Cat’s Meow Toy Reviews and Complaints

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Cats are a very active breed amongst all the pets and need constant playful activities to keep them busy. Cat’s Meow makes it easier for you if your cat needs a lot of playful time with the ease of being at home. A bored cat can start scratching and clawing the sofa covers, curtains; etc at home which might end up in a tear or some older cats would simply sit and eat becoming unhealthily fat. Many toys have been created to keep cats jolly but nothing can beat Cat’s Meow.

How does Cat’s Meow Toy Work

It’s no secret that cats like chasing a lot and that’s why they enjoy hunting mice themselves who are very quick and can provide a necessary challenge for the feline breed. This concept is quite familiar even making it a mainstream cartoon concept in the famous Tom and Jerry show and that’s why adopted in designing the revolutionary Cat’s Meow toy. The idea behind its creation is to keep kitties very active and busy throughout the day and even at night.

Cat’s Meow is a circular design nylon fabric which is of a durable anti-tear nature so that constant clawing and scratching while playing on it will not ruin the toy. It covers the actual motor and has an extension peek-a-boo wand that runs underneath it. The best part about running Cat’s Meow is that it runs on batteries and doesn’t need constant charging or power source making it flexible to place anywhere inside the house or exterior.

Cat’s Meow works on a one touch button that is provided on the motor head. On starting the motor the peek-a-boo wand starts moving around the center like a carousel giving the feeling that a mouse is scurrying underneath it. The best part of Cat’s Meow is that it has the ability to change speeds randomly and even the direction of movement to surprise the cat now and then without stopping even if the cat pounces on it. Cat’s Meow is perfect for cats of all ages since it gives rest to hyperactive kitties and some workout for the older cats.



What do I get?
2 Cat’s Meow Toys for just $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H. Official website


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111 thoughts on “Cat’s Meow Toy Reviews and Complaints

  1. My cat loves CatsMeow and can actually turn it on herself. But it stopped working and, unfortunately, i can’t explain that to her. Sad that this didn’t last very long. I haven’t had any problems with wand or cover – it’s internal.

  2. I bought it few years ago . cat loves it , wand comes off I just put it back on, red tip still good. did rip skirt so I took wire out and leave it loose. finally at point for battery change, nothing moves will try another battery set than look for another. saw above that it’s replace wand skirts on eBay for anyone to know

  3. Don’t buy. It will cost me more to buy a replacement wand then the entire toy cost. I wish companies would stand behind their products and replace or provide at a minimal cost individual parts that break.

    • I have easy fix for broken wand shaft. Also fix for slipping wand that hangs under cloth.Contact me and I will explain how it works.

      • Hi I saw that you have an easy fix for replacement wands for the cat you can you message me details please. Thanks Anna

      • Can’t you just post it instead of having eveeyone contact you? We would certainly post it for you if we had a solution.

      • I have the wand shaft that screws into the machine. The cat broke it off and I’ll have to scrape out the broken end. Is there another way to fix it rather than glue it into the hole? Thanks.

  4. i have just purchased the cats meow to toy, and my, cats love it, but after 1 day the batteries were drained, and the red end of the wand has snapped off in bits, i have looked on ebay and they have a replacement skirt and 3 wands that you can buy for £9.99 but can’t find the wands themselves, extortionate considering i only paid £6 for the toy from my local supermarket in the sale, cheaply made, but my cats are addicted, i have actually contacted jml themselves, and will be surprised if i get any joy from them, i wont be buying another one, great concept, but crap quality

    • I’m in US but I get my extra wands from EBay who has them often for about $4-$5 each or less. My cats love it too and we do go through wands and batteries on a regular basis. I also just had to buy a new whole toy because the last one suddenly died after about 3 months. We’ve gone through 2 now since Christmas. I agree quality is piss poor. But my girls love it so much! Good luck.

  5. My cat loves the Cat’s Meow toy but by the second time she played with it she caught it and bit the mouse red tail off. So I tied a ribbon to it But she doesn’t respond quite as well. Is there any way to contact the company? I’d like to make a suggestion as to how to make the “mouse” part better.

  6. VERY disappointed. The first one stopped working after 5 minutes. The second one had multiple settings and worked wonderfully but the cap was broken so the yellow skirt wouldn’t stay on. The 3rd one is a single speed like the first one and is making a high pitched noise and barely working. My cats absolutely love it but I’m tired of returning them.

  7. Mine died after 2 days, power light on top lit but not moving. So I took it apart and found the yellow (power to the motor) wire had come off. Really bad bit of soldering so I re done it. Works a treat now..

  8. i have had two of these now and everytime they break after 15 minutes and stops moving. I change the batteries again and again and nothing. I want someone to contact me because this is ridiculous.

  9. I bought one a long time ago and gave one to my son’s cat. His broke and he threw it away. I had mine for a long time and my cats loved it at first then seemed to get bored. Then the wand broke and I glued it back together, which did not last too long. It was a nice toy if it had lasted longer.

  10. I have bought two of the Cat’s Meow. My cats love it. I need to buy another one, because the wand that goes around has broke off. It does keep them entertained. My local Walmart doesn’t sell them anymore. So I will have to keep trying to find one somewhere, very soon.

  11. My kitten received this as a gift 2 weeks ago and LOVES it! I actually have to take it away and put it out of his sight so he can calm down (he figured out how to turn it on, so just turning it off doesn’t work). Perhaps they have made some improvements, as his is not noisy and the batteries seem to last pretty good. I did glue the tail unit in as he kept pulling it out. We’ve also attached toy mice too, though they don’t stay on very long lol. Great toy and I have been recommending it to all my friends.

  12. My cats love this toy, but it’s cheaply made. First one just wore out and the cats snapped off the tail. On our second one, and again, the tail has snapped off. Wish I could just stock up on the tails. Batteries run down fast…neat concept, but needs to be fine tuned.

  13. Had this toy for a month and the on/off switch went bad. My cat loves the toy. Is there anyway to get it replaced?

  14. Got this at the As Seen on TV store in the mall. It ran 3 times, about 45 minutes total and then stopped. Tried changing the batteries but it appears to be dead. Our cats never did play with it, the noise seemed to scare them. Very disappointed in this product.

  15. First day, one cat ate tip of wand, next day kitten finished off the red whip on wand. Unable to find a web site, address or even correct name of company.

  16. junk toy, cat’s meow. my kitty loved it and it broke within 2 hours of use ……
    should be advertised as $10 an hour toy for kitty …. junk, junk, very disappointed

  17. I bought the Cat,s Meow toy for my cats Christmas 2014 although found it very difficult to find one as they were sold out just about everywhere in the UK including JML:I eventually bought one from The Range which fortunately was delivered in time for Christmas.
    Initially both my cats were not interested in the toy and i was disappointed especially after all the hype surrounding it.I then added a long piece of string to the tail section and my 2 cats went crazy for it chasing the string as it spins round and round and pouncing on it. The toy could have been better designed perhaps with a longer tail section and maybe something more tempting for the cats to chase.I would give the toy 3 and a half stars out of 5 stars.

  18. I just got one 4 days ago and it stoped working I put a new set of batt in it still don’t work I need to get new one or my money back so please let me know what should; do

  19. I purchased the toy just 3 weeks ago. It runs the batteries down very fast an I have noticed that it makes a growling noise an it is getting louder each use

    • Thanks. That is exactly what happened to mine. And half the time the wand doesn’t move at all. A chasing toy? What is there to chase when it doesn’t move.

    • Mine did the same thing. Growling sound got louder and louder until it finally stopped working altogether. A real piece of junk.

  20. I bought cats meow 3 weeks ago & the motor is already shot. I’m not buying a new one. Can you send a new motor to replace the junk one

  21. I received one of these from a friend — I put in fresh batteries and it did not work. How can I exchange this one for a new one that works.


  22. Wow!! Thank you all for your feedback! I was heading out TODAY to get this (what I thought was) awesome toy for my Maine Coon cat. Dudly would have loved it, I know, however, I can see that it’s a waste of money. I do wonder why y’all don’t take the toy back to the store where you bought it and get your money refunded…….. I would do it in a heartbeat!!! Even if you don’t have the recite, some stores still have your Visa/date of purchase in their computer. And if they don’t have your infor, demand to see the store manager. Even if you can only get a credit to the store, it’s better than throwing away $17-$20 dollars.

    Again, I thank you all for saving me the headache of dealing with this toy. I’ll search around and find something similar, I hope.


    • Mary, you are welcome. I am certain that most people who have posted comments here are hard working individuals who don’t like to waste their hard-earned money on foreign made junk. Well, that is exactly what this Cat’s Meow product is: junk. After it stopped working intermittently several times, I took it apart and could not isolate the source of the problem. I went through this several times until I gave up. Save you money and stay away from this poorly designed product.

  23. I purchased the cats meow toy…It was a great concept, but within an hour my kitty had the yellow mat in shreds!!!! Waste of money

  24. Junk!!! Eats batteries. It only works half of the time I got it for a kitten who gets board and walks away. Where are those hours of entertainment!

  25. The first one I purchased lasted about 2 weeks before the attachment broke inside. When I called the company they said they would replace it with no problem, well two months later nothing. When I called back they said they knew nothing about my call, but said they would send another one after they asked for my credit card number several times, which I did not give them. After two weeks I did receive one that had a stripped screw, a loud squeak and torn cover with the wire sticking out. I was very happy I saw the little wire because it could have injured my cat. I will NEVER buy this product again nor will I recommend it to anyone.

  26. Within the first minute of our cat playing with this toy the a tiny piece of the red plastic wand at the end of the arm broke. After five minutes of play the red plastic wand broke two more times. You do recommend that someone watch the animal when they play but I still feel it is a dangerous toy the way it is presently made. Great concept but dangerous.

  27. I just got a kitten and my mom purchased this toy and once she actually wasn’t scared of it anymore she was having a great time with it. But within 2 days the nylon cover started coming out of the trim and frazzling eveywhere. I keep safety pinning it for now. I thought well maybe it was a fluke but after reading all of these reviews I guess it will be in the garbage soon. Too bad it is a great concept but terrible quality.

  28. I am not one to leave reviews but this one had to be done. Purchased the Cats Meow and both cats absolutely loved it! I was so happy that my indoor cats would be able to release some of their pent up energy on something besides my dog. Anyway, on the first use it was making a clicking sound but I paid no attention to it. The second use it was slowing down and the ticking became a loud, awful, slow turning engine sound when turning counter-clockwise. The 3rd use that sound is continuous, regardless of which direction it’s turning and it’s now going in the trash as it’s like nails on a chalkboard. End story… your money, it’s not worth $5 much less $20.

  29. I bought one of these Cat’s meow toys for my cat, it broke the first day, what and who do I tell they are junk.

  30. The was loved by our furry friend, but it broke the first week. The motor stopped working. Now it is $20 trash item. I believe there are other similar like toys which are made better. My advice? look around first before buying this.

  31. This comment isn’t for those contemplating purchasing one of these toys. DON’T DO IT, THEY ARE A PIECE OF JUNK!!!! (and I’m being kind) But for those who have one, here is a repair that worked for me.

    We have had 3 of these Cat’s Meow toys, the first 2 only lasted a couple of days (Bed Bath and Beyond was great about exchanging them) the 3rd one lasted a couple of months with an occasional nudge. Finally, it quit.

    I took it apart and found the gears were not meshing. It looks as though they barely touch when new and after a while wear down. Anyway, having built slot cars as a kid, I shaved the saddle that holds the motor closest to the gear and wedged the motor over till the gears were really meshing but not binding and hot glued the motor in place while holding it. I also put vaseline around the collar and cleaned the rubber belt. It works better than new.

    I don’t know how long it will last but if I can get another couple of months out of it, we’ll be happy.

    • Thank Randy… I was going to try that too, but it looked like a big pain to take apart. I’m willing to give that a try now.

      For everyone else… this toy was really fun for our cat. It worked great for the first hour minutes. We turned the toy off every few minutes so that both the cat and the toy would have a break. but by the end of the first day the toy simply made a buzzing noise and no longer worked. (The total run time on the toy was around an hour. THAT IS NOT WORTH the $20. Pity too, because the cat loved the toy.

      There is a gold mine waiting for someone who can build a durable version of this. One that will turn itself ON and OFF on a timer would be great! After I saw how much my cat enjoyed this toy, I’d pay $40 for one that worked.

      • Rick,

        Glad my post helped. Just turned it on after a couple of months and it is still working great. Our cat had lost interest because he chewed the red tail off and I’d replaced it with a piece of weed eater nylon line which wasn’t quite the same. I tied a feather to the end of it but it was gone in an instant, so have yet to figure out what to use. As for that “buzzing” noise, that was the gears not meshing as mentioned in my original post.

    • Randy, I can relate to your skill level and efforts. Like you, if taken mine apart several times and encountered similar. After tweaking the drive mechanism some, it would run a little them eventually stop. This product is typical of the mass produced foreign made junk that floods into our country anymore. What I sad is that there aren’t even too many alternatives when it comes to products like this because they are all pretty much junk.

  32. I have bought several of the Cat’s meow, my cat loves it. She will even come to me and sit and meow until I go to her toy, I kept thinking that as hard as she plays with it, she keeps tearing them up, I kept buying until now on my 3rd one it quit after just a couple hours play. Shame on manufacturer for making such a good product as cheap as they could, must have been the lowest bidder and shame on company for accepting it. Wonder why people buy American made products they are a little more costly but last longer. Someone should come in on product and make a similar but better quality would sell like hotcakes.

  33. The Meow cat toy is a huge ripoff. I had 4 of them, none of them lasted longer than 2 days. The motors started screeching and then they completely died. A total waste of money. We have a Panic Mouse that is 10 years old and is still running as well now as on day one. A far better investment.

  34. Very unhappy when we first got the Cat’s meow toy, it squeaked like crazy. After we greased the parts it worked much better and the cats LOVED it… until the cover ripped and separated from the edge and the wand would get caught in the rip. They should really sell replacement covers. I would NEVER spend another $19.99 on another one in fear the same darn thing will happen. Save your money!

    • Hey Cheryl. I just took mine apart to do the same thing, but ball bearings fell out and i can’t figure out where they go. Did this happen to you?

  35. POS!!! Save your money. Received Cat’s Meow Toy as a gift – didn’t work. My husband took it apart (cheap plastic innards) and epoxied it. Worked for 20 minutes, stopped again. Our cat just stared at it.

  36. Took mine apart after it quit working and tested the wires with a Multimeter. both wires going to the motor had a positive charge of 3 volts. one of the components on the chip must be bad (cheap crap). Trying to get a wiring diagram so I can get new components (good quality) and fix it my self.

  37. Well I got my answer. Cats Meow really is a piece of junk. Couldn’t believe I actually thought this would actually work. My cats love it too and its doesn’t even work.

  38. Piece of JUNK! It only lasted 10 minutes! Also, the little bar that goes around was too small, so would not stay in at all. We had to put tape around it so it would fit. 10 minutes!! That’s all!

  39. JUNK!! My cats loved it for the 10 minutes that it worked. The part that the cat chases would not stay in the hole at all. We had to put tape around it for it to stay in. 10 minutes! what a rip off.

  40. Friend in WA sent to cats (in TX) for Christmas; quit working after 3 times. Called Allstar Products; because Cat’s Meow was purchased from Walgreen’s they will not stand behind their product. Send it back to Walgreen’s in WA! Ludicrous!! It is their product, why won’t they stand behind it? Because it is made in China so cheaply and they are making a fortune from it? Very sad that companies don’t stand behind products.

  41. My cats loved the cats meow, even the male who doesn’t really play with toys. It was really cute the first few times we used it, but then my male cat found that he could catch his prey (the wand that goes around the circle)… Which he did. He wouldn’t let the wand go, he would either catch it between his paws or just plain lay on top of it. The darned thing made an awful gear grinding kind of noise, which the cat was oblivious to, but for me was like nails on a chalkboard. After a few minutes of that I set it free but he must have damaged the motor as it still made that awful sound. I’m not sure that I would buy another, just because I know my male cat would do the same thing, and I can’t handle the noise. LOL.

  42. I have had my cats meow toy for several months and my cats love it. The wand broke because of the one cat pouncing on it so much but I just glued the remaining part back into the hole. The cat toy is always on in the morning and both cats play with it. I have never had any motor problems with it but the fabric cover is tearing in several places. I have not been able to find any replacement covers. When it is completely torn I don’t know what I’ll so with the toy. Somehow the cover for the battery compartment got lost so now we have tape over it. I have never had any problems with this one but after reading the reviews I am concerned about getting another one. My cats will be very sad if they don’t have this toy. They sit by it several times a day waiting for me to turn it on.

  43. works great and my 2 cats love it! Even big kitty who never plays with anything is having a blast with it. They’ve been playing with it for over 3 hours now. They keep playing with it even when I turn it off. Only problem is one cat bit the tail off the wand 🙁 –good thing I was there and they didn’t eat it. There is apparently no place to order parts, I’m gonna try replacing the tail with a piece of yarn or edge trimmer line.

  44. I have a 7 week old kitten and Cat’s Meow Toy lasted about 45 mins. before he was able to stop it and it broke. I was so up set this is my first kitten and he wanted to play so bad. What a waste of money. Is there no way of any refund at all.

  45. I bought one from our local Walmart and was so thrilled that all 4 of our cats loved it. Our oldest is 18 and our youngest is 10.

    It worked so well that my mother got another one. It did NOT work, it sounded like a stripped gear and did not rotate.

    One week later the one I bought died after a month. I took the one my mother bought back to Walmart and bought two.

    Neither one of them lasted an hour. Now what?

  46. I purchased this item 2 different times because my cats loved it for the short time they got to play with it. I thought the first one was broken so I returned it for another which seemed to work great for about two hours then it completely stopped. My sister did the same thing. She went through two of them also. It is a shame it is such bad quality. because I thought it was a great idea and my cats really loved it. I feel like they are disappointed. Whenever I brought it out for them to play with they got really excited then i would put it on the floor and it didn’t work. What a shame. You need to do a better job on making these products and stop ripping people off.

  47. Junk!. Paid $20.00 for one of these and had to buy “C” batteries to make it work. It died after about 6 hours so I assumed the batteries were dead. Bought more batteries and it still wouldn’t work. The batteries were OK but the toy wasn’t. Now we have 8 “C” batteries that we have no use for. Cat liked it while it worked. Don’t waste your money.

  48. Cat’s Meow is cheap junk, 1st one I bought lasted 5 minutes before it stopped moving and the gears stripped, brought it back and got a replacement, replacement lasted 2 weeks before started making a horrible noise, being a mechanic, I took this one apart and found it has a cheap plastic gear set that drives the wand, the gears were completely worn out!

    My four cats love these toys when they work, but poorly made and will not last more than several hours of play

    Hopefully I will be able to get replacement gears at Radio Shack that will fit.

  49. Am from the UK and was in America and saw this toy advertised on beIN sport cable channel thought it was a good toy a good idea. We saw one in Walmart and got it for $20, my cat loves it – but only had it working for 10 mins. What a rip off, this should never be sold in stores or advertised or on commercial tv. Dont buy this for your cat. Already let my little one down with this rubbish.

  50. I bought 2 of these Cat Meow Toys and they sent me 6 and two keyboards(which I did not order. I sent back everything except two cats meow and had to pay $17.00 dollars for shipping. A month later I get another keyboard, I’m sending this back (unopened)What is wrong with this company.) Never again will I order stuff from them.

  51. WE had this Cat’s Meow Toy for 2 weeks and our cat loved it..but now motor is shot!!! What a disappointment for our cat and ripoff for us!

    • Web site is misleading and tricks you into buying more than you want. This is the only site I have bought from that does not allow order review before placing your order. Buyer beware!. Found an identical toy to the cat’s meow at my local Walmart for $19.99. Well made and works flawless. It is called SmartyKat HOT PURSUIT and takes 3 AA batteries. It has 4 speeds and 2 wand toys. Cats love it.

  52. I purchased 4 cat’s meow toys, 2 for Fl. $ 2 for Texas. What a disappointment!!! After app. 10 hours over a few days one no longer works and smells like a hot wire. The other two stopped working two days after they received their toy, also smell a hot wire.

    All the cats AND owners love(ed) the toy, now no one is happy, NONE of them work. We all got new batteries, and still smell like a hot wire. I paid a LOT for the 4 toys ( and really cannot afford it but wanted happy families) and wish to know if you will be kind enough to refund to my master card in a timely fashion.

    Nita Martell

    • To the mfg.f cat’s toy….please…PLEASE reply re: refunding $$$$ to my master card for 4 toys that DO NOT WORK, AFTER A SHORT TIME.

      Not responding is not good business, is it?

  53. Thanks for all the feedback on this Cat’s Meow Toy. I was thinking about buying one but you guys changed my mind. I have enough junk in my house already. Think I’ll just let the cat outside and he can find his own toy, Like a real United States country mouse to play with.


  54. I got this Cat’s Meow Toy as a gift for my cats. They really enjoy it. It does make noise but I got the crinkle noise out by wetting the cover and letting it air dry. They do enjoy it and it keeps them occupied until a bird flies by the window. A suggestion for the manufacturer- make the wand screw in-my guys have already figured out how to grab it with their teeth and pull it out-then you hear the motor but not the cover moving and know something is up. Never have it in use UNATTENDED.

  55. Good morning,

    I tried to find where to write a POSITIVE review for the Cats Meow toy that I purchased for my cat, Jasper. So I thought I would write to you here and let you know what I thought about it. I give it a rating of 9/10! For those who gave it bad ratings, (being cats are moody and finicky) the trick is to give it to the cat, at his or hers most active time of the day!

    Brenda Neidig

  56. I ordered 2 of these toys and I am not impressed at all. It was an absolute WASTE of my hard-earned money and I would like to have my money back! The rotator on one of them did not work right from the get-go. It immediately started making a loud noise that sounded like a stripped gear. The other one works, but it’s slow and weak. Yes, I put in new batteries. My cat paid some attention to it at first, but she became bored with it quickly. Frankly, this amazed me because she is an avid hunter and attacks anything that moves (such as a wagging tail on a dog.) I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  57. I can’t believe so many people still get sucked in by these scam artists. Does anyone in the USA have an ounce of brain in their head? If we had a government in this country, they’d arrest these scam artists, they’d arrest the liars who star in the TV ads and they’d arrest the TV station personnel who are responsible for airing the ads which suck in the gullible and stupid. These people are all traitors to their fellow Americans and, being a traitor warrants the firing squad. WE NEED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO HOUND THEIR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES FOR ACTION TO STOP THIS MADNESS. THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME NOTHING BUT A GAMBLING HOLE FOR LOTTERY HOPEFULS AND SCAMS TO STEAL FROM THE GULLIBLE AND STUPID. I do not feel sorry for those who fall for this stuff but, I despise scam artists.

  58. This business has the most deceptive business practices I have ever experienced. I saw the Cat’s Meow Cat Toy advertised on television. While ordering online the website requested that I confirm I wanted to take advantage of their two for one offer. I clicked to confirm I did, and was billed for two two-for-one offers (four toys, rather than two toys). I placed this order on a Sunday night. Per the website, customer service is only available between 8 am to 10 pm Eastern time. After checking the status of my order online very early Monday morning, the website stated my order was “in process”. I immediately phoned the provided customer service number and the man who responded stated that though the order had not yet been mailed, he was unable to cancel the order from going out later that day. I informed the customer service man that when I received the order I would immediately mark it “refused: return to sender” and send it back. This business is extremely unethical and should not be permitted to conduct business with customers who respond to their false advertisement in good faith. The postage per two for one offer is almost the cost of the offer. I responded to a $19.99 offer. What resulted was a $71.78 charge to my credit card: $39.98 for two offers, when I ordered one, and $31.80 postage. Federal Trade Commission should investigate widespread deceptive and unethical business practices.

  59. The best toy ever. I bought a different brand and the batteries died quick and it broke. This Cats Meow Toy takes 3 C batteries and I use rechargeable but they last a long time and it is sturdy. The toy is so quiet, I don’t even hear it. My two Maine Coon cats sit there and look at me until I turn the toy on and they play for hours at a time. Very sturdy, quiet and the cats love it. I would highly recommend this toy. Also, I made a mistake ordering and customer service refunded me right away with no hassle at all. My cats love this toy and I love to watch them play.

    • Wow you are so full of shit . please you either work for the scammers or you are completely clueless to what your credit card is being charged. I feel for you but to recommend this is crazy. I have been taken for hundreds of dollars on a 1999 purchase. Crap DO NOT BUY.

    • I give it a rating of 9/10! For those who gave it bad ratings, (being cats are moody and finicky) the trick is to give it to the cat, at his or hers most active time of the day!

      Jasper LOVES his Cats Meow toy! I love how when the mouse is caught or stopped, it squeaks, LOL! When he tires of it, we turn it off to save battery usage! If he gets a burst of energy in the afternoon, we turn it back on for him.

      I bought it as a BOGO item, with the upgrade of the 3 speeds, splitting the cost with my brother, so his cat has one too.

      RESPECTFULLY, Brenda Neidig

      • I think your an idiot, the toy you describe don’t match the toy I have ,so find out what toy you have cause its not the cats meow toy also they are in stores for 19.99 and now you can get a 2 for on TV. this isn’t fair to people that already bought theirs at the store. Company should have run their TV add first then put in store I feel robbed.

      • Thank you. My cat received one for Christmas and loves it. Just replaced the batteries, but that is after days and hours of play. I don’t get all the trolls but that seems to be the trend today to jump on the bitching wagon. I would highly recommend this toy.

  60. Why is this site not in google…I am glad I found these Cat’s Meow reviews. Will not buy it. Guys share this on FB.

  61. Just got this Cat’s Meow Toy today, so not sure how long it will last. The product is an excellent idea, but the design has flaws. The battery compartment, in particular does not need the screw for the cover. Also, the batteries are suspended between a spring and piece of flat metal for the positive end. The batteries easily slip out of this and are next to impossible to install, especially if you have larger fingers. It is not a typical compartment… If the motor stops working as described above, I will submit comment.

    Also, the ordering website is beyond confusing. Be careful when you walk through it not to add ANYTHING or you will get more than you want. I find this type of marketing strategy totally annoying and will not go back, even if I do like the product.

  62. THIS COMPANY SCAMS YOU! They double your order and double charge you and there is no way to receive a complete refund. you think you are getting their “buy one get one free” deal, but really you are being charged outrageous shipping and somehow end up buying 4 or more of these things and pay shipping on all of them. if you want this product, buy one from eBay and stay away from buying this product from the product’s official website.

  63. The cats meow toy arrived, set up easily but within 2 hours it’s wand stopped moving. The motor is still working but can’t get the wand unstuck! $20 wasted!

    • P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” and you are proof. Sorry if this sounds crude but anyone who falls for this junk deserves to get stuck.

  64. We find the Cat’s Meow Toy to be made of quality cover material but the motors needed adjustment. Either too tight preform drive belt & gears don’t line up was my husbands comment. Once tweaked the effect is amazing. It is a loved toy by our cats & the antics give good belly laughs.

  65. I think for the price they could quality assure the product a little more. Cat’s Meow is a wonderful concept. The cats adore it but I am lucky.

  66. They are a loved toy but out of 4 my husband had to overhaul the motors of 2. We are very happy w/results & toys purpose once motor repair/tweak accomplished. The cats are fascinated. They lay in wait for us to turn it on so even if they are smart enough to know its a toy, they still crave the action.

    • Andrea, do you know how it can be tweaked? I opened it up to fix but don’t know what to do!? Thanks if you see this!!

    • We just received the toy and from the awful sound of the motor, we need to do what your husband did. Please tell us what he did. Thanks.

      • Took mine apart ( cap top half separates / 3 screws removed / 4 screws removed) and it looks like the rubber belt they use is stretched out so it stops spinning whenever it meets resistance ,, don’t know why they they didn’t use a more durable belt and a tension pulley,,

      • Shut up writing on every damn comment. Good lord. I hate this cat toy too, Go be bitter about life on your own, stop spreading it around.

  67. I bought the Deluxe Cats meow cat toy and inside of an hour it broke. The motor sounds like gears are broken. My cat liked the toy but now cannot use it.

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