Comfy Kitty Magic Mat

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The Secret
You adore your cat and it becomes a member of your family before you know it. All cat owners are incredibly attached to their feline friends and want to give them the best. And it’s particularly true of the comfortable sitting space that they love and often stick to. But is that ruining the furniture in the house because of cat hair, dander etc? In that case Comfy Kitty Magic Mat claims to offer you the solution, which will keep your cats comfortable all day long. And Comfy Kitty Magic Mat also promises to take care of your precious furniture too.

Comfortable for cats
The comfort of your furry friends is of great importance to you and there can be no compromises on that count. Comfy Kitty Magic Mat claims to assure that for you thanks to the ultra soft polyester fibres that are used here. They work as an insulation to absorb heat and thus your cat will be kept warm all through the day and night, all year long. Comfy Kitty Magic Mat claims to be a hit with cats, which means you don’t have to worry about them making a home in cold place, which can be uncomfortable for them.

Packed with features
Not only is Comfy Kitty Magic Mat said to be versatile as it can be used in several spots including chairs, beds and couches, it is also supposed to be packed with several features for your convenience. It’s said to be non toxic and non allergenic, which is something you want for your cats. And Comfy Kitty Magic Mat is available in a comfortable size of 20 square inches while it’s 1.5 inches thick. If you have been looking for a cuddly mat for your cat that protects your furniture too, then this mat has promises to keep.

Official website
Get 2 Comfy Kitty Magic Mats for just $10.00 + $15.90. Official website

2 thoughts on “Comfy Kitty Magic Mat

  1. I placed an order for Comfy Kitty on July 27,2013 and received a confirmation the same day with my order number 10422178 and have not received any product or any further correspondence. Please advise status if any at appropriate time, or advise if order has been cancelled. I would appreciate a reply.

    Thank you…Melvin

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