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If you have a dog at home, you know you have a task on your hands, especially because you want to give it nothing but the best. You want to make sure your dog is looked after in the best possible way. But how do you get rid of the dog breath, without struggling with solutions that your dog simply hates? It can turn out to be such a chore for you and a tricky task, which you want to try and avoid. But what if you were told getting rid of bad dog breath was as easy as letting it lick its favourite bowl of treat? Yes, that’s what Brushy Bowl does for your dog and offers you quite a smart alternative.

How does Brushy Bowl Work

Brushy Bowl makes cleaning your dog’s tongue a treat and not a tedious exercise. This clever little bowl has been designed to put an end to dog breath for good and without any struggle involved. It’s so effective and pet friendly that your dog won’t have any problems working with it on a regular basis. Using Brushy Bowl is very easy to and you can start with squeezing out the gel onto the bristles of the bowl. Once your dog starts licking it, your dog’s tongue will get naturally cleaned and its bad breath eliminated.

The secret of Brushy Bowl lies in the ultra soft cleaning bristles and three inline scrapers, which give you sensational results. Getting rid of that doggie bad breath has never been easier. Brushy Bowl is a hit with dogs because the gel used for cleaning tongue here is actually meat flavoured tarter and it instantly gets their attention.

Brushy Bowl has also been designed cleverly and is known for its unique incline, it only means that dog’s tongue remains in direct contact with the get in the bowl. The ultra soft bristles and three inline scrapers can then do the job of cleaning your dog’s tongue for you. It’s that easy and convenient, it’s the perfect pet friendly solution that will get rid of dog breath and keep its tongue clean as it should be.



What do I get?

  • 2 Brushy Bowl
  • 2 bottle of Beef Flavored Tartar Fighting Gel

All this for $ 10.00 plus $ 13.98 P & H Official website



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