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Your dog is literally another member of your family, one who gives you unconditional love. You want to make sure your furry companion gets the best comfort and is especially well looked after as far his health is concerned. That’s why you are particular about pet food you buy for him; the problem is it’s just not rich in vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs for his bones, joints, hair and overall wellbeing. That’s the reason you need to switch to 9Paws, which has already made a mark with pet owners today.


How does 9Paws Work

It’s an all natural vitamin and nutrient supplement for your pets; it works so well for your dogs because it has over 65 beneficial nutrients including fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and minerals as well. One of the things you look for when you bring pet foods for your dog is that it has to be chemical free and it doesn’t contain any preservatives either. 9Paws ticks those boxes perfectly because it’s completely natural. It also has phenomenal benefits for your dog and it can boost its energy and stamina to a great extent and what’s more, it will add to its overall strength too.

This pet food works well for cats as well and it has the added impact of boosting your pet’s flexibility, mobility and joint function, which are extremely important. Glucosamine is what is responsible for this to happen and is another advantage of using this pet food. You will also be pleased to find that it promotes healthy skin in your pets and they will have that soft shiny coat, which will make them look so impressive. It also ensures that joint pains and inflammation is reduced.

It is also packed with proteins, which ensures that your pet’s growth and development is natural and optimum. Moreover it also does the impressive function of boosting your pet’s immune system, which helps it against ailments and reduces signs of aging. The fact that it’s easy to use and one scoop a day on your pet’s favourite food is all it takes, is the icing on the cake.



What do I get?
Get 9paws one month Supply for $19.99 + $6.95 Shipping. Official website: 9Paws.com


2 thoughts on “9Paws Review

  1. Yes, I too would like to know the answers to the questions that were asked from the first commenter, but to me, this smells like it might just be a scam. I tried to research that product but cannot find it anywhere else(understandable since its an as seen on tv sort of thing). but also, I could not find any reviews nor any websites about it. Their own website doesn’t seem to have any other pages other than the “order now” button. As far as I have tried to look, they do not even tell us the ingredients as to what they put in it(not even a proprietary blend). Also, it’s just basic knowledge that cats and dogs need different types and amounts of nutrients, how can they need the same exact supplement blend? Not to mention even the scoop size… “Just one scoop” doesn’t seem to make any sense for a 20lb cat and its suppose to have the same effect on my 135lb Rottweiler dog?! More importantly, I may be ignorant to this troubling wonder as well but… What’s their company name?? Is it “9 paws” or is that their supplement’s name?! It is common sense to place your company name on the bottle and again, I may be ignorant to all this, but it just doesn’t seem to add up. It may be too good to be true, however, I would love for their claims to be true and have some actual facts be displayed to us consumers before we even take the risk on feeding our beloved pets, this mystery powder. I mean, the price is so perfect, I just wish they did not keep us in the dark about their product. Please let me know if there is any new info about it. And please do, correct me if I am wrong on anything I’ve said, as this whole “review message” was more intended to be more as a form of me questioning this product. Please also excuse my extremely long message!!

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