Accordion Cat Tunnel

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About Accordion Cat Tunnel

Accordion Cat Tunnel proclaims to be a cardboard tunnel for cats to play inside for hours and keep active while stimulating its inquisitive mind.


How does it work

The cardboard construction and accordion design of Accordion Cat Tunnel assert that they can be twisted into different shapes such as S-Shape, Half Circle Playhouse, Maze around the furniture, and own design for the cat to play for hours.


Tunnel for cats to play inside
Cats love to play inside boxes because they’re instinctive explorers and discoverers. Accordion Cat Tunnel alleges to keep them entertained for hours by bending and curving in different shapes. Cats can crawl inside and run through the tunnel for hours to get healthy play. There are no Accordion Cat Tunnel user reviews to verify this.


Durable and easy to store
Accordion Cat Tunnel states to be made of durable corrugated cardboard to withstand even rough play. It can take a dozen shapes, curves and configurations. We haven’t analyzed Accordion Cat Tunnel user reviews yet. Accordion Cat Tunnel claims that it expands to 5 feet and collapses flat for easy storage. It emphasizes to be ideal for kittens and big male or female cats. We’d like to hear your experience with Accordion Cat Tunnel.


What do I get?
Get Accordion Cat Tunnel for $19.99 + $5.99 P&H. second unit for another $5.99 P&H.

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