Chillow Pet Pillow

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You bring a pet home knowing well that you are making a new addition to your family. It’s particularly true of dogs that are known to offer you unconditional love and they become your constant companions. As a pet owner you want to give your dog the best comforts possible as well and you don’t want them to suffer, especially in those hot summer months. If you want to make sure your pets stay cool and don’t face any discomfort because of the heat then you might want to bring Chillow Pet pillow home.

How does Chillow Pet Pillow Work

Chillow Pet is a path breaking pillow for pets that will keep them around 10 degrees cooler. And that will make a huge difference to their wellbeing when temperatures soar. You know how tough it can get for your pets when the mercury is rising and this pillow will be the perfect way of keeping them calm and well rested. Once you have the Chillow Pet at home you will notice a significant difference in the temperatures of your pet beddings and these results have been shown clearly by thermal imaging.

Chillow Pet works so well because it can continuously circulate water and by doing so it can absorb body heat and release it at the same time. Thus a much cooler temperature is maintained for your pets’ benefit. All you have to do is activate the Chillow Pet and it will keep working its magic, staying cooler than the body temperature of your pet. Thus your pet will get all the caring, cooling and soothing comfort that it can do with when the temperature around it is rising.

Chillow Pet is available in three different sizes and does its job for pets of different shapes; large and small. But that’s not all; it fits perfectly well inside beds and crates of various sizes, which is an added bonus too. Chillow Pet is made from pet-proof Dura-Vel and you will also be pleased to note that it is gel free and completely non toxic, making it safe for your pets. It’s also easy to clean up.



What do I get?
Get the Chillow Pet Pillow for just $19.99 (Medium), $29.99 (Large), $39.99 (X-Large) and a Chillow Pet Pillow Cover. Shipping $12.98. Official website



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