Pasta Bunny Review

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What is Pasta Bunny?

It is a clip on colander that makes straining pasta and other items in the kitchen quite simple for you.

Pasta Bunny asserts that now you can strain pasta without worrying about spilling, splashing and getting your hands burned. You like to cook at home because you want your loved ones to eat healthy. You might like to host and want to impress your guests with your cooking skills. Making pasta at home should be easy and convenient, but something as simple as straining it can become a hassle. You spill it all over the place and there are many who have ended up splashing hot water on themselves. This clip on colander assures you that you will be able to prevent such accidents from now on and strain your pasta safely. Pasta Bunny reviews are awaited to give us more information about it.

Efficient and easy to use

If you have tried different tricks and tips to drain pasta after you have cooked it, then you know how difficult and tedious they can be. But that’s not the case with this colander that simply needs to be clipped on to any pot or pan. It will make sure that only water drains out and the pasta remains in it. Do you agree with this claim? We hope to find out more about it in your Pasta Bunny reviews. The secret of the colander lies in its silicone grips that are capable of holding on strong to just about any pot or pan. In fact, the fanning design means that you will be able to fit the colander to any small or big pot. We will have to go through Pasta Bunny reviews to analyze these claims for you.

Right from straining pasta to straining grease from frying pans and water from fresh fruits that you have in a bowl, this colander stresses that it is versatile for use and has several applications in the kitchen for you. Now that is something we will have to confirm after going through Pasta Bunny reviews.

Makes straining safe and convenient

Do you like making pasta, soups at home but are worried because straining them can become the bane of your existence? This clip on colander emphasizes on the fact that straining will not just be a snap but extremely safe for you too. Pasta Bunny reviews will be helpful in telling us whether there is truth to these claims. It also assures you that now you can bid goodbye to bulky and big colanders that not only take a lot of space in your kitchen but cost you huge amounts too. This colander can be easily stored in a drawer for your overall convenience, according to its claims. We will go through Pasta Bunny closely to analyze these claims for you.

This colander promises to be very safe to be used in the kitchen because it is BPA free. Pasta Bunny reviews can confirm that and also whether it’s dishwasher safe.


What do I get?

You will get easy-to-use Pasta Bunny clip-on strainer and Pasta Bunny along with our fantastic, versatile Hop Chopper for $10 plus $13.98S&H.Official website

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