Bright Buddy Leash

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What is Bright Buddy Leash:

It is a set of collar and leash that claims to make sure your dog is visible at nights.
Bright Buddy Leash promises to help you take your dog out for a walk safely in the dark. Your dog is a member of your family and you want to make sure he is comfortable at all times. You like to take him for his walks after you come back home from work, but the problem is that it often gets dark by then and a tricky scenario with oncoming traffic etc. Bright Buddy Leash maintains that now you can keep your dog secure while being visible too.

Bright Buddy Leash has LED lights for visibility

Bright Buddy Leash is a collar and leash set that has LED lights that are visible up to 1000 feet. It is available in glowing green and radiant red colours to add to the visibility as well. It claims that the LED lights are always cool to touch, so your dog or you will not face any discomfort because of it. Bright Buddy Leash is also available with batteries that promise to last for a 100 hours letting you make the most out of it.


Bright Buddy Leash is durable

Bright Buddy Leash is made with strong metal clamps and metal rings, which work well with its double nylon stitching. That’s why it emphasizes on the fact that your dog won’t be able to break or tear it. Bright Buddy Leash also asserts that it has its advantages over those conventional one sided reflective leashes. They often peel off and are quite ineffective when they are dirty. But that’s not the case with this leash, which stresses that its light is visible on both the sides for good measure.

Bright Buddy Leash has a three speed operation

Bright Buddy Leash assures you that it is versatile with its operation. In fact it has a three speed operation including steady glow, fast pulse and blink. This collar and leash set is meant for dogs of all sizes and the collars can also adjust 2”, according to its claims. Bright Buddy Leash is waterproof, which makes it ideal for those wet days when you want to take your dogs out for a walk. It also asserts that it’s very easy to clean whenever you want and keep using it for a long time.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Bright Buddy Leash for $19.95 + $6.95 S&H.
  • Official website:
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