Bark Off Review

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We all love our dogs, but there are times you wish you could turn-off their barking. Well now you can with Bark Off the ingenious ultrasonic training aid that finally gives you control over your dog’s barking. The amazing Bark Off gives you control over when you dog barks so he can enjoy being part of the family. It uses humane ultrasonic sound-waves to stop your dog’s nuisance barking when you don’t wanna hear it.


Bark Off
When you prefer that your dog didn’t bark just switch-on the Bark Off and when your dog does bark it sets out an ultrasonic signal that is inaudible to the human ear but instantly captures your dog’s attention and interrupts the barking pattern. Bark Off is the pet-friendly way to instantly get the dog to stop the nuisance barking. This as seen on tv barking device is battery powered so you can use it in any room in your home or even outside. Now you can enjoy the peaceful walks with your pet. And if you have got a noisy dog in your neighborhood Bark Off is the perfect way to keep them quiet and calm. Bark Off teaches your dog the difference between nuisance barking and the barking that protects.

Bark Off Features

  • Inaudible to Human Ears
  • Automatic – No Buttons to Push
  • Instantly Captures Your Dog’s Attention
  • Naturally & Painlessly Interrupts Barking Pattern
  • Calms Your Dog
  • No Wires or Cords
  • Portable – Goes Where Your Dog Goes
  • Perfect for Indoors or Outdoors
  • Ultrasonic
  • Pet Friendly



What do I get?
2 Bark Off Devices.

Buy at Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.


Bark Off Video


571 thoughts on “Bark Off Review

  1. Bark Off instantly stopped my Yorkie’s constant barking while I was at work. My neighbor asked what happened. I said I bought a Bark Off. She told me that she never hears Gracie at all now. I am disappointed that I can no longer find this device anywhere. Has it been renamed? Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Thank you for making the Bark Off product. This helps my family because we no longer have to listen to access barking. His barking would get really annoying. Ever since the Bark Off my house has been so much quieter. He would see a dog and go off the deep end and we would not be able to stop him. We are thankful that you made this product to help dog owners and dog lovers all over the world.

  3. I bought 2 Bark Offs. Both totally useless even when used together. Don’t waste money on the product.

  4. I bought a bark-off for $10.00 and it works great.But I do not have a charger or instruction book. What I would like to know is if a cordless phone cord adapter work with it?

  5. Unlike most of the feedback, I have had NO luck with barkoff. I continue to try new batteries and my cairin terrier displays no affect even within a foot. I’ve had it too long to return. Any thoughts?

  6. This BarkOff is a POS!!! It made all 6 of my dogs bark more!! And the stupid infomercial made my dogs bark to. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, DON’T BUY THIS CRAPPY “PRODUCT”.

  7. I feel like I have waste my money. There is no way I can tell f the device is on or not. No light indication. I turned it on and it does not effect my dog barking at all. She thinks that is a new toy for her.

  8. I purchased 2 of these for my Chocolate Lab and they don’t work at all. I have one on the window sill next to her kennel and one on top of it and nothing. I have replaced the batteries a few times with the hopes that was the problem and again nothing. If anything she barks twice as much. I am totally disappointed by this product and will demand a full return.

  9. We lost our 11 year old Schnauzer this past December. He didn’t bark until he was 10 years old and then it was just a “woof”. We purchased 2 Schnoodles to help with our grief. The Schnoodles were 4 months old and untrained when we got them. While they are adorable the past 2 months have been horrible with their constant barking. I thought I would go insane. Out of desperation, even though 75% of the Bark Off Reviews were horrible, I had to try something. Let me tell you that thankfully the Bark Off WORKS!!! We placed the Bark Off at their level, low to the ground, and the first bark we waited with bated breath. One bark, a confused yelp and NO MORE BARKING!!! I expect to see our male Schnoodle running around with the Bark Off in his mouth anytime soon but until then we have a bark free zone and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. The price is so low and it is worth a try, if it doesn’t work take it back but give it a try. Such a relief and I am so glad that our Pet Shop had it in stock. Constant barking NO MORE….

    • How do I know if Bark Off is working? how do i know when battery goes dead? looks like there is a light on front of device, so is this suppose to light up when it is on or when battery dies? thanks

      • The “red light” you are speaking of is the microphone. According to the instruction booklet that comes with it. The battery will go low on you in two days if you leave it on constantly. Shut it off at night when you know your dog is going to sleep, maybe with you…while you are sleeping. Should you have an intruder wouldn’t you WANT him/her to bark?..then in the morning place it at the dog’s level and turn it back on. The battery should last you about a week. I am going to buy the adapter (or look in a bunch of my old phone bricks for a1.2 amp round charger that I can use). I am still researching the proper power requirements. Once I find them I will look what I have here from old of luck. Mine seems to be working here in Flagler beach. I have two Cockers & their barking has decreased significantly in just two days. It says to give about a week so I will do that.

        • Works great with my three Miniature Poodles. They decreased their barking after one or two doorbell rings. We move it to different areas of the house during the day. Getting ready to try it outside when the garbage man comes just to see if that “ultimate” barking experience can be controlled a bit also.

          I am buying the AC Adapter to cut down on the expense of powering it though.

          I highly recommend! And no, I am no in any way affiliated with this product or company.

  10. This thing does NOT work! I bought this device almost 2 months ago for my puppy that barks ALL night long. It did not and has not phased her a bit. Do NOT buy…it is a waste of money!

    • I agree with Phyllis and want to let the company know this. But can’t seem to get their E Mail address.

    • I agree. Bark off does not work. I purchased the Petsafe collar product and it works very well. The batteries are expensive but the dogs now know not to bark when the collar is on. Peace in the house, finally.

  11. Tired of my dog’s constant barking I wanted to buy a product called Bark Off after I saw an ad for it. But instead of picking it up blindly I thought of getting a few reviews first. Thus I ended up going to websites like,,,,, that seemed to serve the purpose of giving reviews. But, the fact that there were ads and links to the official website of the manufacturer with various promotional offers on every single review website had me thinking if the reviews were genuinely put up by consumers or had the manufacturer planted them. Thankfully, then I visited your website, which had more believable reviews and that gave me the confidence in arriving at a decision of buying the product or leaving it alone.

      • I bought one recently and have had it at Floor level, and our small dog barks a lot within 10 feet or less from the unit, while standing at one of the doors. Well, what do you know, even with the unit plugged in, the dog still does plenty of barking. And we know he is NOT DEAF. Worthless item in my book. The unit does not Faze the dog one bit.

  12. That crap caused ME severe earache which almost landed me in the hospital. Should sue the abusers who created it!!

  13. My neighbors got it to train their dog, which I didn’t know, and it almost landed me in the hospital with severe earache. BEWARE: if it inflicted such agonizing pain on me, imagine what it can do to your dog!!

  14. How does the Bark Off know if it’s a dog bark or another loud noise? We want to use it at work, but I work in a treatment facility for teenagers and they are constantly laughing and being loud. We also have birds (we specialize in animal-assisted therapy). I’m afraid the kids and/or birds will set it off.

  15. Works on our one Westie who barks at the most ridiculous sounds on TV. After working with it a bit and reading up on experiences I’m noticing a pattern and have some recommendations. Dogs have different barks. The sharper, louder the bark the more the device is likely to respond. Putting it in your backyard to stop the neighbors dog is not going to work. We have placed one near or back door and TV, but if there is something at the front door and he barks at the front door nothing happens so I’ve bought another to cover that area. I suggest to get one at a retailer and try it with a battery and place it within direct earshot of your dog’s expected barking zone. You can return it.

    Batteries: Battery use is unacceptably costly and the included ad to a web-site to get an adapter for $10 doesn’t work. Apparently their original supply line went sour and they’re going with a universal adapter that can be switched to any voltage for $20. Get a 6V adapter with at least 1.2amps and a tip that fits from any good electronics shop.

    This product does work under the right conditions.

    • I agree with you completely. I just got mine and it seems to be working – under the right conditions. My two Cockers are starting to decrease their barking. I just got it two days ago and find that the battery method usage sucks. One went dead in two days, I am seeking a plug in power supply ( radio shack?).

  16. Bark Off doesn’t seem to affect on of our two dogs. The other one is frightened, but the one intended to stop barking still barks. Lately both dogs are barking again. I think this product isn’t worth buying.

  17. I got my device three weeks ago to use it on my backyard (my neighbor has two crazy beagle dogs) but I don´t know if it is working or not cause the dogs keep barking and there is no way to find out if the bark off is defective or not. I have tried several new batteries to eliminate that possibility. What else can I do other than return it? Doesn´t work with this breed because of their long ears?


    • Having the same a little light supposed to be on? I changed the battery already, but I don’t know if it’s working. The dog is barking less today, but that maybe due to the fact that there are less people walking by the house.

        • Put the battery in, stand a foot away, and bark yourself. You’ll manage to hear a bit of a high pitch if it’s working. I imagine it’s much stronger for dogs, but you can hear it. Don’t out your ear right next to it, though; apparently that could damage your hearing.

  18. Nowhere on this product does it say anything about that it may interfere with an invisible fence. I have 2 dogs & an invisible fence. When I used the Bark-off it stopped the dogs from barking, but it totally freaked out my older dog. She trembled and refused to go outside to use the bathroom. I dragged her outside. When I went to call the dogs in for the night, the older dog wasn’t there! She ran away because her ears hurt. She has never run through her invisible fence except 1 time when she was first trained & that was the only time till now. (She is 4 years old). Fortunately, she ran to a neighbor who she knows & they were still up & saw her sitting on their front porch waiting to be let in. Had they not seen her she probably would have gone to another friendly place & she could have gotten hit by a car because it was dark out & she’s a Corgi & probably would not have been seen. When I brought her back she trembled & cowered. It has taken me over a week to retrain her on her invisible fence & she is still afraid to go near the spot where she first experienced the Bark-off. I think your product is dangerous & I am furious that my dog could have been killed as a result. My dog trainer also says that this is a dangerous product & should not be on the market.

    • My poor little poodle Neassa. After about three days I finally figured out what’s wrong with her, and unplugged this thing for good. She barks, I don’t mind, but the roommates do. She also “talks” to me with little squeaky sounds. I kept this Bark Off thing by my recliner; Neassa’s favorite place to lie on my lap. The first day I noticed she was hanging outside in her dog run half the night. The second night I noticed she was hanging outside the whole night, until I turned it off at bedtime. Last night, she was hanging outside again, which is rare for her. She prefers to be around people. I brought her inside and sat her on my recliner with me. She was trembling and climbed up on my chest near my neck, and wouldn’t relax. Later last night she wanted to hang out in the roommate’s living room and wanted to sleep with them! A first for both! I finally turned it off, and then spent tons of time reassuring her and caressing her. She still stayed on the edge of the recliner where she could make a quick get away. At least I got her to stop trembling. This morning she woke up and barked once, and made her needs known (she wanted to be rubbed on the belly) with her speaky sounds. My baby got her voice back! I missed her! She had become scary silent. I don’t advise using this for any animal; its time for us to go to obedience class to help her to bark less. I love her squeaks, but the roommates don’t. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  19. We purchased bark off at a local store put in the 9V battery turned it on and put it on a shelf near the ground. Dogs are both Pomeranian’s and bark all the time. They started to bark and I just watched them nothing they just bark didn’t act strange or tilt their heads at all like a dog does when its confused. I just opened up the unit and connected a scope to the speaker and let the dogs bark and nothing at all appeared at the speaker terminals on the Scope. I probed back from the speaker all the way back to the Mic pick up and the only thing that was working is the mic its self. This thing is junk the soldering was poor several cold solder junctions on the board. I have been an Engineer for 25 years now and can tell you this unit does nothing at all.

  20. Like another reviewer, I had to stop using it for my Doxies as it drove the one just crazy but did little for the barking. I couldn’t figure it out at first and thought she was ill. Then I realized I had left it turned on when I had put it away in a drawer because she had seemed so different after I tried it. It didn’t bother my other dog at all. Today I got it out again and put in a fresh battery and tried it again outside in an attempt to get the next door neighbor’s dog to stop barking constantly. It had no effect at all.

  21. We have three noisy beagles who love to race up and down the fence with the four dogs next door. We decided to try Bark-Off and it worked beautifully! All of our dogs quieted down and they no longer race the neighbors dogs. Now if we could only quiet the neighbors dogs. This was the best investment we’ve made in a LONG time!

  22. Bark Off does not work! I tried it on low and high at distances 20 feet and closer. My dog keeps barking and makes no sign that she hears anything.

    • I have one of the most protective, lil 7lb Westiepoo and he was just barking excessively at every lil noise he heard, so I decided to get the Bark-off and give him a try with it. Now he still gives the warning bark, but believe me, he no longer does that excessive barking at every lil noise anymore, just warning barks and growling. The best thing is to buy a universal adapter and plug it, cause the batteries run out real fast and then keep a battery around for when u wanna take him outside.. Believe me, Its done wonders for us!!

  23. I bought two Bark Offs because of the neighbors dogs. I don’t own one myself. They only reached 20 ft. but on HI, I was getting results. I hide them and when the dogs go back into their homes, I cut the BF off and bring them in. I now own the birdhouse bark off. Goes out 50 ft. I hang it on a shepherd’s hook and people think it is a motion detector!! I bring it inside after the dogs have had their afternoon visits to their yards. I have the quietest neighborhood around!! I have used lithium batteries and a battery tester for over a month now. Batteries are still strong!!

  24. I bought Bark Off at my local department store and it didn’t do a thing. My dogs stood right in front of it and barked just as much as ever. I returned it the next day. The gal at the register said another fellow had returned his as well claiming it didn’t work. I got the impression that quality is not a concern with this manufacturer and it probably figures most people won’t bother to return it.

  25. Hey

    All I have got 2 of them and they did not work but for 1 day and broke so don’t waist your hard working cash on them I guess the old saying is you pay for what you get junk.

  26. I purchased Bark off at Walmart, and it was the worst investment I have made in a long time. Complete waste of money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!!

    • I have tried BARKOFF for nearly a month now, and needless to say it does not work. It is a total waste of your hard earned money.

  27. I have wasted money on two Bark Offs. My sister in law uses one to quiet her next door neighbors dog while she has clients at her house, but the ones I purchased do not work on my Beagle at all. period.

    • Bark Off DOES work, but I think it’s a health hazard for dogs!!!

      I have 2 extremely barky mini dachshunds. They bark at any noise outside, cars, neighbors as well as their own family members each and every time we come in the door, which is super annoying. They bark at the cat. My son works a night shift and they bark in the middle of the night when he comes home. No amount of shouting or verbal correction stops this nuisance barking, it goes on and on until the triggering noise ceases. So, I purchased 2 Bark Off units.

      When I first tried them out, I didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t tell if the unit was on or not, no indicator light. It seemed like the dogs barked a lot less, but unfortunately, the unit got misplaced and we couldn’t find it for a couple of months.

      Last week, we found one of the units and turned it back on. What happened was no less than amazing… People came to the door, no barking whatsoever! Mailman came… still nothing. Cat walked by. Not a peep from either dog. After a couple of days of this, I suddenly realized the dogs NEVER barked anymore – at anything! After 5 years of yelling, it was like having 2 entirely different dogs.. the feeling of peace and quiet in the house was priceless!!

      The smallest dog seemed normal other than not barking anymore, but our slightly larger dachshund developed a severe shaking and we noticed she kept trying to jump up into our laps, which she never did before – she’d just climb up to get a pat on the head but would not try to physically jump up if we didn’t voluntarily pick her up. It was weird.

      After a couple of days of this odd trembling, I became concerned that she might be ill. I wracked my brain as to what could be causing the shaking. She didn’t seem otherwise ill, but her shaking became very noticeable and severe even when she was at rest.

      I was about to take her to the vet when the timing of her shaking disorder struck me like a bolt of lightning… I said to my son, who was very worried about the dog, “Maybe it’s the Bark Off!! They SAY it’s harmless and only emits sound when the dog barks, and our dogs haven’t been barking at all, so I figured it was doing no harm to keep it on all the time, but what if it is driving the dogs nuts with CONSTANT high-pitched frequencies??

      We realized that the room where the dogs are kept has a television that is constantly on … often quite loudly… and there is other ambient noise going on that could have triggered the device to constantly “whine” or whatever it does!

      I felt terrible when I realized that the price of the precious silence I was sooooo enjoying might be at the expense of my dog’s health! So, we immediately turned off the unit and within one minute, the shaking stopped completely!

      SO… I cannot recommend the Bark Off because of the obviously unhealthy effect it had on my dog; but to be fair, my OTHER dog did not shake or seem badly affected at all.

      And the Bark Off did stop them from even attempting to bark. Once or twice they emitted VERY weak growls, but that was it.

      It is with regret that I have to stop using what proved to be a 100% effective bark deterrent. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for all dogs, but it certainly did for mine.

      I think the company needs to research the negative effects caused by leaving the unit on for long periods of time – we left ours on day and night because we thought it was “safe” and “pain free”, thus ok to do so.

      If you do use it, I would ONLY turn it on when you expect your dog to bark, or when they start to…. and then turn it off during quiet periods.

      Pay close attention to how it affects your particular dog! Put your hand on your dog’s head/neck area — that is how we first felt the trembling that turned into terrible shaking.

      • Please read my review as I experienced a similar situation, only my dog ran away from home! I felt terrible that I had hurt her. I think this is a terrible & dangerous product & should not be on the market.

  28. Bark Off doesn’t work at all. Two small dogs have not responded in any way to the device after a week. All the comments I see were written last year and based on our experience appear to be a scam. Yes it has a new checked battery and has been within 5-10 feet of the dogs. They don’t even look around or act as if any noise is coming from the device. The barking incidents have not changed any way. This is truly a rip off.

  29. I don’t like this. it works GREAT. but my Corgi is afraid of our doorbell, people knocking on anything, and the word “hello” if she hears any she barks, when “Bark off” goes on, she whines & runs away & while shes hiding (Usually in a place I cant get to her) she growls and whines. It seems cruel, but it works. It took ONE use. Now I show her the thing, turned off when she barks, & I tell her “Bark off” she stops barking, but then starts whining & runs away to hide. For the rest of the day I can just say “bark off” and she stops barking.

  30. To all that say dogs were born to bark… Yeah and I was born to kill crap and eat it raw. But we live in a civilized society where that doesn’t happen.

    If people are going to buy a dog and place it in an established human community and let it bark at all hours of the night or even the day for that matter, then they don’t even deserve to have pets.

    It is RUDE NO MATTER WHAT WAY TO LOOK AT IT to let your dog disturb a neighbor who is minding hs own business, being quiet and trying to rest because he has to go to work the next morning or maybe he’s trying to dive off into a good book… but no….. you are so disrespectful you make your neighbor listen to a cocky little worthless animal that is so unhealthy from years of inbreeding and WOULD NEVER SURVIVE IN THE WILD.

    Most YAP YAP dogs are inferior and would be killed in the wild by a real animal.

    If you disagree then let me show you how your wrong… ( at least in my city)

    Sec. 14:204

    No dog shall cause any excessive noise making or excessive barking. The animal control center will respond to excessive noise making and excessive barking dog complaints in the following manner:


    A complaint shall be logged into the dispatcher’s log book, giving the owner’s or possessor’s address and the complainant’s name, address and phone number.


    The complainant shall then write a letter to the animal control center with the owner’s or possessor’s address and stating what the problem is and how it is affecting the complainant.


    Upon receipt of complainant’s letter, the animal control center may dispatch an officer to the owner’s or possessor’s address, advising the owner or possessor of the complaint and requesting that the nuisance be abated. A warning notice will be left as documentation.


    If the complainant makes another complaint which is received by the animal control center within fifteen (15) days of the previously issued warning notice, an animal control officer will then be dispatched to the owner’s or possessor’s house to issue a summons regarding a violation of this part.

    (Ord. No. 9634 § 1, 5-26-93; Ord. No. 14203, § 2, 10-24-07)

    So as you can see we don’t play that crap around here.

    If you think it’s okay to let your dogs bother your fellow human beings then you are truly truly crazy and I understand why your dogs act the way they do…. They have great role models….

    • A: I agree that barking dogs are annoying to neighbors and should be controlled by their owners.

      B: Just because small dogs “wouldn’t survive in the wild” doesn’t make them useless and cocky. You think bulldogs are “natural?” Think again. Humans have messed with dogs and breeding forever. Barking has nothing to do with breeding, inbreeding, etc. It has to do with lame rude owners that do not take care of business or take the time to properly train their dogs. You sound like a rude jackass yourself. You probably like to have your dogs debarked.

    • I would like to point out that most dog owners are here to find a way for their dogs to stop barking…calm down and take your arrogant speech somewhere else.

      • You are a Loser. We are on this site trying to figure out how to make our dogs stop barking. You too would be killed in the wild, for being so annoying to other humans.

  31. Our neighbor runs a mastiff breeding pair and babies…they poke their heads through the fence (they beak it constantly) and bark all night, unattended and neglected. We have used kindness and food, but everytime we turn on a light or anything, they’re barking through a megaphone. My mother in law just sent us this Bark Off…I’m afraid to use it because I Have sugar gliders who are tuned into sonic noise. I’ve asked my husband to test it outside. we haven’t yet, hes reading the literature. Any advice or input?

    • Call the county and report them. Tape the barking, video taping if possible. Harass the animal regulation in your county to make them do something about it. Call the police for noise troubles if needed. Make the OWNERS be responsible… backyard breeding mastiffs and leaving all their dogs in the backyard is lame in general, but don’t blame the dogs….blame the useless rude owners and REPORT THEM! The county and/or police will respond eventually, if only to get you off their backs.

  32. Ordered on their Web site Bark Off and they run you through a labyrinth of upgrades and then short ship the order. Order from Amazon if you want to try it. Called the company and they have some non-english speaking person on the phone who hangs up when you do not understand what they are saying. I lived in a foreign country for several years and learned the language. Why are we forced to adapt to every minority.

    • I found bark off at my local Bed Bath and Beyond store and today is the first day I am trying on my recently blind 12 year old Bijon Frise he barks when the door bell rings or sometimes when left alone for long periods of time I’m not sure you can teach an old dog new tricks, like to relate the noise to bad barking. I turned it on and put it on the table next to the couch he was laying on and rang the door bell and he barked 4 times in a row with no pause and I had the level up to high and turned it on, and I know the 9volt battery worked b/c I tested it on my tongue b4 putting it in the bark off but he didn’t stop barking till I told him it was just me. Hopefully it will work I guess I will have to wait a week like the instructions say. I guess I’ll know in a week.

  33. We purchased Bark Off because it was the cheapest device of it’s kind by far. It seems you get what you pay for. I read that it has worked for lots of people, but I was skeptical from the time I opened the package and saw that there is no light to indicate that it’s even working properly. It would be nice if there were an indicator light or at least a beep sound when you switch it on to ensure that it’s functioning.

    I have a chihuahua who is notorious for barking at every little noise she hears, or anytime someone walks by our house. She wakes me up early in the morning when my husband comes home from work. She wakes my toddler up from her naps. I have tried positive reinforcement, telling her ‘no’ sternly, and even yelling. Nothing seems to get my dog to stop barking. I have worked with dogs for a living, and know basic dog behavioral training, but my chihuahua is something else. From the time I turned it on, until using it now for 4 nights in a row, she has shown no change in her behavior. She continues to bark just as she always has, and I’m not sure what to do now…has anyone found anything that actually DOES work? (and please don’t call me stupid or assume I know nothing about dogs) 😛

  34. I would just like to say that this product works for some dogs and not others. We have 3 dogs, two of which bark at every single little sound or motion. When we turned the bark off on I rang the door bell (a sure way to get them barking) and my Pomeranian continued to bark while my German Shepherd ran in the other direction quietly. My pit bull who never barks also left the room when the pom was barking and setting it off. I think it may or may not work for others depending on their dog. I have read the reviews and tend to think that it works less for smaller dogs with higher pitched barks (such as westies) and works well for the bigger dogs with deeper barks.

  35. As an ex-engineer I think the designers of this product missed the mark. We received one for Christmas. It seems like a good idea but I have some serious concerns. Electronics malfunction. There is NO indication as to whether or not the unit is 1) on (yeah I know.. the switch, but what if the switch has failed, what if there’s not good contact with the battery, what if one of the other components has failed?), or 2) emitting a tone. What if the circuit that detects a bark fails in such a way that it thinks it’s always detecting a bark and thus always emitting a tone?

    Other concerns – I am sensitive to loud noises and high pitched noises. The manufacturer claims… “Naturally & Painlessly Interrupts Barking Pattern”. Hmmm… when a bus drives by with squeaky brakes… I feel physical pain. I with they’d elaborate on exactly [i]how[/i] this device works. What research is there to support that it “calms” my dog as it so claims? If the sound is not physically painful then how did they come up with the specific frequency and amplitude of the sound that is emitted (again, what research was done)?

    That said – My girlfriend and I have a whoodle (soft coated wheaten terrier and poodle mix). She’s extremely smart and well trained. I don’t mind the barking but to those who say get use to it… read number 7, specifically the part about arrest and impoundment:

    Now, our dog is never outside unsupervised but sometimes late at night I take her out to do her thing and she starts barking. If that wakes the neighbors up a few times it could potentially be a problem. Fortunately she is rarely ever alone as I am self employed and pretty much take her back and forth to my studio but sometimes I have to leave her in the apartment for a few hours. What if she’s barking a lot and pissing off the neighbors?

    She gets a lot of exercise and attention but she still barks. From what I understand the best way to get a dog to stop barking is to intentionally make them bark, stop doing whatever it is that got them excited and then reward them when they’re quite. My dog… it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to get her to bark. The only thing that really does it is the door bell but we WANT her to bark when the door bell rings. Sigh. We need to call the trainer.

    Okay, all that said, being a gift we felt an obligation to at least say we tried it so we popped in a battery and tried it a few times. She couldn’t care less.

    Given all the unanswered questions I have about this product I think it’s probably not for us and our pup (speaking of which… she’s being very cute right now… I need to go pet her).

  36. The boyfriend threatened a shock collar for my schnoodle..New environment he barks so much more being a bit territorial. I was in line at a TJ Maxx and just picked it up out of curiosity. We opened up the Bark Off on Christmas and turned it on. For the 2 weeks it worked! We laughed as we sat in the other room and would hear people in the drive way the dog would attempt to bark give up and just mildly grumble and sneeze. HOWEVER, the dog next door, a Westie, was irritated at the box and would bark non stop at it. Almost like Sassing back at it. We were overall impressed with the gadget until we thought we heard squeaking like a mouse had eaten one of our stereo speakers. Couldn’t figure it out until a week later it was the Bark Off. I HOPE we didn’t damage his ears. It could be a short term fix for barking but I don’t think it completely trains the dogs. We turned it off and he is back to his ole barky self:(

  37. I purchased the Bark Off last night at Walmart for a laugh. I have tried 3 top of the line bark collars with no luck. My Boxer and American Bulldog spend the day outside while we are at work and bark whenever they hear something (anything). They also bark 10 seconds after I let them out to do their business or eat. I installed the battery and taped it beside the door. Unbelievable! They have only barked 3 times in 24hrs. I never thought it would work. My wife is ecstatic. I don’t know why it works for some dogs and not others. It absolutely works for us.

  38. This is the biggest joke I have ever seen. I purchased this because my Boston terrier barks all the time. I purchased this item hoping to curb or stop her repeated barking. It not only has not stopped her backing, it doesn’t work with any of our 4 dogs. I would not recommend it to anyone. I wish I had my money back. What a ridiculous product.

    • I wish I had searched a bit further before I wasted my money on this device. My toy poodles noticed it for about an hour, it didn’t stop them from barking but they would look in it’s direction. After the first hour they didn’t even look in it’s direction, they couldn’t care less about it. It is useless so if you have not already bought it don’t waste your money.

    • Take it back and get your money back… I purchased one and thought it was broke so I took it back and got my money and went somewhere else and got another and it didn’t work so I took it back and got my money as well….

    • I bought this thing to keep my Yorkies from barking at my office. They see people walking by and like to bark quite a bit. It works on them so well that they dont go near the bark off. But I noticed today that it makes my ears ring and hurt. I turned it off and about 30 mins later no more ear ringing or pain… I guess to each their own.

  39. Is there a device out there that will get stupid lazy people to not get dogs, not take care of them, and let them bark? All you people complaining about your dogs barking are lazy ignorant idiots. You should not even own a dog if you don’t know how to train it. How are you going to get your dog to stop chewing? Buy a deice that hits them when they chew?

    • Finally some one with more than half a brain!! I totally agree, if your dog is barking then he wants/needs something and I don’t mean a sound hurting his ears to get him to stop. Get up and take care of your pet you lazy bastards. When are they gonna sell a device to keep stupid people from making stupid devices?

      • you are both jerks. if you have a dog like a Westie who goes nuts when it sees a rabbit there is nothing that will stop the barking except getting them out of the sight of the animal. Try doing this with a couple of them. or when the door bell rings on tv . you have never owned a pray driven dog or you would know there is little you can do. my dogs are well trained but the barking will always be a problem. I think you both are Jerks. the product does not work …

        Dogs were born to bark .

        • And how! My Westie goes crazy at the sound of passing traffic, especially large vehicles like garbage trucks and snow plows. The Bark Off had no effect on him. I tried it for two weeks, and regularly replaced the battery to be sure it was fresh. My dog didn’t even notice the Bark Off was there.

          Maybe the device works for other breeds, but certainly not for the Westie.

        • I agree with you Barb. Let me bring my rescue over! I give her all the love and attention she needs. She is put into the kennel for short periods during the day when I can not watch her and she goes crazy. We have tried all other methods and spent plenty of time and I have plenty of brains. Not all dogs cooperate, don’t judge.

          • Tiffany: Have you tried putting the dog in the crate when you are home and in the same room? We crate trained our puppy, and it took quite a while, but now she ADORES her crate and can spend up to six or seven hours in there easily. Plus whenever something scary happens – like the vacuum cleaner or the blow dryer – she goes right to her crate where she knows nothing can hurt her. And we never force her out of it once she’s in there.

            We kept the crate in the living room, and started training by leaving the door open but putting treats inside all over, tucked under blankets and under the mat, so it was fun to go in and try to find them all. Whenever she would come out and left the room, we would bury a few more treats in there. We put in toys and a water dish that attaches to the bars near the door. So within only two days she associated the crate with fun and tasty treats. Then we started closing the door, but giving her treats that took longer to eat (rawhide or ice filled with bits of frozen chicken. Over time, she’s come to love being in there.

      • You guys are the ignorant ones. Dogs bark and it is not due to a lack of anything other than some dogs bark more than others. Why waste your rude comments immature b****** and get a life. There is nothing worse than people like you.

      • We recently rescued an adult Labrador-Pointer mix who was going to be euthanized. She had been abused, so every time someone comes anywhere near our house, she starts barking her head off. We did not have the chance to train her as a puppy since we adopted her as an adult.

        I understand she barks because she is scared. It’s not her fault or my fault that she barks, but it’s not the neighbors’ fault either, which is why I’m looking into getting this product. Jennifer, you need to open your mind and shut your mouth.

      • I agree that it is the people that own the dog , should train the dog and not blame all the crap on the dog! Before you even get a dog, research the breed RESEARCH THE BREED!!!, I can’t say it enough. When you get a pet it is your responsibility to take care of them the rest of your life. Whether it be training, medical issues, etc…. you treat it as you would raising your “child”. Be responsible & stop blaming your problems on a poor animal.

        • For starters who think they are god’s gift to pets, NEWS FLASH, god’s gift to dog’s was was in fact, not you. One true gift from god was the ability to communicate (i.e. barking), Anyone to make these types of remarks about neglect and laziness, are by far the uneducated one. Yes, my American Pit Bull Terrier barks, he also eats food and drinks water, which by the way, is typical of canines in general. I can almost guarantee that you are one of the ignorants that despises APBTs and pushes for BSL aren’t you? No one asked for your ignorance. My apologies to any one I may have offended besides these know-it-alls but I feel my point was made and justified as well!

        • So you are going to turn down rescuing a Chihuahua that is on the verge of being put down just because they are known to bark more? Take your blinders off….not everyone gets dogs just because they think it’s cool…many people rescue the dogs that ignorant people leave behind and never take care of or train. People are trying to find help in decreasing their pets barking, they aren’t blaming their pets and they aren’t beating them until they stop of they wouldn’t be posting stuff on here.

          • Although you have to be around somewhere near the dog in order to use it, I found Pet Corrector to work wonders, especially with my foster chichi.

            Nicole, you are so right. Although I think it is good for people to research the personality of dog’s they are interested in acquiring,
            who could ever have the nerve to belittle a person who reached out to a poor, orphaned dog, gave it a loving home and is now researching ways to deal with some of the dog’s behavior problems.

            A lot of people would keep the dog a day or two and then say the heck with this and return the animal. They would not take the time and effort to reach out to others for advice as to possible help with making things work out happily.

            I have trained a lot of different kinds of dogs and fostered various types. Dog can vary very greatly in how they respond to various training methods. If this were not true, there would only be the need or one dog training book on the book.

            My best to all and your beloved pooches.

    • Jennifer I’m with you! I have 5 huge dogs and I have trained all of mine not to bark. But yet there’s a family down the street that lets their wiener dog every night at 10pm and then again at 2am for an hour long barking fest. I have offered my help but they wont take it. It has gotten so bad I have had to contact the police chief. I wish others would take the time to properly train their dogs. Not only would the owners be happier but the neighbors would and so would the dog. Every dog is trainable some just take more time and patients. Dogs are a big responsibly and if you cant put in the time then I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have a dog.

      • All dogs are trainable regardless of age. I have a Great Dane that I had gotten when she was almost 1.5yrs old. She was a very bad barker, jumped fences, couch aggressive, and would tackle people when they came over. It took me a good 6 months to get her fully trained but she is a much happier now. Much calmer and a joy to have here. I did get frustrated many times but you gotta keep trying. If you give up you’ll never reap the rewards. Every dog needs training. No dog is perfect. I meet lots of people that say Great Dane must just be naturally well behaved dogs. Then I show them videos of her when we first got her… and tell them “no dog is perfect they all need training!”

    • Yay! Thank you! Finally someone who has a brain. People need to invest the time and effort to actually TRAIN their dog, not just assume it won’t do things like bark and chew.

    • @ Jennifer & Brenda – Neither of you must not have a dog that constantly barks even with professional dog training and nothing left to try, so if I was Jennifer or Brenda, I would shut my mouth and stop putting input on something you know nothing about; I’m astonished either you had the guts to do so.

  40. Our dog likes bark off. She just approached and licked the device. Turned it on and put it near door where she barks most. No improvement… 🙁

  41. We purchased Bark Off and It did not work for any of our dogs. We decided to let our neighbors(two different ones) and they reported it did not work either. Though the barking can get annoying after awhile; just face it, it is part of a dog’s natural way of communication. We have learned that a simple “NO” does the trick much better than the Bark Off, or as the neighbor kid says “Bark-ON”.. Do not waste your money

  42. I bought Bark Off a few months ago. It does not work. My dog barks when a visitor comes into the house. When my dog started barking, he looked at the coffee table where I’d put the Bark Off and continued barking. Have tried it many times, changed batteries, it just doesn’t work. I can’t understand why you are still advertising it on TV.

  43. I bought my Bark Off from daily steals site, got it yesterday, paid about $13 including shipping. I turned it on, showed it to my lab puppy who’s about 10 months old, and barks/whines constantly, called it “the zapper”, he barked once, and he looked all around, like “where’s this noise coming from?”, I freaking love this thing! I work from home on my computer and need him to be quiet when I’m working, this device is working like a charm. I had to go out and buy a 9Volt Battery for it to work, but I bought an extra long life 9 volt……as I want it to work every day for a certain period of time. I turn it off at night, so he can alert us if he needs to go out or if a stranger is outside. Love, Love, Love this device! This is my opinion only, and no I was not paid. Just a regular consumer, trying to get work done from home! Thank you for making this device! Just hope it is not hurting my cat’s ears!

  44. I purchased two Bark offs at Bed Bath and Beyond. Worked great for two days… I replaced the batteries. Worked great… for two days… When I called the company they said the batteries will only last for 52 hours. I left mine on. So then I tried to order the ac adapter. When I called after a month, they said it had been shipped . Well, not to me. They said they would send out another. Haven’t gotten it yet. I live in a townhouse and have had to use the bark collars while I am at work, which I despise, but neighbors have complained. Really liked this product except for the battery issue. Hoping to go to Radio Shack and get an adapter. A lot of trouble to go through.

    • Video tape your dog if you can. My neighbor tried to pull this because he thinks my 120lbs Dogo is a giant pitbull. So I video taped my dogs for 3 weeks and sent it to the city, never had to pay the fine. Or if its another dogs that is doing the barking video tape your dog not barking while the barking is happening that will show them that it is not your dog.

  45. SCAM!!! I wanted the buy one get one free…was expecting to pay around $25.00 with shipping and handling…bill ended up over $80.00 and I wasn’t allowed to edit my order or given a confirmation page! I called the exact same day to cancel. Two weeks later 4 bark offs arrived at my door and the $80.00 charge was still on my charge card. I called again to complain they “had no record” of my cancellation. They offered me a $5 credit and I could keep all 4…i said I didn’t want any so they gave me an return authorization number but I would have to pay my own shipping back to the company, and I wouldn’t be credited the $30 plus for the original shipping. All in all it didn’t seem worth the hassle so I’m just out $80.00 with 4 useless items sitting on my coffee table….AND customer service SUCKED! They couldn’t even explain how my bill got to $80.00 and after 10 minutes he said well I’m sorry they probably weren’t really buy one get one free.

  46. SAVE YOUR MONEY! I bought 2 Bark Offs and they didn’t work. I put them next to the fence to keep my neighbors dogs from barking and it didn’t even faze them. They just keep barking even when I held it right next to them.

    If you really want to stop barking buy a dog shock collar, it works, but unfortunately I can’t put one on my neighbors dogs.

  47. After reading these Bark Off reviews, I felt the need to comment. I bought this device because our Min Pin barks when placed in his kennel at night. He was barking most of the night, but after using Bark Off he will bark a few times and then stop. It is like he barks, hears the noise, may try again, and then quits. We only use it at night and I place it right outside his kennel door facing him, so it very close to him.

  48. I purchased Barkoff because I have a yapping Yorkie. He was not effected one bit. He never skipped a bark. It has not worked for my dog.

  49. So typical of people. They want politically correct pets too. Dogs should only bark when there are obvious reasons, and especially should not shed. Is there a gadget on the market that stops people from whining?

    • We all love our pets, and we are not whining, there are reasons why some people like to control this issue. It is called respect for other people, like neighbors, and others. What is wrong with that? It doesn’t hurt them a bit, it is pretty much a little discipline, that never hurt anyone or thing that I know of.

    • Animal lovers are the WORST. I bet you kick your kids off the couch so your dog has a spot!!! Dogs can be trained to not bark just like humans can be trained to use the toilet. RETARD. Your shedding example shows how stupid you really are. Comparing something the animal CAN control to something it can’t is totally invalid.

      • (ref: “the worst”… “retard”… “stupid”…) Why all the name calling over such a petty topic? Does it make you feel any better about yourself? Maybe you should try and learn some social skills from dogs.

  50. I think this Bark Off is a rip-off I paid and got two bark offs last Oct. They haven’t stopped my dog from barking. Plus when my neighbor comes over they both just keep barking. I didn’t save my check for these two, or I would send them back. Sorry I didn’t look into Bark Off reviews before I sent away for them.

  51. HUGE RIP-OFF! SAVE YOUR MONEY. I finally plugged BOTH sets into different plugs in same room and still NO EFFECT AT ALL on my two 10lb dogs! And try to get back your money.

    • Pffft. DO BUY! My neighbor’s dog finally shut his mouth the moment I turned it on. If it hurts his eardrums, he should stop barking so he stops hurting ours.

  52. I’ve noticed here, that many people are having problems with the Bark Off.
    Here are some things to consider:
    1.) Turn on “Low” rather then “High” if not working on high.
    2.) I have mine placed aprrox. 4-5 feet off the ground. Perhaps you can try height adjustments and other places with in the rooms.
    3.) Counterfeit products are around, so try to be aware of where you purchase it.
    4.) Do all dogs have the same hearing abilities. Many humans have hearing problems…so it is possible that some dogs may as well.
    5.) It’s made in China…how good is the Quality Control there? Hard to say.

  53. I bought the Bark Off unit…and was shocked to see it “really does work!” My dog barked…then he suddenly stopped…looked around…then barked again…then stopped barking…and looks around to see where the sound he heard is coming from. So I praised him and he went on his way…still looking around as to figure out what just happened. This will be a great tool for training him not to bark at certain times. Training any animal takes time and lots of patience, so as a dog owner, you MUST take the TIME and have the PATIENCE in order to properly train your dog. Thanks, Bark Off. What a great training tool!

  54. I bought a Bark Off along with 5 other relatives & friends & out of all 12 we bought 0 work, take that back 1 worked for 10 min. My other friends dog chewed his up, so you take it for what its worth if you want to stop your dog from barking call me & Ill talk to your dog & tell him to stop cause you will get the same results as the bark-on I mean off.

  55. Bark Off worked on my Yorkie. I turned it on high and he immediately know something was not right. He tucked his tail between his legs and sat down on the floor at my feet.

    We host a weekly get together and the little guy was a real pain in the butt, jumping on people, barking etc. Our guests were amazed when they saw how this thing worked.

  56. We bought Bark Off and it works for us. Our two Poms bark once and then they quit. Things that usually set them off are not causing them to bark and we are really delighted with the unit. We turn it off during normal TV watching times of the night, but turn it on in the after noon when school kids are walking in front of the house. Not sure why it hasn’t worked for so many, but it really has worked for us. We use it on the high mode all the time.

      • My mom has 5 schnauzer/poodle mixes, they are annoying. Bark Off stopped them from being extremely annoying to a level where you still want to get rid of every single one of them, but… not as often.

  57. I recently purchased Bark Off and put it by the front door because that is where my dog barks when the mail comes. I decided to go outside and open the mail box to test it and see if it worked. My dog, a yorkie, started barking more batted at the bark off and then picked it up and took it out of the room. Don’t waste your time or money

  58. I purchased the Deluxe Platinum Bark Off and I’m very disappointed in the product. It does not work! I have 3 dogs and not a one of them is affected by this product. I have made sure that the batteries are working and have placed the Bark Off in several different locations though out my home. None of this has helped to keep the dogs from barking. Do not purchase this product and it doesn’t help the dogs from barking.

    Thank you.

  59. I bought the bark-off from CVS about 2 weeks ago, my moms yippy dogs bark at almost everything. She says that its calmed their barking, but I don’t see a difference. The way they advertised it on tv was that when you turn it on the barking stops right away. Is it just supposed to calm the barking or stop it? It’s very confusing. I exchanged it for another one earlier today thinking that I had just gotten a defective one, but when I got home and put the battery in, it still wouldn’t stop the dogs from barking. I’m really thinking about taking it back and getting a refund.

    • That’s the same thing that happen to me, I went and got another still the same wont work at all, put new batteries and everything. Very disappointed you know.

  60. I have the Bark Off that I purchases from Target for $9.99. It has not made either of my 2 dogs stop barking, yet. I have had it for a little over a week and haven’t noticed much change in their barking. Our collie seems to bark and then possibly after hearing the tone barks more because it irritates her. I’m not 100% sure it’s even making a tone. There is no light to indicate it’s working. It does however randomly make a crackling noise like when you turn a speaker up too loud. My advice is to save your money and just invest in either a citronella or shock collar.

    • I saw a post below that suggested the crackling “static” noise is because the batteries need changed. This is false. My Bark Off is plugged in with an adapter and is only a week old.

  61. My girlfriend’s mom purchased this product to silence her two dogs (Pomeranian and Poodle). As soon as you turn it on, they shut up instantly and run out of the room. After using it with them, all I have to do now is wave it at them (turned off) and they run away in fear of hearing it.

    In response to the people who have said it doesn’t work, I’m wondering if it only works with younger dogs who have more sensitive hearing… all I can say is, in my case it worked great.

  62. I NEVER buy As seen on TV products from the company.. I always buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond.. They will refund you if you are not satisfied.. If you lose your receipt they will give you store credit which I don’t mind at all because I love LOVE Bed Bath and Beyond. That way you can try these products and not worry about getting ripped off or stuck with huge shipping and handling charges.. I recommend everyone if you want to try a product do NOT buy from the company!!

  63. So the consensus is that this doesn’t work. So how DO you get a neighbor’s dog to stop barking? I’ve tried letting it “get to know me”. I’ve tried squirting it with the hose. I don’t like dogs personally, but most times will put up with them. This dog is very aggressive in its barking and growling. It barks non-stop whenever anyone or another dog is outside. The neighbors just laugh and say he wants to play; but they don’t play with him.

  64. I bought this product in an attempt to stop my neighbors dog from driving us crazy. they have a small terrier in a kennel on their driveway . It is less than 20 feet from my yard so I put bark off in the tree the marks the property line when we try to go outside and enjoy ourselves. However it seems to me that this product is not all it says it is. No matter how close you get to the dog with bark off turned on , he doesn’t stop barking or even slow down. I tried the same thing in my back yard with another neighbors dog. Once I walk into site of the dog it barks incessantly. No matter how close I walked to the fence with bark off turned on, it did not stop the dog’s barking. However with my own dogs I can clearly see that it gets their attention (but I don’t need it for my dogs because they don’t bark like that). So I think that it is mis-advertisement to say it will stop your neighbor’s dog from barking because it doesn’t. Also it is wrong to say it is inaudible to humans because both my husband and myself can hear it.

  65. What a waste of time and money. I purchased one at a local store and could not wait to get home and try it. My wife has 2 inside dogs a rat terrier and a yorky that bark all the time. Well I installed a battery and switched it on, the dogs were barking at this time and nothing happened, dogs continued to bark. I checked the battery and switches and tried it again, still dogs barked. The bark off is on high and switched on all the time but dogs bark.


  66. A friend picked up a pack of two from Walmart so she could have one and I could have one. I have an adult corgi and she has a puppy. she stated it made the puppy stop and look around at first but she could not tell if it is still working. I, on the other hand, can definitely tell it works with my dog, although I did switch it to the high setting when I felt like it was losing a little effectiveness. like everyone else, I think it does suck that the makers of Bark Off couldn’t have put a battery indicator light in this product. but hey, it was only ten bucks each so..

  67. We bought the Bark Off yesterday, and it did work. Our mini schnauzer went totally quite, and our Pomeranian barked twice and then ran up to the device, looked at it, and went the other way and didn’t bark again.

  68. I just received my Bark Off in the mail and IT WORKS. We turned it on and the dogs were upstairs so I rang the door bell. My two dogs barked once and then SILENCE!! THANK YOU

  69. I ordered Bark Off online after watching the commercial. I supposedly got the special “buy 1 get 1 free”, but when I placed the order, I was billed for 4, at a cost of almost $50! I immediately tried to remedy the situation, but to no avail. When I called the 800 number, I spoke (or tried) to someone named Katrina, who wanted to make a deal with me by taking $10 off my order if I kept all 4. I didn’t want it, and told her to cancel the entire order. She did, and said it would take 2-5 days to credit my bank account. Didn’t happen– I tried to fix it, spoke to Chris, was told it would take 7-10 business days to credit my account! This is ridiculous! I’ll never order anything from this company or others like it. After reading the reviews about Bark Off, I’m glad I canceled the order. I just wish I had never ordered it in the first place. By the way, I’m still waiting on the credit to my bank acct., and it’s been several days. They say there’s one born every minute, just wish I wasn’t that sucker!

    • OMG….I wish I had read these Bark Off reviews before I ordered mine! you’re lucky…you only got 4 of them. I got 5! did you also get the handling fee of $70? so ridiculous. I have already contacted the BBB of new jersey to complain about this horrible product. I am trying to get the word out to get people to stop buying it. I plan on pestering the company until I get my refund. I’m sure it will be to no avail b/c the company sucks, but it’s worth a try, and I feel better doing it.

  70. This Bark Off does not work! I spent 3 weeks using this training tool on my border terrier. I had the thing on the highest sound but it didn’t faze her at all.

  71. Bark off SUCKS!! Don’t waste your money!
    I hate my neighbors damn dogs!! Out of 5 dogs 2 of them are @#$%. I could go over there, snap their necks and come back in my house and eat dinner like nothing ever happened. My neighbors are jackasses! How can they not hear their piece of dogs barking. I even sent them a copy of ordinance in my township for NUISANCE dogs along with dog training information and all they did was walk around the neighborhood threatening to sue the person that sent them. WHY DON’T WE THE NON DOG OWNERS WHO ARE QUIET AND MIND OUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS HAVE RIGHTS. I used to like dogs but I now know that ALL ankle bitter dogs SUCK! Give ’em all the damn needle so I can have some PEACE and quiet after work. All I have to say is that they better take them bitches in at night or they are fair game as far as I am concerned. Heard enough? I hate ’em! Thanks to all you ignorant neighbors that have no control over your dogs.

    • wow, you’re a miserable human being… ever try just going over there and asking your neighbors to politely control their pets?

      • Wow – Dog owners are the only pet owners in the world that are convinced there is something wrong with you if you don’t like their dogs.

        How about this? Try a little psychological counseling, try not to anthropomorphize your animal, don’t project human emotions onto it, and start training it.

        Oh, and Cheri? I sympathize. I just live in a state where I can legally kill anyone’s dog that comes onto my property and attacks me, and the new little ankle biter next door is on it’s third strike. One more attack and that’s it. Yes, the owner has been informed, by me, she was there during the first attack and did nothing, and animal control has been called 3x’s on her by myself and the other neighbors. No sympathy for rude dog owners, none.

        • I knew you guys were Americans when I was reading your posts…LOL….only in the USA are there laws like that. Good grief. Whatever works for ya I guess.

          • You kill that dog… you deserve the same. It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s. The fact that you would do that is absolute, total, indisputable b.s.

    • Yes I agree, You are a MISERABLE person. Dogs bark, that is what they do. If the dog is out of control barking, it is the problem/cause of the OWNER not the dog. To blanket” hate” all dogs and small dogs is OUT OF LINE and shows your ignorance. It would appear those owners are the ones who need to be handled. It’s clear they don’t care about their neighbors and their dogs and that would make them the equivalent to the type of human beings you describe their dogs as…and if that’s the case, I think you would also belong in that group.

      If I had you as my neighbor I’d train my dogs to bark at your disgusting soul…..and if I could train them to bite you I’d sell tickets! And I bet, by the sounds of what kind of person you are….it would be a sell out crowd.

      • Please don’t blame all dog owners. I have not been able to train my Sheltie not to bark when she is going out for a walk. I can stop her from barking once she starts, but can’t keep her from trying. Shelties bark when they are happy, when they are upset, when it rains, you name it. I never had any complaints because my dogs don’t bark incessantly, but I just moved to an apartment where someone is complaining about my dogs barking. I hate to put a shock collar on them, and it probably won’t work well on the Sheltie with all that fur. Sometimes the problem is with the person who is complaining. If they would talk to me, I would arrange my schedule to walk them when it’s convenient for my neighbor. But they complain to the office, and I don’t know who is complaining or what I can do about it.

    • Well, now I know that I’m not the only who bought this worthless piece of junk. It has no affect on my mini-aussie at all. No way to tell if it is even on or now. Have tried two different, NEW, batteries. Still doesn’t work. How can the creators of this Bark Off sleep at night?

  72. I have a new baby on the way so wanted to try this to turn on during his nap times. Glad we got it in advance though as it does nothing. I turn it on and my dogs bark right through it. The only way I have noticed a difference is if I set it about 5 inches from their head, and that’s unrealistic. Don’t waste your time or money.

  73. Thanks for the laff’s – this is the funniest website I have EVER seen !! – Keep it up – I’ll bookmark this & come back whenever I need a good time !@!

    no I don’t get out much – don’t have dogs & the cats are outside – don’t have kids anymore & ignore the roommate – been married 10 years to a guy I haven’t seen in that many years – can’t wait for Social Security to kick in & been on unemployment more often than not in the last few years – in foreclosure so deep I continue to wait for the Summary Judgment Court date to show up in the mail so I can file bankruptcy ~<:) – find me on POF & we can chat – keep the shiny side up & stay off those white lines on the highway !!

  74. A little gizmo that trains your dog sounds too good to be true and it is. Don’t waste your money on this, spend it on a class at a not for profit training place or hire a professional trainer if you have a really bad problem. You need to get up off your butt to train a dog, you can’t buy anything on TV that will do it for you.

    • Exactly – well put.

      Will you people buy one that’s surely upcoming to quiet your young children?

      Imagine not hearing your kid or dog be vocal when something’s really wrong. If you won’t put the time and effort into teaching your pet/child right from wrong, quit having them.

      I suppose the ignorant neighbor is an exception, but it sounds like it doesn’t work that well anyway.

      Finally, I’m not convinced this isn’t harmful to the dog after long-term use. It might even be bad for you!

  75. Ok. My opinion (and it seems to be the general feeling) is NOT to buy this Bark Off from the company online. If you want to give it a try, go get it from Walgreens or something. For $10 flat it is totally worth a try, and if it doesn’t work, return it.

    I have 2 Labs, they dont bark a lot, but when they are outside they stand at the edge of the yard and bark at all people who pass by.

    I put one of these near the edge of the yard at it works to an extent. It doesn’t silence the barking, but it definitely makes it less. It also works on one dog more than the other.

    For 10 bucks, I am not complaining.

    I would be if I went through the crap everyone else seems to on here. Take it from me, go buy it in person. Petsmart carries them.

  76. I bought the Bark Off and it seem to work in the beginning but now it doesn’t work :_( my dog still barks and now I get an annoying static noise not happy with this product 🙁

  77. Absolutely useless. The first time I turned it on Molly only barked once and stopped. After that it didn’t do a darn thing. I even tried changing the battery and that had no effect. My daughter gave me this and she wasted her money on it.

    • Seems like if the dog barked once, it worked. The neighbor dog downstairs barked 1.5 times after I turned it on. It usually barks for half an hour.

  78. Boy…am I glad I bought mine at Walgreens and can return it. Bark Off does not work at all! Though to be fair, I wonder if 90% of them are defective from the factory and we can not tell, leaving that 10% which do work to get good reviews.

    But mine goes back tomorrow

  79. I just bought one at Walmart, seems like it works well enough. Aside from the Bark Off or a dog training whistle, you can also put 5 or 6 pennies in a Pepsi can and tape the top closed….dog barks, you shake the can…they hate the noise.

  80. My dog, a mini American Eskimo, goes NUTS when visitors come to the door, near the door, downstairs, or when the doorbell rings (even on TV, haha!). It drives us crazy, since we live in an apartment, there’s always noise that sets her off. I work at home, and while I give her lots of attention, it’s hard to work when she’s barking all day. She’s coming a long way with her training, as her previous owners didn’t socialize her, but the barking hasn’t changed. So we saw Bark-Off in Bed Bath and Beyond and thought we’d give it a try.

    Oh my gosh. As soon as we flipped the switch, her eyes got all wide and her ears pricked straight up, so I knew she could hear it. After about 10 minutes, the kids downstairs started yelling, and of course she started barking as usual…but this time, she barked about twice, and stopped, then went and laid on her bed! We were shocked. We even tested it by ringing the doorbell, and sure enough, one bark and no more. Wow. So I’d say it’s definitely worth it. She’s a smart dog, and she seems to be learning quickly.

    That being said, be sure to use it SPARINGLY. We made the mistake of leaving it on while we watched a movie, and noticed that the dog was cowering in the corner…I felt so bad when I realized that the bass of the stereo was setting it off! Poor thing. So now I leave it off most of the time, unless I notice that her barking is starting again, or I know I’ll have visitors, then I quickly switch it on for a minute or two. It’s not necessary to leave it on all the time, just when the behavior you want to correct is occurring…otherwise you may never know when your dog’s hearing the noise! I do wish it had a light or something to show when it was going off.

    So yes, it can work well, as long as you use it correctly and don’t leave it on all the time, that seems a little mean.

    • Dear Dramagrl,
      Out of all of the Bark Off reviews I’ve read–yours is the most important. While everyone else is discussing order problems and such, yours describes what actually happens to the dog.

      The “cowering in the corner” is what I was afraid of so, if I try it, I’ll be very careful. I cannot imagine the pain it must inflict on their little ears. In a few years, they’ll probably come out with evidence that we’ve all caused loss of hearing on our sweet pets.

      Thanks for writing about that!

      • I don’t care if the neighbors dogs go deaf, as long as I don’t… from their BARKING!!! They will not shut up! I am buying one of these right now BECAUSE of DramaGirl’s review! PetSmart here I come!

    • This Bark Off review was probably posted by someone that works for the company, or someone who was paid to post on behalf of the company. This product is crap…

  81. I purchased this Bark Off today, and it doesn’t work. There’s no indicator light to confirm that it’s operational, the “sound” is inaudible to humans, and it has no effect on my dog’s behavior, so I can only assume that I purchased a worthless piece of plastic.

    • That is so true I was thinking the same thing. There is no light or indicator to let you know it is indeed letting off some sort of sound so how do I know if it is doing anything or not? I mean yeah sometimes my neighbors dogs, that are out almost 24/7, stop barking as much, and sometimes they still go like crazy. Therefore I have to leave the device on 24/7 as well and I am wondering when the battery will go dead and need to be replaced because there is no indicator light or anything for that either. I have used many of the “as seen on tv” products and have been happy with them all, but I think they could have put a little more thought into this bark off for sure.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t believe for a minute that the lack of a light on the device was an accident.

        The marketers of these products aren’t stupid – this was done on purpose.

        My guess? By the time you’re convinced it isn’t working (if it isn’t), it will be too late to return it or argue you’re using it correctly.

  82. Maybe our unit is defective but it has had absolutely no effect on our 4 lb Yorkie. We have it mounted on the floor adjacent to the door and as soon as he hears a movement downstairs, he yaps incessantly until the visitor comes in.

    It has been useless to us.

  83. What a SCAM, doesn’t work. Used it for three weeks and had no effect on my dog’s barking, didn’t even slow him down. Has no indication that unit is on or battery strength. They tried to add additional items to my order without my approval. Had to re-boot my computer to log off of their site.

  84. I agree with you CHRIS. It seems the device is torturing the dogs and that is what stops them from barking. Is it worth torturing your dogs, if you love your dogs that is. I think no!

  85. Purchased this, bought new batteries just in case. Never worked. Called company and they said I could get replacements. Ask for what when new batteries do not work why would I want to replace, shipping back at my expense? Replace – no refund..Rip Off

  86. Here’s a thought.. How about training your dogs instead of trying to find a quick fix? I have 8 small dogs and when I yell CUT! They know to stop barking. Terrifying animals until they cower and sh*t themselves is really sweet.. Dog has to live in fear to save you the work of training. Proud of that? I agree with you Chris..

    • Well, it’s not for MY dog. It’s for my annoying neighbor’s dog that gets let outside at 1:00 AM and barks until about 4:00 AM. I can’t train it and I don’t care if it hurts it’s ears.

      • Let’s get Rider, and we can put him on our fence and then whenever our neighbors dogs start to bark, he can yell CUT! I wonder how much the shipping will be on that guy?

  87. Absolutely useless, followed instructions to the letter, changed batteries 3 times, does nothing at all, NOTHING.

    PetSmart should be ashamed of themselves and shame on me for believing an Infomercial and trusting.

  88. I bought two and they didn’t work. My dogs keep barking. I noticed other people said the same! should I return them? or is there something I am doing wrong. I just turn them on that’s it…….. they don’t seem to work at all. I don’t hear anything which is correct, but aren’t the dogs suppose to stop barking? Such a Waste of money!

  89. I have 2 miniature labradoodles (30lbs each) who bark at everything they see or hear outside. I bought 4 Bark Off devices — this product didn’t work at all. Save your money.

  90. I purchased Bark Off two weeks ago and I can say it does not work. I have 2 dogs and they bark like crazy! I have no clue if this device is off or on. It does have a button on the side to turn on or off and another one for high and low. I have it on and high and it does not help the barking at all. Even when the dogs are right next to the device, they just continue barking like they where before. To me, this is a scam unless it has really worked for someone else and can change my mind, this was a waste of money.

  91. My wife just brought home a Bark-Off from Wal-Mart and I though what a piece of crap. So I get online to search bark off does it work on google and come across this review section. We played around with it for awhile and at the same time read these messages laughing at a lot of the funny ones. I read a few that said the people could actually hear the tone. I tried it on my 4 wiener dogs and it did not seem to work at all, they barked even more as I pointed it at them. After reading the message from someone who said she could here the tone I put it up by my ear and I could actually here the tone as well, and I am sort of hard of hearing. My wife and 12 year old daughter could also hear it too. I could hear the tone about 3 inches from my ear but could not hear it if I placed it closer or further from my ear. So my daughter took the Bark Off and put it up to one of my wiener dogs face and he went crazy and grabbed a hold of the bark off and pulled it from her and dropped it on the floor. It was like a wolf grabbing a steak. So I picked it up and started to get it close to his face again and he struck at it like a rattle snake biting a person. Every time I got it close to his face he went nuts and tried to attack it. So I would say YES it does work but not as described. It seems to only work well when very close to the dog say like 2 or 3 feet nothing further. Might be my 9 volt is weak and not very powerful and that’s why, I am not sure. But I will give it some more time over the next few days to see how well it will work out for me. I am in serious need to stop these 4 wieners from barking when someone knocks, etc. I have Tinnitus in my right ear and the barking is very painful to me and increases the ringing in my ear 10 times for many hours.

  92. I have two little chihuahuas and they bark out of control whenever the doorbell rings, landscapers are outside or the mail truck pulls up to the house. I was literally at the end of my rope and was even considering de-barking surgery which costs upwards of $500.

    I got a bark off as a gift and OMG…it really worked! they reacted immediately, stopped barking and acted calm and subdued. One of my dogs even ran upstairs. Now the mere sight of the device is all it takes to get them to stop barking.

    For the money it’s well worth it. It costs much less than other brands out there so I would say “try it”…it’s an unbelievable training device!

    one happy customer in Orange County, California

  93. I thinks this product is great…. before bark off I could not spell animal trainer……now I am one….thanks bark off.

  94. Here is a thought. Why not take care of your dogs instead of trying stupid gimmicks like scaring your dog with high frequencies. Someone mentioned their dog got sick, or started to shake. I’m sure this isn’t a lie since the police use sound canons to disorientate protesters. Try walking your dog and being a strong, positive and firm leader.

    • Nuisance barking is nuisance barking. Whether it’s your dog or a neighbors — I want it stopped. Being strong, kissing your dog in the mouth, buying him little hats and coats to wear, etc. has no effect when this beast starts to bark for no apparent reason and annoy EVERYONE. “Try walking your dog” was your statement. I agree with that much. When he starts barking at 2 AM on a rainy night annoying your neighbors, then YOU can get up and walk him. Hey, that works for me!

    • It’s not MY dog that I need help with…Whenever I tell it to be quiet it does… It’s my NEIGHBORS dog that I have the issue with… Too bad it only goes 20 feet.

    • My dogs are very well trained — in all areas except for barking. If I sat outside with them with a leash on them, of course there would be no problem. However, they bark when people walk by the fence with their dogs, or by themselves. They bark when someone stops in front of the house. Most of the time we are not right there with them, and if we hear them, we always bring them inside. However, they haven’t learned NOT to bark.

      I need something that will help me teach my dogs not to bark without my having to be there with them 24/7 — since I work to pay for this roof over their heads and the food they eat.

  95. Got mine at Dollar General for $10 cash. No extra charge for any gimmick. Took it home and it worked on all three dogs that belong to my grandchildren that were left at my house. This as seen on tv device is worth every one of those 1000 pennies I paid for it.

  96. I have two medium sized dogs, one of which barks whenever she comes in the house and whenever guests come over. We wanted to try Bark Off, but I saw mixed reviews on the web and was unsure. The other day my wife saw it at Walgreens (still $10), bought it, brought it home, and it worked immediately.

    There is an actual physical response from my dog when it goes off. She barks, stops, and sort of slinks away. She obviously does NOT like whatever sound it is making. It has been 5 days now and barking has all but ceased, even when guests come into the house.

    If I had to make a complaint, it would be that the Bark Off really does seem to scare her, but we turn it off immediately after she stops barking and give her positive reinforcement to show that she is doing the right thing. Also, it is sound activated, meaning that you can leave it on and it will only make the sound when a bark triggers it… but the detection device is touchy. Any remotely loud noise seems to set it off (as judged by the dog’s random reaction). What do you want from something that costs $10 though?

    Other than that, this Bark Off is AMAZING… no more barking and we don’t even need to leave it on now that she has learned. A lot of people seem to have problems with it… maybe individual dogs react differently, but I would pay $50 for this thing now that I know it works on my dog.

    • thanks for your well written Bark Off reviews – my puppy 8 mos barks when ever animals come on TV and it is very annoying — after reading your post I will give Bark Off a try — worth the $10 if it works.

  97. Got this for my mom’s dachshund … barks at everything and barks incessantly to beg for food … the first time Bark Off was turned on, she started to beg and it seemed to have no effect. Since, she has not returned to her spot on the couch where she was … when she is coaxed there next to Mom, she shakes uncontrollably. This has been for two days now and she just won’t go back to that spot

  98. Stops our 2 labs from barking at rabbits and people at the door (continuous barking). My only problem is I found out by accident that I can hear it too. My husband cannot, but I sure can.

  99. So the Bark Off worked….kind of. First of all, no the little light never turned on. I knew it was on though because I could hear it. It claims to be inaudible to human ears, either I have impeccable hearing, or this is a lie. I could clearly hear it.

    As for my Beagle that loves to howl, it only works half of the time. I have to put the thing right next to his face to catch his attention. However, if he is really into whatever he is barking at, it doesn’t work.

    It did work on my Dachshund though. Maybe it just depends on the dog? I really doubt that Bark Off would make your neighbors dog stop barking, since I have to put it right next to my own dogs for them to hear it.

    Scam? Maybe.

  100. 2 for ten dollars…what a joke. Paid $28….False advertising and it doesn’t work! RIPOFF PERSONIFIED!

    • I think mine works on my neighbors dogs now, but it took like 3weeks or so. They dont completely stop, but it has gotten somewhat better I think. She is a jackass that is never home and leaves them out almost 24/7. Don’t even understand why she has them.

  101. I wish that I had read the Bark Off complaints before I bought the product. This product is one of the biggest scams to come along. This product does not work and there is really no way to tell if it is working if your dog keeps barking. I paid $23.98 for 2. They will not refund the shipping ($13.98) and it will cost something to mail them back. So at the most I would get a refund of a few dollars. My advice is don’t buy this product.

    • If it works and then suddenly stops working I’d say the battery is dead — buy a new one and see what happens

  102. Horrible product. It actually made my dog paranoid and has been getting sick every time we have it turned on. Highly NOT recommended.

    • Sounds like it is for me then love to keep it on all the time cause of the new people next door with four dogs oh god can’t even set out side any more …i asked him tonight can you please do something I would like to just set out here for an hour he said my dogs can bark all they want I said OK calling the city in morning to see what they say…

  103. A friend of mine gave me his “Bark Off” once it didn’t work on his dogs, and couldn’t return it since they were not going to refund the exorbitant amount for shipping, which amounted to fraud. My wife’s Yorkshire Terrier indeed stopped barking, but has started to meow like a cat in heat. The meowing intensified with the unit on, and even though it decreased when it was shut off, the dog would start to purr, apparently showing pleasure of the source of irritation being disabled. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? Thank you “Bark Off” for giving me an otherwise useless breed of dog, a purpose in life, touring the freak show circuit!

    • To my relief I am glad to see it dosn’t work. If it dose work I feel sorry for the female next store that has her dog stoped barking by barkoff and gets raped and killed because of it. I’d like to know who pays that bill to her family?

  104. Bark off did not work . I tried several batteries before coming to that conclusion. Can anyone tell me if the small looking light bulb turns on or is supposed to turn on when it supposedly works?

  105. I have a Chocolate Lab who is 7 and a Lab-Rotty-Pit mix who is 6. The mix breed only barks when he feels he should. For some reason he assesses the situation and is relatively quiet, unless it’s really necessary. The Lab is THE MOST vocal dog I have EVER owned. We have tried numerous methods to quiet her. Sad to say we’ve even tried the “shock” collar with a 9 volt charge. I didn’t use that more than a few times bc I felt terrible. We tried the time out method seen on “It’s me or the dog”, where you put them in a room and when they stop barking you let them out and then do it again ea. time they barked. Did I mention she is also VERY stubborn! Duke the mix would whine and poke the doorknob with his nose for me to let his sister out.
    We tried that spray collar too. While we were at Pet Smart Friday getting all our pet supplies, I saw Bark Off and since it was only $10 we bought it. Let me tell you, it worked!!! All I had to do to test it was say who’s there and she let out one bark and then looked around. She did this 3 times and then just looked towards the door. I don’t want to stop her barking completely, but only when she becomes a bother to us and the neighbors. It was out of control. I have such a peaceful house now. THANK YOU BARK OFF! I was wondering if some of the reviews were real or not, but let me just say I now know this is a GREAT product. Out of 1-10 I give this hands down a 10! Just like one of the Bark Off reviews I read before, my lab would bark at anything. Sometimes she wouldn’t even get up from her bed. I have had no problems with it and plan on buying another one to take out in the yard when I am in the pool.

      • Possibly but who knows. I say buy it at Walgreens, try it. If doesn’t work Walgreens will refund it. No shipping, no exorbitant non-refundable fees, etc.

  106. So, for all the bad Bark Off reviews, the people shipping them back, or trying to cancel their orders… do you think to contact the office of the card you used and BLOCK the transaction? (yes, in some cases there is a charge for that service, but, it might be worth it if you at-least look into it. In my case, I am allowed to block a transaction 1 p/yr before a fee is incurred.)

    And, if the product still shows up on your door? Perhaps just return to sender, unopened? Doesn’t cost you a dime, if you Mark in Bold “Return to Sender”, and lightly mark out your own address (so that it doesn’t get shipped back to you); and drop it into a post office drop box.

    Please realize that you are now on their mailing list: So add your name, address to the Mailing Preference list. And, write a note, with the same info on it, signed to that company to “opt out” of any/all mailings. “Do not give/sell my personal information to anyone. No soliciting. Remove my information from all lists.” signed XX dated (and keep a copy)

    …just a thought

    As for the unit itself? I intend on getting a dog whistle for my nuisance neighbor terrier since it carries the distance. =D

  107. I just bought my bark off this morning at Walgreens for my parent’s pain in the neck Sheltie! I love their dog but he barks at EVERYTHING! You go out to get the mail he barks, you play with your kids he barks, you grab your purse and shoes he barks, you let him out to potty and HE BARKS! He is completely obnoxious! I know mine is working because every time he does bark I can here a faint whistle and he hasn’t barked but a few times since it has been on!

    Reading some of these Bark Off reviews made me think I may have made a mistake and I was thinking about taking it back. But if he keeps up with being quiet than I am keeping it!

    This house is so much more peaceful with the Bark Off and my dad has been thanking me nonstop!

    I would recommend this product to anyone if you can buy it in store without the pricey S&H!

  108. If any of you paid attention to the Bark Off commercial, when the dogs are barking and they fall silent, pay a close look at what the dogs are looking at. It’s their trainer off to the side. Hence, that’s testimony enough the product doesn’t work. Shipping and handling? did you ever think THAT’S where they make the money?

  109. Two weeks ago, I placed an order for Bark Off online. I accepted the upgrade to the platinum version and an a/c charger. Before showing me the total, it required me to click the “Accept” button. I was expecting an order of approximately $40. NOT SO FAST! When the invoice popped up, the total was for over $100. The order included an additional 2 upgrades + 2 a/c chargers. I was livid! I called them immediately and the service guy (whose dogs were barking in the background) gave me a confirmation that the order would be canceled. I called the next day to confirm, and the lady said she couldn’t pull up the invoice, but she would put an additional notice on the order to not ship it because I wanted it canceled. Well . . . two weeks later, I check my account, and find that the $100+ had been taken from my account. After calling customer service and talking to an agent AND his supervisor, I have been told that I cannot get a refund until I return the products they already shipped to me, which will probably not get here for another five days. Now I will not be able to cover a bill auto-pay that will be attempted after the weekend. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES if you are looking for one Bark Off customer’s opinion. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE! I WILL NEVER BUY FROM FROM THIS CORPORATION AGAIN, NO MATTER HOW GREAT THE PRODUCT IS! BUYER BEWARE!

    • Hi Jen and everyone else…
      You can buy a silent dog whistle at Omaha Vaccine at
      for $1.89 — yes, one dollar and 89 cents plus shipping and it will do the same thing as this ripoff Bark Off. I use Omaha Vaccine all the time and they are a reputable company. Also, whistles aid in training but no whistle will guarantee to keep dogs from barking. Good luck.

    • DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!! Saw it at Walmart, and thought I’d check on the net, & read the Bark Off reviews, Didn’t see ANY of this! Too bad, could have saved me time and a lot of headache. Ordered the buy 1 get 1 free. oh an upgrade, cool, lets check that out. Woah Nelly! They ran off with all my money, and never gave us a chance to confirm, correct or see my total, They just ran with the credit card all the way. Figured 30 or 40 tops. Oh NO! Almost 100 dollars. Ridiculous. Called the 800 # immediately to cancel, told to call back in 24-48 hours. I call every day, since my order “hasn’t come through the system yet.” Ordered it over the July 4th weekend. Still getting the same runaround. Now they are telling me 5 days. “Orders take 24 -48 hours to process”. I immediately called my bank after the original cancellation call. told me to call them if they touch my money & they will get it back. So now I check my bank acct every day, and call everyday. to check on my order status. They say they cant find my order or account info. HAHA HA They are so busy reading the notes, from my prior phone calls, they go quiet for a long time. They are LIARS! THIEVES AND Definitely fraudulent business. They don’t care. Who ever runs this business is just sitting ack and laughing, and counting their money. They intentionally set up their system to pillage and defraud, and sell crappy products that may or may not work. They are hundreds of miles from the call center and Customer Service is all outsourced folks all Indian or Pakistani.
      I am reporting them to BBB & NJ Attorney General. Will get my money back one way or the other.

      • Call your bank, and have them investigate for fraud. I NEVER order from those stupid commercials, everyone of those are RIP OFFS …. I always read the scams … even those Roni Deutches, and Tax Masters are scams. Investigate before you purchase. Call your banks and tell them that the company you ordered from are doing fraud business, and they will credit back to your account.

  110. Even worked on my wife and children!!! Grade AAAAAA+++++++ seller! Prompt shipping, would do business again!

  111. For those who keep griping about your neighbors dogs incessantly barking.. Bark Off is not your answer. The answer is the laws of your town or county. Find out about nuisance noise ordinances for you area.
    Call your local authorities and let them handle it and if that doesn’t work Call animal control. In 90% of the U.S. an animal constantly making noise is illegal.

    • That was probably the most useless and misguided review I’ve ever read in my life. Miserable attitudes like yours are far more of a nuisance to neighbors than any dog I’ve ever known.

    • While I”m not a dog person, my neighbors dogs bark at everything! Leaves, birds, roaches etc. My husband works mid (9pm-9am) and sometimes can’t sleep during the day because of this. They don’t train their dogs properly. It gets so annoying at times and I don’t think we should have to “get use to the noise”. I’m sure they wouldn’t enjoy it if we decided to play our stereo full blast at times throughout the day so why should we have to put up with their dogs barking.?? However, I wouldn’t want them have their beloved pets taken away either by having to call the authorities. That’s not right. It’s not the dogs fault. They need Cesar Millan

      • I agree Linda I have one of those neighbors as well. I mostly feel sorry for the dogs being left alone with none caring enough to spend time with them :(. I will really see if the Bark Off is working or not when it gets nice enough outside to open windows and really hear them (3 of them) again. Cant really tell a lot now because the air is running and windows are closed.

    • I have 2 dogs that bark way too much during the day. It irritates me, and I know it must irritate my neighbors. Clearly, though, some people have higher tolerance than others, as my husband and our neighbors on one side barely seem to notice.

      When we first moved in, we received nasty, anonymous, threatening notes from some neighbor. There was almost nothing we could do, as we didn’t know where he/she lived and what was causing the barking. 7 years later, another neighbor called us, identified himself and politely complained about the dogs. I am so grateful that he said something and let me know where he lives, as I can work to identify the trigger for the barking AND I can follow up to see if whatever we’re trying is working.

      I love my dogs, but getting along with my neighbors is important, too.

  112. I am in Canada and just received 4 Bark Offs. I ordered 2 platinum and 1 adapter and I received 4 regular Bark Offs and no adapter. They charged me $96.39. $19.99 each for 2 and 19.98 for the “bonus” 2 which I didn’t order. $30.97 for shipping and $5.46 tax. I tried to cancel the order when they sent me the confirmation and I saw the price but they told me it was too late. Now I received the wrong order altogether. I’m sick about this. Late night…couldn’t sleep impulse buy…saw the ad on CNN. Without the adapter, now I have to go get 9V batteries and I don’t even know if this junk will work on my Fox Terriers. I need it mostly for the car because they go insane when they see dogs walking. UGH!

    • what I use for my dogs to stop barking, every time they bark I get a pan and use a spoon to make noise, and so stop barking , you should try

    • You should write CNN and see what AC thinks about this site. He’s supposed to be keeping ’em honest no?

      I wonder what he thinks about this commercial playing during his commercial breaks. That’s where I keep seeing it!

  113. I bought Bark Off at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.99 yesterday for my 18 month old Bichon that will bark at everything for ever and it works! He might bark once and you can tell he remembers and shows no signs of being hurt or bothered by the sound. He just seems to be curious and gets quiet to check it out. I would recommend Bark Off to anyone that can buy it in a store that carries As Seen on TV products. Don’t waste your money on S&H or risk giving out your cc number.

  114. What a waste of money. My dog barked his butt off even more at the sound of Bark Off. Didn’t even phase him. I think the sound pissed him off even more. Will be sending it back for a refund.

  115. I purchased a Bark Off yesterday at Boscov’s, a local department store. Total cost was $9.99, no shipping and handling, of course! I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who do not bark all of the time, but when they do it is annoying.

    I attached the Bark Off to a tree in the corner of my yard, near where they usually stand and bark. The older dog stopped barking right away and from his reaction, it was due to the device. The younger dog still barks, but not as much as she used to. I have to admit that it seems to be working.

    I am just very happy that I did not buy the item on line since it sound like it is a ripoff when you get involved with S&H.

    I wold recommend the product to people, but only if you can find it in a local store.


    • I agree with you, Bark Off is a rip off. Purchased one, ended up with 4, and a $10 item ended up costing me $91.00. Tried them out when they came, didn’t affect me dogs one bit. What a rip off!

  117. yeah I would have imagined that this lil device was a crock. so, it works by emitting the same frequency as a dog whistle but, as our lil animal rights activists have all pointed out, that probably is; well, somewhat painful for those poor lil creatures. hate mail me all you want but, when you have a neighborhood menace barking at your fence post 24/7, it’s time for “A CHANGE….. THAT YOU REALLY CAN BELIEVE IN”. so, to all you animal freaks, pro-beastiality nuts, owners of human face/flesh eating monkies, sigmund/freud and the retarded morons trying to speak out against wild swine eradication, I would just like to remind you that when our forefathers indicated free speech for all in the “Bill of Rights” they did not mean all dogs. DOGS…………… do “NOT” have the right to bark. They are not our equals and if you believe that they are, then your pissed off neighbor should should be equally justified in his actions if he decides to walk up to that fence and yell insane profanities throughout the night. right? Get a bull horn people. NO NO. 1 call the authorities: nuisance animals must be removed or kept inside. it is absolutely noise pollution. it is disrespectful, in every sense of the word, for these thoughtless, clueless magots in society to continue buying lil dogs to turn loose in our “shared atmosphere”. it may in fact be your back yard but, we have to share this air space. if it smells bad, looks bad, tastes bad, feels bad or SOUNDS bad then it contaminates a shared property. a property for which you have no right to destroy even if you are an idiot. if bark off doesn’t work well, you people should try a west texas cure. it’s called “Bar…..retta” or “Win…..chester”. a few blows from those whistles and some silence will be had. only warning shots of course. I would never allow myself to even think of aiming at em; I might dreamed about it, vividly.

    • Wow. Wayyyyyy too serious. Bill of rights? Seriously? Take a pill, drink a shot, or stop taking life too serious.

        • I just use duct tape. After fighting that stuff off two or three times they learn to keep quiet.

        • Yo, dude, this guy isn’t an Obama supporter. Try reading his lunatic rant again. He’s a super right-wing wing-nut who probably spends his afternoons with Glenn Beck and Bill O’reilly.

    • you are a sick person. and, you might like to know, I did not and would not EVER vote for the current president, unless you were on the opposite ticket.


    • Drew,
      You are my hero. Texans rule. Anybody that doesn’t like it ……come bark in my back yard in the middle of the night and see what happens……….

      • You ranted on and on and on all about stuff that we DON’T CARE ABOUT! You talked about the product two times!

        • drew — you are a frigging’ hero for writing that, dude! I’m in the same boat. Neighbors all around have dogs that bark at their frigging shadow. We haven’t been able to use our yard to entertain in years now due to the barking. I also dream of getting Bar..retta or Win…chester and taking out those annoyances. Their owners would deserve it as well. Unfortunately, in this stupid mixed-up country, animals have more rights than people. Michael Vick was a perfect victim of that system. All you animal lovers can go get bent – along with your four-legged lovers!

          • There is special place in HE** for people like you. I am sure that you are some bubba red neck. Why don’t you do us all a favor and use one of those guns on yourself.

  118. My wife ordered a set of Bark Offs online about a month ago. Installed batteries and set one in the living room and laundry area. dogs kept on barking as usual. The units didn’t even slow the barking. We have 2 Blue Heelers, wild and crazy! Anyway today I decided to open both units and take a look at the board. Using an ohm/volt meter I checked if they were working. One not the other at times. I posted photos of the unit opened showing the components on my facebook page Somebody here mentioned they blew air into the little hole and it made some sound. The little hole is the piezoelectric emitter (sound output). The large louvered area is where the bark or sound is picked up. There is a sensor speaker under the louvers. If your unit is working, just tapping on the case will make it emit a high pitch noise. However most of us will not be able to hear it. I checked the input and output of both units. One was working 50% of the time, the other has a defective sensor speaker. Photos posted here:!/album.php?aid=2043146&id=1262942764 … Any questions please feel free to ask.

  119. I saw the ad in a paper & wondered if Bark Off worked. I just happened to be in Bed, Bath & Beyond today and purchased it for $9.99, less a 20% off coupon! I’ll give it a try. I can take it back to BB & Y if it doesn’t. Sounds like a better way to try it without all the s&h fees.

    • Our BB&B doesn’t carry the Bark Off. I would like to purchase one from a store because of the Shipping.

    • Bark Off is a rip off to begin with. Read some of the other blogs, they only work part of the time. Actually I have 4 of them, and none of them work. What a joke!

  120. I have two Chihuahuas and live in an apartment complex where I have a neighbor across from me who complains about their barking. They yap constantly and bark anxiously at times…til it makes me and my daughter crazy! So I ordered Bark Off and it worked wonderfully for about 3 weeks….but I left it on all the time. Now it doesn’t seem to work at all. I think the batteries may be dead but there is no way to tell. Maybe you are only supposed to use it when they actually bark? Anyway, am calling customer service on Monday to let you all know what happens. I am also buying two more batteries this weekend and see if that works!

      • LOL! Actually, it WAS the batteries. Now that I have replaced them, they work fine…but I think they should last longer than 3 weeks! I have a 9-volt in my smoke detector and that lasts for months, so I think these should too. I see some people only turn them on when the dog actually barks…I am way too lazy for that and would love to leave them on all the time, so I don’t have to get up when they run into the dining room and follow them to turn it on. I want to be able to leave them in a room and not have the batteries run out so quickly…that sucks!

        • does ur smoke detector detect smoke as often as ur dogs bark???… because if it did then im sure those batteries would be dead too…

        • You can purchase a plug in adapter for them, then they work all the time, that is if they even work at all. Mine never did! What a rip off!

          • My Bark Off work just fine…when I first turned the bark-off unit on, they barked maybe 4 times then they stop. I just keep a supply of batteries on hand now and leave them on all the time, as I like my windows open and they like to bark when I keep the windows open.

  121. I got my bark off about a week ago and it is a miracle! Honestly, but let me explain how I am using it b/c there are a few cons. I have a roommate who my dog apparently does not have any respect for b/c she can’t get him to stop barking if I’m not home. I wanted to leave it on when I left, but It will not work that way b/c voices set it off. You need to use it as a training aid and turn it on when needed and off before rewarding good behavior or your “good quite” will set it off… not how it shows in the commercial.

    First for the negatives..
    1. Like many others, I was annoyed with the several pop-up pages trying to sell me more stuff.

    2. Even after denying all the extras I also got a call later that day from a man with a very heavy accent trying to sell me extras again- it took me about 3 minutes to even realize what he was calling about no joke!

    3. Shipping took a while b/c of back order, but I still got it w/in the 6 weeks they say.

    4. There is no indicator light.

    5. It is NOT silent- I can hear the tone if I speak into the mic. part and then put it right next to my ear, but I use that as an indicator of sorts… I guess I could do that from time to time to see if the batteries are dead. Other noises set it off so it cannot be turned on and left on b/c it will go off even when the dog is being good and I think probably lose it’s effectiveness after a while.

    All that in mind I realized I could not use it the way I wanted to, but with a little effort on my part it has been a godsend. My dog is very sweet, but he barks and lunges at strangers on walks which is not o.k. I basically have it with me always and if he barks I say”quiet” and turn it on. He must hate it b/c after only 1 day I only need to show him it and he is an angel! We have been walking so much more b/c he is so calm and nice when we pass people now and half the time I don’t even need to turn it on. He’s even calm with kids, bikes and scooter which were what scared him most! I’m hoping within a few months I can fade it out completely! All I want is for him to know when I say its time to be quiet or calm he needs to listen and this product has really helped my dog!

    One thing to note* Today we walked for about 1/2 an hour and the only time I turned it on was when we were passing a basset hound tied up in it’s yard barking like crazy. Not b/c I was trying to quiet down that dog, I just didn’t want my dog to respond so I told him to “leave it” and turned it on. He was perfect, but it didn’t seem to affect the other dog at all so either it does not reach the 20ft. it claims, or some dogs are immune.

    Good Luck if you decide to try this product. I hope you have the kind of success I did!

    • Thanks Dawn for the Bark Off instructions! You’re right & the way you used it actually works for me. I tried the Bark Off the way they did it in the commercial and left it on and it didn’t work at all. I couldn’t tell if it even made the noise. But I did what you said and I can hear it and my dog sat straight up & looked at me, so I know he can hear it too. Thanks for doing your research and passing it on!

  122. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to submit their honest reviews. The unfair and unfortunate thing is by the time the word has gotten out that this thing is a piece of junk and a rip off, they will have sold thousands of them and ripped off the public. The marketplace is full of garbage like this that rips people of and lines the pockets of the scammers under the pretense of marketing an actual product. Its just a license to steal legally. What a shame. I hope more people find this site and others like it before wasting their money on trash.

    • I have the 2 Bark Off pieces of junk because, I am surrounded by dogs on each side of my house. I cannot sit in my yard and enjoy time with my kids in the pool bc, these mangy mutts are always snarling and barking. I don’t pay $10k in property taxes to be held prisoner in my own home. ANYWAY, these things do NOT work, they chirp even when they’re off, it’s a ridiculous rip off!!

  123. FYI…Bark Off is not a device to shut your dog up…it is an ultrasonic training aid to train you dog to stop barking whenever it is not an appropriate time to bark.

  124. Save your money and buy a silent dog whistle that trainers use for about $5.00, it takes no batteries and it usually has a range of 400 ft. All you have to do is blow on it.

  125. Bark Off is expensive, slow to ship, does not work. Period. End of discussion. The device does nothing at all to silence my dog, or my neighbors dog. Total and complete rip off.

      • We get the point. You don’t need to post this under every negative review of the product.

        If you are using the Bark Off like you said you were then there is no wonder why it uses batteries so much. (Leaving it on like that makes them constantly go. Do you think that little box can tell the difference between you talking and the dog barking?).

        Seriously buy a $3 dog whistle. When they bark blow it. Then u are training ur dog not constantly piercing their eardrums with a high pitched whistle.

  126. do not order any of these products. I ordered bark off (and it does work) but the shipping was astronomical and took a long time to receive it and then they shipped me another order and charged me. sent back and will never order again.

  127. I am not employee of Telebrands and I CANT say enough great thing about bark off. Its so great a product for you dog and can end all you problems in life. Telebrands also sell many good product will offer you much happiness and calm in you life.

    Take my word- that Bark Off WILL give you free extra bark off device for FOUR in number to multiply you happiness and sanitation FOUR TIMES larger- and it is all for free in the extra technology devices !

    That’s right you get free products when a order is made of one paid device! My only worry is this- too many will fail to take advantage of Bark Off while it offered at low low price with free extras included and will be then sad when this company that I do not personally know finds that it has been too generous with its prices and special offers.. then the sad Americans who did wait too long will be forced to pay the fair price this wondrous invention is really value at.. which is about 437 US dollar- each!

    I will be wailing in sadness when the Americans find they have lost their chance to exploit the low low prices at the loss of this foolish company that under-price its amazing product, and then must later pay 437 US dollar just to get ONE when the company finds out it being taken advantage of.

    do not wait or you will lose your chance to take advantage of this foolish company and gain so much at their expense!

    • YOU are SO FULL OF CRAP. You must think people are retarded to fall for that crap you just submitted here. $437.OO ? Are you NUTS? Your PHONY review here will have everyone cracking up! Tell me HOW Bark Off will give you “SANITATION”? What does it do? Whip out a dog crap scooper and pick it up when the dog craps out of fear from the ear splitting sound this thing emits to the poor animal? It gives you SANITATION? That is FUNNY! So it will start mopping your floors?

    • “I am not employee of Telebrands ”
      “offered at low low price with free extras”
      “That’s right you get free products when a order is made”
      “chance to exploit the low low prices”
      “amazing product”

      Yes, I’m sure this is a genuine review and not something posted by the manufacturer. BS! This post is insulting to consumers and insulting to Asian-Americans. The FTC or someone else really needs to shut these guys down.

      • Ah, I see you, too picked up on the Asian syntax and sentence construction, to say nothing of some of the phrases, which are hilarious, and a dead give-away. “I will be wailing in sadness…” “Also sell many good product will offer you much happiness and calm in you life.” I don’t think that they set out to parody Asian Americans, however. I’ve seen this kind of language even from hackers and purveyors of phony malware. They all think no one can tell they aren’t for real, when just one instance of “you” instead of “your” is a dead giveaway that they’re not who they say they are.

    • “Feisel”????……… “Shapiro”????????…………
      you’re kidding… right??

      Feisel…… you say, “Take my word- that Bark Off WILL give you free extra bark off device for FOUR in number to multiply you happiness and sanitation FOUR TIMES larger- and it is all for free in the extra technology devices !”

      This thing will “multiply you happiness and sanitation”???
      mmmmmm, me think you’re telling a fib!
      Me would LOVE to multiply me happiness and sanitation, but really…..
      ‘four times larger’???? …. Me think this could multiply me happiness and sanitation maybe a ‘little’ better, but FOUR TIMES LARGER?????
      Me have looked for years for something that will multiply me happiness and sanitation just TWO times, and me have not found anything, so me think you are overstating just how much me happiness and sanitation could multiply. Please don’t be wailing in sadness for us foolish Americans. We are simply very skeptical about claims that will multiply you happiness and sanitation that many times.

      If you have a device that will just multiply me happiness a few times, does it cost less than the one that multiplies me happiness ‘and’ sanitation??? Me am pretty sanitary already….. me just washed my hands. Me always thought that sanitation ‘was’ happiness. Me never thought, if me multiply me ‘sanitation’, THAT would ALSO multiply me HAPPINESS!! AHHH!! I FINALLY GET IT!! I’LL TAKE 6!!

  128. The commercial suggests that someone could use this device to silence their neighbor’s noisy dog. Many people get dogs because they WANT them to bark, particularly if there is someone at the door or if there is a break-in. Isn’t this just a lawsuit waiting to happen?

  129. We were charged for things we did not order, we entered no thanks and yet we were still charged for the items. All we ordered was the Bark Off and the charger for 7.00 plus shipping. We wish to cancel this order. thank you, L. Leavitt, overseer for Mission St, Jolie. The credit card is in the name of O Bee credit with Jim and Lori Leavitt.

  130. I have three dogs, a boxer, lab mix and crapzu. The boxer and crapzu play really ruff all the time and they start barking at each other and no matter what we try they just keep it up. I have owned dogs my whole life and these two are the most difficult I have ever had as far as barking. When I saw the bark off commercial I was very skeptical but thought we would give it a try anyhow.

    What the other people are talking about with regards to how long the units take to come in after ordering is true, we waited well over two months, closer to three.

    Both units were packaged in one box and yes S&H was expensive, these units look very cheaply made and again I was very skeptical. I put batteries in the units and put one in my living room and another in the hallway near the door to the garage (my dogs like to bark when someone comes home and it can wake people up who are sleeping).
    Well to my amazement my dogs started to bark at each other and the boxer immediately stopped barking and looked around the floor for whatever was making that noise.. From that moment on the two larger dogs have not barked AT ALL…. The crapzu still barks once in a while but only once or twice and then stops.. THESE THINGS ARE GREAT…. I would have gladly paid double the price….

  131. I like the video on this site. You can see the dogs looking at their trainers off camera! Should have looked at that first. I received four Bark Offs because we have two dogs. Two for $10 each. Two for free. The S & H cost more for the product. I actually received two per box. But S & H cost was individual. Go figure!!! I figured I could strategically place them around the yard as it is larger than the parameters of the signal. I was amazed that absolutely nothing happened!!! Two dogs, four Bark offs and ABSOLUTELY nothing!!! I then rechecked their directions to see if I was supposed to bounce them off the dogs head or something!! No, nothing like that there. Thank goodness!! If anyone wants them, let me know. I will give them to you free!!! Plus S & H!!!

  132. Bark off. It arrived about two weeks ago after about a two month wait on shipping.

    What can I say about this little gadget?
    We’ve had it in our household for two weeks now as a training aid with our puppies. The instructions are pretty straight forward: Put in the batteries and turn it on. If a dogs bark within a 20ft range of the Bark Off, it’s supposed to send out a sound audible to dog ears to get them to stop. It can take up to a week for dogs to associate their barking with that sound.

    Well, it’s been two weeks and no results. I figured I’d give this a shot as opposed to traditional training methods I’ve used with other dogs, but so far it just doesn’t work.

  133. ordered Bark Off, shipping excessive but if it works..who cares. got 2, placed one outside and one inside. No results so far almost a week. called 800# and the rep literally read from a scripted piece of paper and nvr answered my question. 1) where is the battery light so you know it’s working or when the battery is dead? 2) how long should this be used, forever? I just gave up and will contact them via email. see what happens. I’ll keep you all informed on the progress of the success of the product. This site was REALLY helpful

    • I tried to cancel the Bark Off order for four days and they sent me a confirmation that they shipped the Bark Off on that day. I’m planning to return them “Return to sender” at the UPS store in town. Their customer service didn’t respond to me. Have you had any luck?

      • I ordered this Bark Off product as well. They charged me twice for it and I had to fax proof of this no problem… After my bank sent the faxes I have to wait 7 to 10 days for them to return my money and if I return the product I have to pay for shipment.

        I am calling the attorney generals office tomorrow this is wrong in so many ways. Bad Bad Bad business operations…May sure you check your account and see if they charged you more than once.

  134. Yes Brandon….I ordered one Bark Off and got one free. I’ve been using both of them for a week, outside, to stop the nuisance barking of my neighbor’s dogs (on both sides). There are two large dogs (Pitbull and German Shepard on one side and a yapping Poodle on the other side). The Pitbull is young and barks and whines all day long (NOT ANYMORE). The yapping dog starts barking continuously and doesn’t stop until it actually can’t bark anymore (it gets down to a mere squeak). NOT ANYMORE! Say what you want about this product but…it does work. The only problem I have with it is it only has a range of 20 feet but…my husband put the Bark Offs where the dogs are the most. The yapping Poodle barks maybe once or twice and shuts-up (oh what a relief). I never hear the German Shepard anymore and the Pitbull has stopped his incessant whining and barking. One or two barks and it’s back to the peace and quiet I love. How can you people say…if you can’t put up with the dog’s barking…don’t get one. I don’t have any pets and I shouldn’t have to be subjected to the neighbor’s nuisance barking dogs. It works for me and my sanity…that’s all that matters. I’m happy I bought one. I’m an ordinary citizen, stay at home wife. I’m not related to anyone advertising or selling the Bark Off. I was being driven crazy by the constant barking and was willing to try anything. Believe it or not!

    • YOU shouldn’t have to be subjected to someone else’s dogs barking? Just who do you think you are? If you don’t like it, MOVE you miserable old battle-axe! Dog haters like you make me sick. Dogs BARK. It’s a NATURAL by product of having a dog. Go live in a monastery if you don’t like the sound of dogs barking. AND WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO CAUSE PAIN TO ANY DOGS EARS? THESE DEVICES ARE CRUEL. I hope everyone in your neighborhood gets a dog that barks their fool heads off….so that you cannot possibly shut them all up. Anyone can tell from your dog hating remarks that you are probably a crotched old hag of about 89 years old. Go stick yourself in a nursing home and listen to old farts whining all day. Maybe your Bark Off will work for that too.

      • OK George. Your attack on Sierra is shameful. I am a stay at home mom of an autistic child. I LOVE animals, all kinds, I have even had reptiles for pets. I have owned several dogs in the past. I am not old- I’m not even forty. Guess what? I agree with HER! All of my neighbors have full grown pitbulls. The ones next door are left out ALL DAY. They are louder than my daughter when she screams and she is IN the house. As a former dog owner and current animal lover- why in the heck would you get a dog or any pet for that matter, if you are not going to spend time with it, give it love an attention and treat it right? Are you saying, as the dog lover that you claim to be, that it is OK to put a dog outside and leave it out there ALL DAY long? We aren’t talking about 10 minutes or so- 8 to 10 HOURS A DAY! We are not talking about the responsible dog owner who makes the effort. We absolutely have the right to not have to listen to YOUR dogs constant barking. Just like you have the right to not have to listen to your neighbor blaring irritating music at high levels all day and all night long. My neighbors let these dogs out at 2AM and chain them out there to do there business and of course- they sit and bark and whine. Yet, when they get off their lazy butts and go out WITH the dogs- the dogs are fine. When you purchase a pet you are making a commitment to take care of that animal. If you get a dog and you are too lazy to get up and go out with it at night, take it for a walk, etc- then you shouldn’t have one. I should not have to suffer because someone else is not a responsible pet owner. When my daughter cries or screams, I try to do something about it! Pick the music you hate the most and imagine that you have a neighbor who plays it for 8 to 10 hours a day at levels that disrupt your concentration. What would you do? I bet you would call the police. This is the reason we have noise nuisance laws. George, would you like to guess what the number one noise nuisance complaint is in the country? As far as these devices being cruel- dog trainers have been using dog whistles for years. My advice- if you have neighbors with nuisance dogs, forget the Bark Off and call the police. Video tape the problem for several days. You can then prove that there is a problem. After the first hefty ticket, your neighbors will think twice about what they do with their dog. If the problem persists, the dog will be taken from them. Sorry George, but even the law doesn’t agree with you. People only have the right to have and keep pets if they are going to be RESPONSIBLE about it. EVERYONE has the right to peace and quiet.

      • @george……Sparky Boy …….just come bark in my back yard in the middle of the night and see what happens.

    • Sierra–I could not agree with you more. Anything to stop stupid neighbor’s dogs. If you can not control your pets, DON’T HAVE ONE. If you can not spend time with them, DON’T GET ONE. It should be a criminal violation in all states, counties, cities, etc across the country to have nuisance animals. If Bark off works, I say use it and bring on the lawsuits! Brandon and Travis must be one of those neighbors the rest of us complain about. “if you can’t up with the dog’s barking…don’t get one” seriously, did they graduate high school.

    • I ordered the bark off and when they had not taken the money from my account I called and they said they were back ordered. What I really want to know is do they really work? I have 2 dogs that bark if they hear someone, if the doorbell rings or if someone knocks and I am going crazy. One is a Pomeranian and the other a chihuahua (teacup) and she thinks she is a pit bull. I just want to know if they do work thanks

  135. Glad I found this site for Bark Off reviews, I’m going to wait for Bark Off to come out at Walgreens. Sounds like this product might work for me. My dog is great at home but freaks out in the car and I can’t access her in the ‘way back’ to control her. I’m hoping that the bark off will work, but I’m not willing to go through the nightmare no-returns order process.

  136. I can not believe that people who buy device’s for the dog to stop barking make some device for people who do not know how to deal with pets, I have a 3 pets and I don’t have that problem pets are pets, people deal with them, so if a kid cry’s you all gonna get a device to make them stop?

    • Device to keep kids quiet: Pacifier or some good ole fashion punishment for the older ones! My dog is quiet (he’s a Pomeranian) but my parent’s dog is a nuisance! My parent’s have raised dogs for years and some breeds are just more apt to bark! It has nothing to do with neglect! Their dog is a very good dog and he’s well taken care of. We just can’t get him to stop yapping!

  137. The Bark Off commercial is so phony I’m surprised consumers actually fall for it. The dogs obviously stare off camera at a trainer, who is making them bark, then they suddenly stop and one of them (the golden retriever) lays down, eyes stiff fixated on the trainer. I agree with the “But wait! Order now and get a 2nd item free!!… just pay shipping and handling”. This is the biggest con game going, created to sell junk and rake in the profits off S & H. A consumer can’t even refuse the free item. Oh well. as the saying goes; “Caveat emptor”.

  138. Anyone that buys stuff from “But wait, there’s more” TV ads deserves to be ripped off. Their stupid, and as we all know, ya’ can’t fix STUPID.

          • Now who’s stupid, Virginia? The “their” Steve was referring to was the sentence — “Their stupid, and as we all know …”. Like Steve said the word is they’re — as in They are stupid — like YOU!! LMAO

        • Sorry to say Virginia, but you are wrong. They’re is the correct way. Dax was trying to say They are stupid. Where do you get there’s from? There’s = there is

  139. Thanks for all the helpful info, I won’t waste my money. I’m glad I googled to see the Bark Off reviews. For those of you who were mistreated to say the least – I’m sorry for your bad experience and thank you for helping me to not make the same.

  140. I just received Bark Off after waiting quite some time. It was well worth the wait. I have two dogs, one old, one young. My young one barks unnecessarily at me when I am watching tv. I put the battery in, turned it on and she instantly stopped barking. Actually, more dramatic than the infomercial! I have had peace ever since. I am just thrilled. My older dog doesn’t seem to be affected by it. Maybe he’s hard of hearing? It was well worth the $10. I am very pleased with this purchase.

    • Is it still working for you/ Mine worked for about 2-3 weeks and I am getting two more 9 volt batteries today to see if that is the problem, as I left mine on all the time and didn’t just switch them on when they barked. So do your Bark Offs still work?

  141. The shipping took forever. Once we put the batteries in there was no light or type of indication to know if it was working or on. Then while our dog was barking we turned it on. Nothing happened.

    Waste of time and money.

  142. I just got my Bark Off in the mail- I’m confused – Nothing lights up to tell you it’s ON – or when the battery may be low or dead. My dog’s – Two Yorkies seem unfazed by it – totally…I WISH when they barked a light would light up so I knew it detected a bark – as now – I don’t know that it does anything.

  143. Well, I ordered the Bark Off in the end of April however when I called to cancel the order they kept telling me that I ordered it a week and a half later than I did. So finally after a waiting a month with no change in the order status I called to cancel. He tried to get me to keep the order by offering $5 off but I decided it just was not worth the wait. The next day I check my bank account and the money for the Bark Off was taken out even though the order was canceled. I called to ask for my money back with a cancellation number and I was told the money would be put back in 7-10 business days. I will never order “as seen on tv” things. What are the chances that the day I cancel and the day it ships after being on “back order” are the same day. Chances are they will mail me the product anyways and because they don’t refund shipping cost I will be stuck with it.

  144. Once again I relied on the advertisement of a product and ordered it. After waiting almost 8 weeks for the item, I placed the batteries in the bark-off (2) and tested it on my dogs.

    Nothing. Dogs barked and nothing tried it on the high setting and again nothing. I turned them both on and once again nothing.

    This is one of my most mistake of buying a product without reading reviews.

    Never again.

  145. We bought Bark Off and used it and our 2 dogs still bark like crazy. After several minutes of turning it on, they got desensitized to it and just bark through it. I can see it being used as a training aid, but you can’t really watch tv with your dogs with this one cause any loud noise will set it off. In my opinion this product absolutely does not work and you shouldn’t waste your money. It is not a quick fix like the commercials portray it as.

  146. OK…most Bark Off review sites are that, not a bunch of morons telling me that I shouldn’t own a dog. I guess if I was getting “Hooked on Phonics” to assist in teaching my kids, I should not have had kids. This Bark Off is a training aid! I have 6 dogs and only ONE problem barking (an admitted MORON dog, but I won’t wrap her in a pillow case and chuck her in the river, she’s dumb, but still a great companion). What she does is gets the other dogs barking, OK? No amount of “research” would change my mind on owning and loving any of them. So you freaking “experts” who stand in on these sights to provide judgment with your infinite wisdom can kiss off and have a ball. Most of us here in the real world are only looking for insight as to a products reliability and effectiveness, but thank you. Now, has Anyone actually received this product? I would simply like to know how it works so when Walgreens get it in the “As seen on TV” section I know whether I’m wasting $10-$15 on another plastic paperweight. If I truly need guidance on any other parts of my hectic life, I will consult one the experts here, just leave your number next time. Thanks

    • Well ,I finally received the “Platinum” version of Bark-Off today! 1 Almost a 2 month wait. Now cannot find my 9 Volt batteries. Off to the store & I will tell you if this works on my Doggies. I received a notice w/ my Bark-off Platinum (longer range). I am supposed to receive an AC Adapter being shipped separately.

  147. Don’t order this Bark Off! I ordered one and they charged me for four! Very dishonest and I’ve been trying for four days to get this canceled and they won’t do it! BEWARE!

    • same happened to me, After I got the conformation in the mail the next Day for 4 of them I called to tell them I only wanted 1. after a long discussion that got heated in the end I canceled the order. three weeks later it was charged to my credit card, so I called back to cancel it yet again. after waiting online for 45 minuets someone finally answered. and long story short was told it had already shipped. waited 2 months for it to arrive after it did I give it an honest try. My dogs barked it made a chirping sound so the dogs then started barking at the unit….. after 2 weeks no change…..IT DOESN’T WORK…..SAVE YOUR MONEY

    • I love it. absolutely love. not the Bark Off device which is obviously junk but the comment, ” can’t you just whistle?” I think that says it all. go to petco and get an actual quality device that works. yes you will pay anything from fifty dollars to three hundred or more but if you really want to stop your dogs barking pay the darn money and quit being cheap. my dog is a nightmare. I swear to god he barks at oxygen. he is also a year and a half old. be smart about this because some collars with this device go by your dogs weight.

  148. One thing is clear, shipping can be a hassle but not a single Bark Off review…That’s a bummer.

    why would someone buy a product for $10.00 and pay an additional $13.00 S&H. then if you get one free its another $13.00 S&H. Now the company has $36.00 of your money. Now lets say you discover it doesn’t work and want to return it. You will pay $3.00 postage to returning the $10.00 item That means you will recover only $7.00. (remember one was free) Now all you’re out is $26.00 to the company and $3’00 to the post office. The company is banking on the Shipping and Handling Charges and they know its a fact that when the consumer figure’s out what a hassle it is to return it and find out that the S&H is not refundable, They will make an additional $7 to $8. a pop. If the product was any good you could buy it at Walgreen’s or WalMart in the seen on TV sections.

    Oh One More Thing.
    I will be giving away free to the 1st 1000 people who contact me a brand new shiny paper clip. You only have to pay the shipping and handling fee of $6.99

    • I definitely glad I came online to check the Bark Off reviews before buying this product. After reading all the posts I won’t be buying this product yet. For those of you that may still be curious and want to buy, I suggest waiting til stores like Walgreens and Bed, Bath and Beyond start carrying them. If you wait long enough you usually find the “As seen on TV” products in the stores.

  150. Call your credit card company and alert them. I have my card on hold right now until I am sure I won’t get charged. They want an exorbitant amount of money to ship it fast, otherwise it takes 6-8 weeks! Come on!

  151. I ordered this Bark Off and now wished I hadn’t! I went to upgrade to the Deluxe Platinum Bark Off thinking it was just that, an upgrade. So I submitted my order thinking I was just buying 1 Bark Off, (with the upgrade), with no bonus Bark Off and it processed 2 deluxe and 1 original Bark Offs plus shipping totaling my order to, $43.96. I only wanted the one! They don’t even let you see the entire order first before you decide buy. There’s the red flag I missed! I kick myself now for not reading these reviews first. They have my credit card info and now I’m wondering if I will actually get anything shipped to my home. When I printed the order it says, “Thank you for your order! It is being processed and will be shipped promptly!” I just clicked on the order status bar and it says Back Ordered and now I’m wondering if this Bark Off is a scam! I am going to call my credit card company and have them cancel this purchase.

    Ahh, what a headache!

  152. So hearing all these Bark Off reviews about ordering is very helpful. But I can tell you that all these infomercials are the same. I ordered Bumpits when it first came out and was also charged an insane amount that never added up. I called to cancel and was told the same thing there is no guarantee or cancellation. Never order these as seen on tv products through the company it is just a rip off. How is it even legal to charge someone when they haven’t seen the total? I am now seeing even at stores they ask how you are paying and if you say credit or debit they tell you go ahead and scan your card before they even finish ringing up everything. Customer Service is gone and they just want your money even though it is less expensive for companies to keep a happy client then to try and get more. Bottom line stay away.

  153. This company cons innocent people out of their money. I was helping my grandma order Bark Off online, only to find that the shipping costs more than the actual product! Turns out that the “bonus Bark Off” costs an extra 6.99 S&H. She didn’t even want the extra one, but it said it came with it “free”. The worst part about it is that it didn’t show the extra $6.99 until the order confirmation. I’m canceling the order tomorrow as soon as office hours start. Well we’ve learned one lesson, always read the fine print.

    • I totally agree….the total of the order was not shown until after credit card information was put in, then the total came up as item having been ordered. There was no way to go back and change it. I also went through the whole rigmarole of buy one Bark Off for $10, plus shipping, get another free for just shipping….then upgrade it for only $9.99. Mine ended up being a total of $87, for what I was intending to pay no more than $30.00 Now I’ve been on hold with their customer service dept. for 2 hrs. and 10 minutes after having been given 4 different phone numbers. On the Bark Off website it says orders can be canceled if it’s before payment has been processed. Well, when I first started calling, it would have been before they could have processed the order, but who knows now. I will never order anything from this company again.

  154. Hello everyone!

    I too am very interested in checking out this product Bark Off, and was just about to purchase online on the MSN home page right away when… hmmm this sounds too good to be true. I decided to look for BrkOff reviews first. There are no unbiased reviews from other research-based companies that I could find; however, if you start doing an analysis of the above reviews and other reviews on other sites, some points become very clear:

    Some people do have reported success with Bark Off (however, we do not know if these are bogus reports or not).

    Some people do have reported no success with it (however, we do not know if these people used the product correctly).

    Many people report being locked into an advertisement frenzy of other products after committing their credit card information.

    There are numerous reports of shipping & handling cost discrepancies while trying to entice the buyer into additional fees to be able to receive the product much earlier – a product that has mixed results on its efficacy.

    Still other people are posting about issues with general product pricing discrepancies.

    Some people are also reporting a great deal of difficulty in contacting Bark Off customer service. This is a big red flag that can leave the buyer feeling utterly helpless.

    Summary: As was suggested in one of the posts, I am going to wait until the Bark Off device shows up in stores so that I have immediate recourse. I truly believe that if this product actually worked well, the company would sell it for a little more money, pay to have their product validated by a reputable research entity, and strengthen its integrity by utilizing sales mediums not wrought with advertising that overwhelms the consumer.

    • Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walgreens now carry Bark off. S&H are usually a rip-off, so I always wait until I can get products in the stores, and then I can return them when they don’t work.

  155. The 1-800 number for customer service got me a rep who said she was a rep for the Jupiter Jack company, not Bark-off and I should call 973-227-2603 to get BarkOff. I was calling to cancel my order after all the ridiculous screens they put me through–after my order was confirmed! I refuse to pay that much for S&H and then be told it will take up to 6 weeks unless I pay an additional $10. That’s sort of like holding my BarkOff hostage, isn’t it? I do hope to buy something that will quiet my Sheltie down–if anything will! He’s not allowed full access to his doggy door anymore because he just will not stop barking when he goes outside. Drives us and our neighbors crazy. Whether BO works or not, I won’t deal with a company that has no more integrity than to put their customers through that kind of website ordering rip-off system.

    • I paid the extra shipping a month ago and still don’t have the product and am told it’s on back order and will take another 15 days. I’ve been told this for the last 15 days. I think it’s a big scam.

    • To Diane: I have a 16month old westie who started barking after being attacked by two dogs (a mastiff & a pitbull -both were off leash). My vet suggested a bark collar – it is remote and sprays when she barks (I can control it with the remote). It allows either citronella or air spray & it has worked wonders…in two weeks of wearing evenings only (the busiest time in my neighborhood) she rarely barks at other dogs. I have been told to continue to use it occasionally for a month or so just to reinforce the idea/behavior pattern. It was about $100 bucks but worth it for all of us.

      • Skittles:
        Thanks for this information. I think this will be helpful to many of us that still would like to have our dogs stop barking! (do you use the citronella or air?)

  156. I have only had a horrible experience trying to order this product. I ordered it over the phone and it was a nightmare as well. I like the person above had to sit on the phone while it was “Processing” my order and I had to listen to all the other products they are selling and couldn’t escape. Now I am trying to call Customer Service on how horrible it is and they are having issues and have given me other numbers that are not working as well for Customer Service. Just a cluster!!!! And they also charged me more for shipping / handling. I hope the darn thing works.

  157. I tried to order the BarkOff. I put my credit card in, and then the sales pitches started. Screen after screen pitching animal products and Jewelery! I had to close the browser and go back in. I saw a picture of an AC adapter and clicked on what I though was an option to purchase which it wasn’t, so I had to close my browser, go back into the web site, re-enter my info again, and bypass that section. My dog is a barking lunatic, so I am desperate.

    The last option was a little disclosure that deliver would normally take 6 to 8 weeks unless you opted for a $ 9.99 additional delivery rush charge, which I did not do. So, in the end, I turned down all options, and the shipping was still $13.00, so the total cost was $ 23.00. Oh Well. If the product works, then I have no complaints, but it is insulting to have to deal with all this crap.

  158. I just purchased it and feel hoodwinked. The online site clearly said $6.99 for S&H. I’m expecting $14 shipping for 2 plus $20 for the products. Instead they charged me $27.99 shipping. That a total of almost $50 for a product advertized at $10. Buyer Beware. I didn’t but not you can.

    • Jeff,

      I am assuming that you bought this with a credit card. You should go to your credit card web site and dispute the extra charges. They are clearly ripping you off and you shouldn’t allow it.

      • the reason why it is so much is because you are getting 4 bark-offs…. we had the same problem when ordering… you just need to call the company and they will fix it.

  159. I really would like to have seen a “real review” but I am desperate and going to try it out. Just an FYI, I bought the sonic collar and the sonic collar WITH shock and BOTH DID NOTHING! I have a horrible chihuahua and HUGE lab who bark their fool heads off over everything, making the neighbors ANGRY. So I bought the clicker, both collars and nothing seems to work. NOW my neighbor has a barking puppy and I am losing my ever loving mind! So I have to try this out, too bad there is not something out there to shut a cat up! Babysitting my daughters cat who SCREAMS, not just meows but SCREAMS day and night. Will advise after I see the product and GOD willing it works!

        • Disgusting, KatKiller. For you even to have that name shows what a cruel person you are. May the Animal Cops find you and drag your butt into Court and then to jail, where you belong.

      • LOL! Don’t use it just on the cat though, throw in the chihuaha, the lab and the neighbor’s dog too!

    • Have you tried the collar that sprays citronella into the dog’s face everytime the dog barks? My friend has citronella collars and it shuts her dogs right up. Hope that helps.

      • Sounds like that collar would be perfect around craig’s neck. If the citronella don’t get him, maybe the lack of air from hanging will

        • I have the citronella collar & it did not work for my dog, she shakes her head, makes the sprayer go to side (even when on tight) ~ she is smart! She barks at my mom’s non-stop when she babysits her. Not much at home. I also tried a sonic collar & it didn’t work. Took it back. The next try will be the shock collar, which I don’t want to buy, BUT I need mom to take care of her when I work out of town.

    • Who do you love more? Your dogs or your idiotic neighbors? Calling your dogs “horrible” tells me you should never have adopted a dog. DOGS BARK. GET USED TO IT. I do not believe in ever re homing a pet…once you adopt a pet it is for LIFE. If you are not willing to do that, then you have no right to ever adopt one. Dogs develop attachments just as people do. They have emotions just as people do. Your dogs obviously FEEL your HATRED towards them and it hurts their precious little feelings and if you were to suddenly love them and hug them, they would forgive you instantly because dogs LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY….even though you do not deserve it. In your case, it would be kinder to FIND a new home for your dogs….somewhere with someone who will LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY, even though I do not believe in that. BUT when you cannot LOVE your dog, then it is CRUEL to keep them. I have a Shih-tzu that I love dearly, but is the biggest challenge I’ve ever had with any dog. He is un-trainable. He won’t shut up. He barks his fool head off as does my SHELTIE. But I love them dearly….all four of my dogs ARE my “KIDS” and I would kill anyone who tried to hurt them. When I adopt a dog it is for the LIFE of that dog regardless of what problems may arise, what kind of problems they may end up with, I DEAL WITH IT. I did not count on my English Springer going blind after getting Diabetes and then having to have her eye removed due to Glaucoma that would not respond to medication. Nor did I count on the over $2000.00 it cost me….but I don’t care about the money, and I am not rich…I am on permanent disability. FIND YOUR DOGS A HOME AND SOMEONE WHO WILL LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY. As far as the cat goes, a simple squirt gun filled with water and a well aimed shot in the face will shut him up.

      • Sharon — you’re sick. Animals can’t “love you unconditionally”. They have no idea what emotions or feelings are. It’s delusional idiots like you that make neighborhoods difficult places to live in. Maybe you need to put on a collar and crawl into a doghouse too.

  160. I work at a pet store, and we sell several bark control products. Most of the products we have there that operate by sound still require actual training. You have to teach them what the sound means before they know how to react to it. I can only assume these would work in much the same way.

    I would also like to add quickly that electrical correction is not as horrible as most people seem to think. It’s not like it’s a jolt of energy delivered to your dogs neck, but is more like when you get a small static shock. Personally, I would still prefer sonic correction if possible, just don’t think that shock collars are pure torture.

    • the shock collars do hurt I was trying to take it off my dog when he barked as I was doing it and I got a shock from it. it is more like touching a live outlet with your fingers. we haven’t used the collar since then.

      • I have tested the shock from a controlled bark collar at the highest setting. I wouldn’t do something to something else unless I know what it feels like. It’s a surprising shock but doesn’t hurt at all.

  161. I purchased it. If it doesnt work I will return it. I will post a review once I get it. Can take up to 30 days? Geesh!

    • Don’t bother buying Bark Off. The reviews are so sketchy. One person says it works on all dogs, one says only one of her dogs, and some say it is just garbage…which I agree. Yes, I could get my money back, but return shipping isn’t worth it because I got a really good deal on one. It does not work on ANY DOG in my neighborhood, and especially the four yappers that live behind me! Why doesn’t this product work for ALL DOGS? And since it doesn’t, then shouldn’t the Bark Off sellers say IT MIGHT? rather than IT DOES?

  162. I would like to know if I am inside and the dog starts to bark, will the barkoff work from inside to the dog that is outside?

  163. Where are the true reviews? How does it do on very small dogs? Why do you charge sales tax on shipping and handling???????

  164. I too came here seeking an actual REVIEW – I re-checked the official site as to HOW IT WORKS and supposedly does NOT hurt the dog – sonic waves break the bark pattern –again – this is from THEIR website –Perhaps there is there another site that has more REVIEWS!?!?! I would like to see some BEFORE I buy. [also if the S&H for the 2-for-1 deal is $13.98 or 6.99 each, then if there’s any clai against the “money back guarantee” which DOESN’T include S&H then there’s really no “guarantee” at all!]

    • What do you mean there are no actual REVIEWS? Just read them all. They all say it’s a scam. If you buy it and get screwed, that’s your problem for not reading all the reviews…

      • Parodee….What you are now reading is not a review for Bark Off. As far as I can see, nobody has received their “Bark Off” product yet! Many have signed up and paid for the product but have yet to receive it. Didn’t the company say that it takes up to 6 weeks to come through the mail? That’s because they know that they are scamming you on the shipping and handling charges so they are giving you time to cool off before they send the actual product, which is probably just a piece of junk to begin with. I learned my lesson on buying TV items…I bought the mop with the “free wipes” with it. Only $19.95. I did not want nor need two of them and to make sure that they didn’t screw me, I went online and ordered from the company myself. I ordered only one and after my order was completed, I ended up with an order of two plus S&H for both order with a total of $80.00. But of course, they wouldn’t even post my cost (still processing order) so I didn’t know how much they screwed me until the order went through, 2 or 3 days later. I ended up throwing the mops out on the curb on trash day and swore never to buy Made for TV junk ever again. If it is something good, you can find it on another website (Amazon is good) in a few months without all of the additional charges.

  165. I am interested in buying the BarkOff product, but you have real reviews. I would be happy to make comment. You article or video says to phone you with no phone number. Please let me know your phone number. You have a what looks like a great product but no phone number listed anywhere.t I would be happy to recommend your product to my friends if I have more confidence in your Company.

    • Hi Gary

      Here is the BarkOff Customer Service phone 1-800-777-4034.

      Department IBOMAIL
      One Telebrands Plaza
      Fairfield, NJ 07004

      Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time.

      Phone: 1-800-777-4034

    • Am I the only one out there that actually got good results? I am so happy with it. Yet, I do have to admit, it only works for one dog, not the other. My young dog it works for, my old one, no. So, maybe each dogs hearing level differs like humans. Don’t know. All I know is I finally have a little peace. Read my review.

      • I just purchased this Bark Off for our 3 Chihuahuas. Only the second day but does appear to be working pretty well. They start barking maybe 2 times, then stop. I don’t know how long it will last, I wish there was a light to know when the battery needs to be changed etc. But so far so good.

        • I know, Jg. I agree. I have two Chihuahuas and it worked for two weeks just great. I am buying two new batteries today and will let you know if each one now works again….wish there was some way to know for sure that’s what it is, because I keep it on all the time, I don’t just switch it on when they bark, you know?

          • I bought two of these Bark Off. I mounted one in the bedroom near the window my dog looks out and one in the living room near the door because, one of my dogs hears and barks at everything. I’m kind of torn between the product…I can’t seem to tell if the Bark Offs are working or not. For sure, the one in the bedroom controls him…I can hear the little static sound it gives off when he starts barking and notice the dog turning it’s head from side to side and backing away. Then he starts to whine. Is this thing harmful? It’s worthless outside though. He barks like a maniac. I just got him two weeks ago. He’s a 3-4 year old Schnauzer/Poodle mix and is as hyper as ever. I think I’d be better off taking him to obedience training. My other dog, who is as calm as can be, just stares at the new one like he’s lost his mind. Don’t know if I should give it a couple more weeks or return the product.

      • Yes Bark Off works great…the batteries don’t last more than a few weeks though. that is, if you keep them on constantly. I figured out that if I only turn them on when the dogs bark, they last longer. I just got two new batteries and now they work fine again.

  166. the 1st 2 reviews aren’t Bark Off reviews at all, they are part of the TV commercial! what would you expect them to say in a commercial? how bogus! it would be nice to see some REAL reviews before I buy one!

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