Crazy Cat Racer

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What is Crazy Cat Racer?

It is an interactive five-in-one toy for cats designed as interchangeable tracks of different shapes and sizes. The toy keeps cats engrossed and entertained for hours.


Indulge your kitty with something new!

If you think cats don’t care about toys, take Crazy Cat Racer home and see how your pet jumps at it!Crazy Cat Racer is a fun toy for cats which promises them loads of excitement all through the day. It is an inventive five-in-one toy with different track pieces that can be molded into exciting multiple designs.


Interactive and versatile

Crazy Cat Racer is a five-toys-in-one wonder which is amazingly interactive and flexible. It is designed as a set of 9differently shaped track piecesof different sizes, which can be twisted and bent into different patterns within seconds. A ball is also provided along with the tracks, which you can simply set rolling in the circular track.Just watch the fun that unfolds when you do that, as the ball drives your cat crazy, chasing and aiming to grab it!What makes the toy even more exciting is the ease with which you can set up of tracks with the easy to handle snap-together pieces while creating your custom track!


Hours and hours of fun

Since Crazy Cat Racer is the perfect cat activity toy that is unique, uncomplicated and fascinating. It will keep your kitty happily occupied for hours without getting tired. With your cat busy with it, you can relax and rest assured that it won’t damage or break things in home to play with.What’s more, your cat will also get its fill of exercise by playing with it.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Crazy Cat Racer for $29.99.
  • Official Website :

One thought on “Crazy Cat Racer

  1. Poorly made. Pieces do not stay snapped together. Pegs designed to fit into next piece break off. Track does not secure ball, so if your cat is adventurous, ball disappears, and there are not extra balls included.

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