Bark No More REVIEW | As Seen On TV “Stop Barking” 2018 Device

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About Bark No More

Bark No More is a training tool that trains your furry friend to control unwanted barking. It works on the principle of ultrasonic sound waves. When your dog starts barking uncontrollably Bark No More’s internal microphone activates high pitch ultrasonic tone which can only be heard by dogs. The unpleasant sound stops when the barking stops. It claims to be effective up-to 50 feet away and can even quiet your neighbors dog.


Bark No More CLAIMS

It is all weather design, looks just like a bird house and hangs on any exterior wall, fence, post or tree. It features an LED indicator, the green light means its working and red light means its activated and because of the discreet design no one will know except by the dog. Bark No More states that it is the safe and effective way with no special collars or expensive trainer to make your dog stop unnecessary barking.

Bark No More features three different sensitivity levels so as your dog learns you can decrease the level. It maintains that it is a pain free and safe way to control uncontrollable barks. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed.

Bark No More Review

Majority of the customers are disappointed with the product, bark no more does not work at all as promised. One of the customer had following to say about the product – “I bought 2 bark no more products and put them both 20′ apart along the fence closest to our house. If anything, these were a minor annoyance for a couple of days to the dogs, but after that it was bark, bark and more bark, even right next to these units. I have kept the batteries fresh and the dog next door just will not stop. It has been several weeks and still barking. Bark no more is placed at waste high level at the back of my property and is no more than 40 feet from the dogs that just wont stop.” The battery seems to drain quite quickly, maybe 3 weeks of constant usage and then you have to replace it.

Jeremy Frank had following to say in his review – “The Bark no more has a green blinking light that lets you know the battery is good, and the light turns red when it emits the ultrasonic tone. I see it turn red often when my dog barks, but she seems completely unaffected by bark no more.” It may be that the dogs have to bark in the direction that the bark no more is facing, so you might need more than one bark no more devices if you have a large yard or if they bark in multiple directions. Also, this ultrasonic bark deterrent works by detecting a certain level of sound, equivalent to a dog’s bark, and then emitting an ultrasonic tone that a dog can hear but humans can not through the bark no more device, as a means to deter the dog from barking so it may not register barks that are very high pitched, sometimes the dogs will make squeaky barks and it will not register the barks.

Another claim that was testified is that bark no more can work in all weather but it does not seem to be able to hold up to any kind of inclement weather. The quality of the electronic components in the bark no more device is terrible, and they typically do not work even when they are new. Another one of the customer reviewed about bark no more stating – “Bark no more didn’t work even once. I followed the instructions, inserting a new battery into the device and turning the switch from off to the maximum intensity setting, and hung it from the rain gutter on my house where none of the dogs could reach it if they found it annoying and got destructive. The barking didn’t cease, not even for a day, not even from one of the animals around, even if they were only 10 feet away. I tried using multiple batteries, all from Duracell, and the same thing happened every time. A small light will brighten briefly on the front of the bark no more device, but otherwise none of the neighborhood animals show any response to the supposed ultra-high pitch emission that the bark no more device is supposed to project.” As per the reviews bark no more seems to be useless as the dogs continues to bark even right in front of it totally unfazed.

Bark No More Questions and Answers

Q: Will Bark No More work on howling dogs?
A: One of the user said that Bark No More did not work, at first this product did something to my neighbors husky that barks non-stop. After about 5-10 min, back to the same barks. Waste of money.

Q: Has it work effectively in the winter?
A: Actually it do not work well at all.

Q: Could burglars use Bark No More to silence dogs from alert barking?
A: One of the user said the he highly doubt it.

Q: What kind of battery is the best to use with this product? The first one I put in lasted 3 days.
A: One of the user said he used a Duracell, but had the same issue, not happy with it at all

Q: Will Bark No More bother cats too?
A: A user of this product had to say that it did not bother my cat, but it did not work at all for the dogs, either.

Q:Does this product have any guarantees?
A: It does not have guarantee

Q: I have sheet metal fencing because of neighbors pit bulls, will Bark No More deterrent work through it? it is 11ft high.
A: No. One of the customer who purchased this product said that he would not buy this to use through sheet metal fencing. It does not work well when out in the open. It is a waste of money. Also he do not think the sound is amplified enough.

Q: Is there an on off switch that is easily accessible ?
A: There is an off switch.

Q: Does Bark No More buzz when a dog barks?
A: Bark No More doesn’t appear to do much of anything. The dogs still bark just as much.


What do I get?
2 Bark No More Devices for $29.99 + $4.99 /sh at the Official website

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