Cuddle Uppets Review

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Want a pet to cuddle up with? Who doesn’t love their warm and cozy blanket? Everyone would love to have someone warm and friendly to snuggle up with at night. But now, you can do so for you have the adorable Cuddle Uppets! Cuddle Uppets is an amazingly fun combination of cuddly blankets and cute puppets! Yes, that’s right! You get to have a two-in-one friend that will serve both to keep you warm as well as be an adored friend, in the Cuddle Uppets!


Cuddle Uppets
It is 28” into 39” big, sufficient to wrap you up in warmth! You can play all day long, at home and outdoors with Cuddle Uppets and when you are tired and it’s time to go to bed, you have a loyal friend ready to give you a goodnight hug and stay with you as you sleep the night away.

With CuddleUppets, you get to have a friend who will never hurt you and will be with you right from the moment you wake up till you go back to bed at night! CuddleUppets come in a incredible variety of cute shapes; you can choose from a Pink Poodle, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Green Crocodile, Blue Elephant and Brown Bear. Pick your favorite CuddleUppets or collect them all; CuddleUppets will give you joy all the time!

Get two of your most warm and loved things, all together in the CuddleUppets! Have a story telling session with Purple Monkey, your friends and family; make Blue Elephant talk and he will be sure to make you laugh; teach Green Crocodile how to grab a treat! Skip, hop, jump and dance with your CuddleUppets and have a blast with your whole family!

Take your Cuddle Uppets for a visit to your grandparents. It will be right by your side as you play hide-and-seek; or comfort you when you are feeling not so good. Cuddle Uppets will always be with you for fun times as well as those sad times. Cuddle Uppets is your very own warm, cozy, lovable and fuzzy friend!



What do I get?
Choose from – Pink Poodle, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Green Crocodile, Blue Elephant, Brown Bear. Buy One CuddleUppet for $19.99 + $8.95 shipping and handling. Buy second CuddleUppet for just $16.99 + $5.99 s/h. Buy each additional CuddleUppet for just $16.99 and get Free Shipping. Official website



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6 thoughts on “Cuddle Uppets Review

  1. I saw Cuddle Uppets infomercial few days back and found it very interesting. The concept of a puppet with a blanket was quite innovative and was a definite purchase for me for my kid. But to be very sure before buying it I searched for “Cuddle Uppets Reviews” over the internet for more information and reviews by people about it. I was bedazzled with the number of links that sprung on the search engine result and quickly clicked on all possible top links. After reading through a couple of them I realized that these reviews might not be actually real. The product look very promising and the review websites carried links for purchasing the product right from its manufacturer’s website. I quickly tried to exit the website since I did not want to be a fooled by such a scam but adding to my frustration were annoying pop ups that did not allow to leave the site easily. At last I found this website and I am glad that it contains true, real and honest reviews by real people. Thanks a lot.

    • Sites which carry fake reviews and product purchase links are made by manufacturers or product resellers themselves. These links return as top links since search engines can be easily fooled into considering them into real by search engine optimization. Such scams exist over the internet to fool people into buying even the worst of products.

  2. Does your pet like CuddleUppets Blanket?

    What material is the blanket made up of?

    What are the washing instructions of the product?

    Is the material hypo allergic?

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