Easy Treat Maker Review

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Do you feed your pet all kinds of treats bought from the store? These treats may contain artificial ingredients that are not good for your pet. If your pet just loves to gobble all kinds of delicious treats then you need the American Kennel Club and Cat Fancier’s Association branded Easy Treat Maker.


Easy Treat Maker
Easy Treat Maker is an amazing new tool that helps you quickly make the most scrumptious home-made treats that are healthy and good for your pet too.

So stop wasting your money buying treats for your pet at the store and use the Easy Treat Maker to make delicious treats at home instead. With the Easy Treat Maker you will know exactly what’s in the treat your pets eat.

Simply follow the easy recipe guide, pop on top, plug in and continue doing the rest of your work. The Easy Treat Maker does all the work for you.

With the Easy Treat Maker you can make amazing chicken treats, tasty turkey treats, and much more. You can also prepare a healthy biscuit treat with the custom bowl by adding fresh ingredients like corn, carrots, peas, and eggs for protein.

Your kids will love to make a treat for their pet too. You can use the Easy Treat Maker to prepare treats for both dogs and cats. If you cat is very fussy you can make him a fish shaped treat that he will really enjoy.



What do I get?
• Easy Treat Maker
• 1 Additional Tray
• 3 Biscuit Molds
• Recipe Guide with 50 Recipes

The Easy Treat Maker is now available for just $19.99 plus S&H but if you order right now you also get an additional tray, 3 biscuit moulds, a recipe guide with 50 recipe treats, just pay separate P&H. Official website www.EasyTreatMaker.com


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2 thoughts on “Easy Treat Maker Review

  1. I ordered this Easy Treat Maker two months ago; however, it was never received and the “pseudo customer service” line is bogus as it just provides a woman’s voice asserting how important one’s call is (in English and French) and after a repeated hold and more “BS” the line is terminated due to technical difficulties, with a message to call back later.


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