage you to submit the same idea to different searches, so one when does not make it they make it seem that its a better fit for another search, and they have a nifty little progress tracker, so if your idea gets booted at stage 3 on the next search it will make it to stage 4, what sets this scam apart is that they have a TV show which makes it all look very legit, but its more of the same, just an elaborate scam. Lastly ask yourself this question, if they were so skilled at recognizing a profitable idea what would they need all there members for? Your buying hope and that’s it. Also you will see that almost all there ideas chosen are patented already, EN is a scam pure and simple, they are skilled at scamming not inventing.

    • I completely agree. What makes them experts on what makes a product marketable? They don’t know squat! Just looking at their outputs: Emery Cat – what is that? It’s a complete joke. Pathetic. Don’t be fooled again by these scam artists. Be guided by your own instinct. You don’t need a bunch of know-it-alls License your product yourself!

      • Watch for the “Eggies” to come to market. I submitted the “Egginator” made it to level 4 then dropped. Same exact idea as mine. The inventor even had an explanation video of how she thought of the idea, that was in a similar format as my submission video as to everything that you could do with it. Other than her story of how she thought up the idea, everything was very similar. I will NEVER submit ANYTHING to Edison Nation unless her patent was applied for before December 2010.

  8. My cats do use the Emery Cat board from time to time, but it just seems to make their claws thinner and sharper. Not what I had in mind!

  9. DANGER Feather toy with Bell comes loose & was swallowed by my cat. Almost starved to death in front of my eyes, as well as vets. CAUTION REMOVE SMALL BELL FROM TOW. CHOKING HAZARD. WATCH YOUR SMALL CHILDREN. MORE TROUBLE THAN ONE CAN POSSIBLE IMAGINE.

  10. I bought my EMERY CAT Scratch Board at Walmart 2 weeks ago. My adult cat refuses to go near it and my year old kitten had the feather toy torn off and eaten within 5 minutes. I am begging to believe this is a full blown out piece of CRAP! How I wish I could get my money refunded!

  11. This product is a real piece of junk ! Cats will not go near it. All it is is corrugated cardboard topped with sand and a cheap toy. Not worth the $20 you charge for it. I am returning mine to the company. What a scam!

  12. How do I get my cat to use the emery board. I bought it a week ago I got the cat nip inside it, he loves the toy, but he just won’t stand on the emery board to start using it. I don’t understand. What am I doing wrong? His nails are really long right now and I feel I wasted money on getting this for him. He doesn’t really acknowledge the board just the toy. I’m so confused I even put some of his wet cat food in it and a little on the top of it. What do I have to do to get him to use it?

    • Hi,
      we used to have another scratch board with rolling ball around. When we got the new Emery Car Board, my cats still use the nearly torn off old scratch board. So I have to remove the old one from the scene, and put the paws of the kitten on the new board every day to force scratches for about a week, and then I wait. After 3 weeks or so, finally our adult cat started to use the board, and naturally the kitten learned to use it as well. However, that did take them a long time to start enjoying the new boards.

  13. It’s starting to look like Edison Nation is another scam like Invent Help, because they collect monthly fees from loads of inventors and actually bring very few of the ideas to market, and mostly turn down the viable ideas submitted to various categories without explanation as to why, so that the inventor is none the wiser; and the real money looks like it is being made from Edison Nation monthly fees and inventor idea submitted fees being charged. A legitimate company would supply feedback to inventors as to why an idea was not worthy of marketing, but not Edison Nation.

  14. Ordered the Emery Cat, seemed like a wonderful idea. My cats will not use it. Just another TV scam.

  15. Does anyone know if the Emery cat scratch pad is made with real emery material in it? Emery is defined as a hard dark mineral which is used for grinding, smoothing, and polishing metal, stones, etc.

    I suspect the the word “emery” is just a word in a trademark and not actually made with emery material either in part or in whole.

    If the “emery board” is really just corrugated cardboard with laminated edges exposed, then you can buy this same type of item at a pet store or some discount stores for less than $5.00! And it has catnip included.

    • I bought one of these Emery Cat Scratch Boards at Walmart for $18 and another through 13deals.com for $10. I have 3 cats, only one of them loves & uses this, the other 2 lay on it when I refresh the catnip but don’t scratch at it. It’s made of a plastic frame which is pretty sturdy, with a corrugated cardboard surface that is covered with a very stiff, extremely rough sandpaper type of material. It’s actually uncomfortable to run your hand over it. Because of it’s arched design, the cat scratches at the 2 lowest points, which after a couple of months, start to disintegrate into chunks of paper. (but take into consideration that this cat has shredded wooden door jambs and cabinet edges) The toy lasted less than 5 minutes, the catnip seemed to be of good quality but neither of mine included the grooming comb. For me, it’s worth $18 or so every few months because of the damage she’ll do to my house otherwise, but I wouldn’t recommend buying it through the TV ads or their website. Get one from Wal Mart & return it if your cat doesn’t like it — cats are weird, some love it, others don’t.

  16. TV ad said shipping & handling is $7.95. They offer you a 2nd emery cat scratch board for “free” if you call right away. There was no option to talk to a person on the phone to ascertain the total price. They charged shipping & handling of $15.90. I returned the item by Fedex ground – it cost me $7.07. I first brought the item to the post office & was gold it would cost no more than $10.85 even with delivery confirmation. The TV ad was misleading as to the shipping & handling cost. The customer service said I was being charged for the shipping of 2 Emery cat boards. The 2nd board was supposed to be \”free\” but they charged another $7.95 for shipping it. The TV ad never mentioned $7.95 each or $15.90 for shipping & handling. To boot, my cat had no interest in this Emery Cat at all!

  17. I bought this Emery Cat Scratch Pad a few days ago. My tiny kitten managed to break the feather stick within a few minutes and pull the feather off the stick within a few hours. She totally ignores the scratch pad. It doesn’t work.

  18. I ordered this as seen on tv cat nail scratch board and paid $66.00 for it and the cats ignore it. They have a very good infomercial which is misleading Don’t buy. – Georgie

    • I just sent in a Emery cat claw trimmer review above and wanted to say I also waited for quite awhile(two months) for this emery cat scratch board because they run out. That infomercial is too good – Georgina

  19. Emery Cat Scratch Board Review #7
    This company is run by a bunch of incompetent liars. Wait till the product Emery Cat Scratch Board is in the store!!!! I ordered this scratch board product on November 21, 2009 and to date January 13, 2010 and counting , still don’t have the product. They even had the nerve to charge my by credit card twice. They told me this was going to be shipped no later than 30 days – what a joke that is. I have called numerous times and got yelled and told I was stupid. I even asked to talk to a manager and I got a recording. This company needs some customer service tools to work with because they are one big zip as far as I am concerned. How long does it take to get a shipment in? WHAT A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I hope they read this!!!

  20. I was planning to order emery cat scratch board online, however after reviewing the comments decided to place my order by phone. I don’t like the idea of not being able to review my order with total price prior to placing the order. The website can be a little confusing. But as stated before, if you only want one EmeryCat scratch board you should select quantity of 1. It does say how many buy one get one Emery Cat Board sets of 2 would you like? Customer service was very pleasant and I didn’t have to wait. I was told if I wanted to buy one get one free my total would be $35.85 right up front before I placed the order. Delivery should be 2-6 weeks. My brother purchased the EmeryCat nail filer for his three cats and so far is satisfied with it.

  21. I ordered on their ordering site from heck.. and ended up accidently ordering three (I wanted to purchase two and was mislead into ordering three), so went from like a $30 initial thought to about $100.. After my heart attack and waiting until after xmas, I was able to go on their website, check my status and choose cancel. I think I’ll wait until it goes into the “As Seen on TV” store, and just purchase at a brick and mortar store.. Their website is the worst one I’ve ever used for purchasing online orders.

  22. No website should be able to accept orders without showing you the cart or the order before hitting the submit button to place the order. They are scammers.

  23. I phoned emery cat’s customer service and they took my order. This ensured I got it for the correct price of $35.85 for the TWO units or ONE set as they referred it to. They said if you order online you should order ONE SET if you want TWO UNITS and you’ll get the correct pricing. To be safe, I just placed my emery cat order online. As of today 12/19/09 They said delivery should be in 2-6 weeks, but it’s been fairly rapid recently so it will probably be in the 2-4 week range. Hope that helps someone else.

    • Forgot to add that if you want to be SURE you are ordering what you want call in your order:
      Phone: 1-866-438-8842
      They were very very nice on the phone

  24. I have to agree with the other as seen on tv emery cat complaints about their crappy website and deceptive advertising. The tv ad says buy one scratch board and get one free, as does the initial website page. But when you try to place your order, it makes it appear that you have to select 2 in order to get the second one free. It takes your credit card info first and does not give you a confirmation or review order page. As you tab through clicking “no” to all the additional add on items, suddenly you get a “thank you for your order” page with a horrifying total of $72.20 for FOUR units instead of $35.85 for TWO units of cat nail file. I have not tried to contact them yet as it is Christmas night and they do not open until Monday morning, But based on the other complaints I have read, I will be placed on hold for 30-90 minutes, then given a line of crap that my order already shipped and it is too late to cancel…even though they claim 2-6 weeks for delivery. I have already downloaded a form from the Attorney General to file a complaint. If worse come to worse I will be selling the extras on craigslist.

    *Emery Cat*,* Ignite Media Solutions*, and *Edison Nation LLC* are dishonest thieves. No different than little punks who break into cars and steal stuff.

  25. I wish I had known that I would not be able to review my order before it was snatched up and processed with an unbelievably high P&H charge. Who’s running this scam? The product (an emery board for cats) sounded like it could be beneficial. It’s too bad that I will have to email all my friends and relatives (and ask them to forward this warning to their friends and family, etc.) and warn them about this scam as well as report them to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe I should write a little something to Fox News about this as seen on tv Emery Cat Nail File website. Look what they did to Acorn! D.Staggs

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