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There are loads of kitchen appliances available for us to prepare all our favorite dishes with, but if there was an appliance that could make yummy food for your pet dog, wouldn’t you jump at it? Presenting Bake a Bone, the amazing new dog treat maker that makes it possible for you to prepare loads of tasty treats for your dear pet right at home!

Bake a Bone Dog Treat

Bake a Bone is a revolutionary new innovation, really unique and one of its kind, is one of the best ways to love, nurture and care for your dog. Instead of serving your pet the same old dog food that contains unhealthy preservatives and things we can’t even imagine, switch over to this perfectly wholesome alternative. You can make healthy, tasty and perfectly shaped nutritious foods in scores of flavors for your dear dog in Bake a Bone. All you have to do is pour batter in the individual molds and bake. In just eight minutes, the perfectly shaped yummy Bake a Bone special will be ready! It’s that simple, quick and convenient!

Along with the Bake a Bone appliance, you also get a recipe book that contains more than 30 delicious, simple to follow and prepare recipes from the recipe book! You can make Snickerpoodles, cheesy bites, banana biscotti, bacon bites or even healthy veggie snacks for hard to feed dogs. You can make delicious peanut butter treats, dog food for minty fresh breath, organic recipes and even special diet food for them! You can introduce your dog to new flavors and recipes of healthy homemade food that are as nutritious too!

Gourmet specialty dog food costs a fortune, but Bake a Bone comes with the fantastic free recipe guide that helps you prepare all natural and delicious mini feast for just pennies! Your pet will really love Bake a Bone 30 plus recipes and gorge on them to its heart’s content! Bake a Bone is a must-have for your pet so make sure you get it right away.

Bake-A-Bone Refills

If you want the best for your dogs then you are going to be very careful about the pet food you buy. And what better way to ensure that your dog eats the best, healthy food then making natural treats at home with Bake-A-Bone Refills?

Bake-A-Bone Refills let you make delicious treats for your dogs that will be extremely nutritious as well. There are a wide range of options with these treats for your dogs; from bacon to cheesy, banana to peanut butter. You get organic and gluten free recipes and the treats will be ready in just about eight minutes for your convenience.



What do I get?
Bake A Bone Kit Includes:

  • 1 Peanut Butter Mix
  • 1 Recipe Book

All this for just $29.95 plus $7.95 P&H. Official website

Bake A Bone Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • 1 Peanut Butter Mix
  • 4 Flavor Mixes
  • 1 Recipe Book

All this for just $39.95 plus $7.95 P&H. Official website


Bake a Bone Dog Treat Video


39 thoughts on “Bake a Bone Reviews/Complaints & Product Info

  1. did anyone who didn’t get recipe books bother to contact them to get one? Besides that — the recipes are available online – that’s hardly a reason to hate the item if you don’t have the recipe book – it’s not a complete ripoff – you’re only paying like 29.00 get the recipes for free online

  2. I had bought the Bake a Bone awhile back and just used it for Christmas for my dogs. I made the minty bones for my dogs and they loved them.

    I hope to make more recipes in the future.

    We love the great use and easiest of the dog treat maker.

    Love that I can make great fresh recipes for our dogs and better for them.

  3. please have a rep contact me…love, love, love your oven. I even made my Christmas card based around the Bake-a-Bone

  4. I got a bake a bone for Christmas and was extremely happy. When I opened it and discovered there were no recipes in it, I was really disappointed and angry. What a rip off!!

  5. I had gotten bake a bone for Christmas. I immediately loved it. When I opened it up, I discovered there were no recipes. I wasn’t very happy. It was a rip off!!

  6. I purchased my Bake-A-Bone at our local Home Hardware as a gift to myself and my pooch from Santa. $23.99 plus GST 5% & PST 8% taxes.

    I liked the idea that I would know what ingredients go into my dog’s treats.

    I just made my first batch, Peanut Butter recipe, which made 34 biscuits and the dog LOVED them – of course. We will be making other recipes also and giving them to our four-legged friends for Christmas. From the negative posts about this product, I am hoping the Bake-A-Bone makes many more batches of treats without letting me down.

    Perhaps it’s just the first stab at it but I also found that the bottoms were crispy but the tops were not. Not a big deal I suppose. I can put all in the oven to harden.

    Wish the rest of you better luck. Sorry to hear the disappointment.

    If this gadget konks out, I will be back to post that too.

    Happy Holidays everyone! ARF!

  7. I purchased the bake-a-bone machine well over a year ago. ABSOLUTELY love it as do my dogs!!!!

    If you want crunchier (my choice) treats, instructions are in the back of the recipe book. Some of the “doughs” are a little tough to maneuver into the mold, I just wet my fingertips and tap into place.
    I “bake” ALL my bones a minimum of 12 minutes! Some actually require a minute or 2 more. I make
    approximately 200 bones a week during farmers mkt. time. I only have two complaints about this machine:
    1. after excessive use (which I am guilty of) most of the teflon has worn off-I now use spray.
    2. WISH you could do more bones at a time (6 would be ideal). I VERY much would like to purchase another Bake-A-Bone machine, but.. I am on disability and my monies BARELY cover many of my bills so I am unable to justify spending any money on a second machine. Hope this is helpful to you that are in doubt! Just know I have a riot with mine!!!

  8. Can anyone give me any recipes. I bought this and have no clue how to use the store I bought from didn’t have any refills so I’m at a loss right now as to what or how to make? Please some one help…

    • All the receipes are pretty much the same. All require 2 cups flour, 1 TBS baking powder, 1 1/2 c. milk
      and then 1 cup of your addens (i.e. peanut butter, bacon bits, bananas, oats (minute) and let your imagination run wild, rice is good too. Some (very few) require 1 beaten egg. Alot of them require 1 tsp.
      garlic powder (NOT SALT). The kits they sell are VERY easy and VERY costly. They are available through (I think they are $6.95 plus s & handling). no thanks, I’ll make my own! Hope this was somewhat helpful!!

  9. I am very sorry for the folks who haven’t received their orders. However I am happy to see your complaints & will NOT order this.

  10. Bought my Bake a Bone at Sebo’s Hardware Store today. Have yet to try it but it didn’t have a recipe book in the box.

  11. I always wonder, when I see so many very bad reviews, if the super good reviews are employees of the company. So many bad yet many ” I love it, it works great” reviews follow them…. I guess until I see a machine for myself or know someone personally who has one I will steer clear.

  12. Was very excited to receive my bake a bone maker as a gift but it was a little short-lived when I opened the box and there was no guide or recipe book with it. If anyone really reads these and can send me a book, I would greatly appreciate it.

  13. I have bake a bone and my dogs just love them are they healthy for them or should I limit the amount of teats they get

  14. I bought one at a discount store in calif. Only thing is the recipe book is in french. go figure. Everything else on the box is in english.

  15. Came quickly works great , dogs love then have been baking dog bones for a long time this is so much easier and quicker..A must have ….

  16. I bought my Bake A Bone at Petsmart – I did not have to order this and let me tell you – this is great and super healthy. I can use all the organic fruits and veggies – peanut butter etc…

    As for the person that said ” hard biscuits are better ” you can bake these to make them hard and crunchier. My dogs like soft treats. and they LOVED my Salmon drizzled with Honey !!!

    Happy Dogs made happier with ” Bake A Bone ” !!!

    It also is easy to clean – great for the busy dog owner 🙂 !!

  17. I ran across the “Bake A bone” website and the concept seemed correct at first blush. The “cost” for anything to do with dogs is much higher than it should be and bakeabone seemed a logical step. However, I’ve learned that “internet purchases can be very risky”!! After reading the reviews by many customers IE: the item hasn’t arrived … the order hasn’t been received….something has been back ordered! It was impossible to even get to a “satisfied customer” and I’m not certain the folks at Bakeabone even has “one of those”! It does cause us to re-assess the need for their item ..which isn’t available anyway. Consider the fact that our Pets don’t care if the treat looks like a bone! Thus, we can make our own treats..cut and size them when they come out of the oven! Lets let “Bakeabone” keep their half-baked idea to themselves! Scooter

  18. I ordered this product on Feb. 18, 2013…..been trying to obtain a status. RUDE CSR now states the expiration date was incorrect! I have a copy of such and it is NOT incorrect. CSR stated the item was on back-order…..then said hoping for a delivery in 2 weeks….then said she didn’t know when the shipment was coming. Which is it already! If you don’t know, say so! I asked who could answer that for me…she said NO ONE and said again, ‘hoping’ for a shipment in two weeks.

    The only time this company reached out to me was to try and SELL me additional products I did not want to begin with. This company needs to have better information to relay to the people who’s money they are taking! Giving an answer of ‘I don’t know’ is poor business practices!

  19. I ordered this Bake a Bone Dog Treat Maker on March 5th, called after a month and they said April 19 Still no package. Come on people Damn!!

  20. After reviewing so much negativity about the bake a bone I think I’ll wait on ordering until I can actually talk to someone who has one.

  21. I was looking at the website to see how much the different flavor mixes costs, could not find any info. Don’t want to call their toll-free number which then gives them my blocked number. (Ones phone number is not blocked when placing calls to toll-free phone numbers.)

  22. Tried to order a Bake a Bone set. After you do this, the website keeps popping up additional things to order that you don’t want, including additional sets, and dough. You have to keep hitting “no” over and over.

    After I hit “no” I was instantly given a order confirmation with an additional set I DIDN’T ORDER for $19.99 tagged on.

    I called Customer Service and was told they “couldn’t find” my order in the system that it had to “download”. Then I was told to go online and cancel the order at their website. I told the customer service rep that this was not satisfactory and he hung up on me. (Note, I didn’t swear or abuse him in any way, but I said that this was unacceptable customer service.)

    So, I entered my information to cancel the order and got an error message saying it couldn’t “find” my order.


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