Cravey Instant Gravy Mix Review

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Dogs are lovely and certainly the best pet you can have but they can frustrate you during meals. They have a tendency to sometimes not eat or you need to play lots of games to feed them just like little kids. If you are on the run, feeding them in such a way is not at all possible. But who can complain with all the dry chunky dog food that is generally available for them? Also, as dogs get older they find dog food a little hard to chew. To spice up the feel of dog foods a new product known as Cravey is out to try.


Cravey Instant Gravy Mix
Cravey is all-new gravy that can be added upon any available dog food to make it tastier and softer. Experts have deduced that dogs have finicky moods and deny regular dog food served to them every day. In such a situation, there are lots of tricks used to make them eat but needs lot of time and dedication. Dogs growing older have problems chewing the dog food available since they are dry and can also be a little difficult for their digestion. Cravey solves this issue by adding a layer of liquid gravy over the dog food making it delicious and at the same time soft for easy digestion making it a wholesome gourmet meal.

Cravey can be added and mixed in warm water within seconds to add variety and enhance the flavor of dog foods. It contains 29 essential vitamins and nutrients that are important in improving and maintaining dog’s health. It is made out of organic ingredients without the addition of any kind of preservatives making it all natural and manufactured in a USA safe food certified facility. The best part about Cravey is that it is 99% fat free and adds only 12 calories per serving. Its veterinarian recommended ingredients contain Glucosamine to help and support their joints, Probiotics for increasing the digestive capacity and Omegas for maintaining the skin and coat.

Cravey comes in three amazing flavors – chicken, beef and turkey to add variety to the dog’s everyday food. It is available at a very low cost and comes with bonus offers of another Cravey and 26 issues of ‘The K9 World: Tips for Your Dog’s Health & Happiness’ magazine absolutely free. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with it.



What do I get?
Order Cravey for only $19.95 per container plus $6.95 standard shipping. Official website

Customer Service: 1-888-502-2721



Cravey Instant Gravy Mix Video


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