Bunga Bed Review

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If you are a genuine animal lover, chances are that you have a dog as a pet, and that you also make it a point to do everything to keep it happy and content. So surprise and indulge your cute pet with the amazing Bunga Bed, the cozy, snug pet bed that’s shaped like a real shoe in which your pets can sit and even sleep comfortably!


Bunga Bed
Bunga Bed is the most delightful way to keep your pet warm and happy as it’s the perfect little space just for it. It’s designed like a shoe big and snug enough in which a dog can sit and also sleep comfortably by sneaking into it from the end which is open. Your pet is surely going to love it, and so will you!

Bunga Bed has a soft, fleece like lining all over inside and runs across its full length and breadth. The fur-like lining keeps pets always warm and comfy. The lining is removable and machine washable, so you can rest assured that if there are any accidents such as your pet losing control over bladder, you can remove and put it to wash to get rid of the dirty smell and make it look new. As for the outer covering of Bunga Bed, it is water proof as well as durable, so you can clean it easily and ensure its hygiene and maintain it too.

Bunga Bed can also be used by cats, kittens and puppies. Bunga Bed can be used anywhere, at home as well as outside to keep your pet cozy and safe. It’s like a room of its own which fulfills all its needs. They’ll just love safety and room that it provides. It’s available in two sizes, regular and large. A pet of up to 25lb can sit in the regular Bunga Bed while the large one can accommodate a pet of up to 50 lb. Bunga Bed also comes in eight attractive colors, blue, pink, tan, camo, green, red, gold and even black for you to choose from!



What do I get?
Leave all your worries and entrust Bunga Bed to make things easy your pet and you. Order now and get it for just two payment of $19.95, plus$7.75 s&h for regular size, or %9.95 for large size. What’s more, you also get a pet name kit as bonus with pop in alphabet too!

Official website – Bungabed.com | Customer Service – 1-877-206-6760



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12 thoughts on “Bunga Bed Review

  1. It has been nine months & I still haven’t gotten my Bunga Bed, actually I ordered two. They sent me a card, if I didn’t send it back, then I will not receive it. I did send it back, no to no avail have gotten it nor have I heard from them. Now what?

  2. Ey I just Spoke with the Bunga Bed People!!!! Today September 12, 2012.
    They HAVE NOT charged my credit card in the first place. They only charge when they ship the product. They said have overwhelming orders and run out of product. Waiting for product to ship so BE PATIENT!!!!

  3. I ordered Bunga Bed August 13 paid with my Visa. Not received it! I ordered 2 of them!

    I called the numbers 800-487-9191 never answered. I called the supposed customer service and it is sayings circuits are busy. I am worried for the lack of response!

  4. Have not received my Bungabed order #DR-5877485, please advise or send monies back to address. Email me of your action right away.

    Thank You

  5. I have not received my Bunga bed & it’s paid for. Please inform of problem at this email a.s.p. Or please return money. It’s been two months since this order was placed.

    thank you

  6. I ordered Bunga bed, they charged my credit card. Have Never received mu order. Customer service number does not work, have called main number everyday for 2 weeks still can’t get through. They ripped me off, I am disabled and can’t afford to loose that much money. Can’t reach their website either. What a scam, I’ve reported to police and local ph company, can anyone HELP?

  7. I ordered a Bungabed on 7/16/2012 and have not received it. My visa charge has cleared so you have my money. Either refund my money or send me the Bungabed. Please advise the status.

  8. Didn’t get the bed & cancelling my order. Since I placed it (2days ago), I have received no less than 5 calls from Bunga Bed. How rude.

    • So, I tried to cancel my order by calling the 800 # back and was directed to an 877 number that doesn’t work. So, I calked the 800 number back & spoke with “Niko” the supervisor, who said he has “no supervisor,” and who told me to call the 877 customer service number.. .Repeatedly. I told him the 877 number didn’t work and he repeated refused to put me through to his supervisor. I asked HIM to contact customer service and ask them to call Me. If it was a good number. . was .again refused, and I’m still trying to get through. AND I’m still getting solicitation calls from Bungalow Bed!

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