Pasta Boat Microwave Cooker Reviews and Complaints

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When it comes to making pasta you have to go through the hassle of carrying giant pasta pots, strainers, boiling water, stirrers and more just for a plate of pasta…well not anymore, Introducing Microwave Pasta Boat from Cathy Mitchell. The 5-in-1 Pasta Boat cooks, drains, serves and stores perfect pasta without the hassle.


Pasta Boat Microwave Cooker

Just put in the pasta, add water and put it in the microwave. When finished put it on the strainer lip and drain out the water and you are ready to serve the Pasta. The stove uses boiling water to cook pasta and if the heat is too high it boils over and if its too low it clumps together. Pasta Boat uses the Microwave to keep the water at the perfect cooking temperature so no more tearing of stuffed pasta or lasagna. You can make delicious Penne, Rigatoni, Macaroni, Shells and more fast and easy. The stay-cool handles are perfect for measuring spaghetti and pasta. Add the steam rack and enjoy healthy vegetables and tender steamed potatoes.



What do I get?

  • 2 Strainer Lids
  • 4 Measuring Handles
  • 2 Steam Rack
  • 2 Fast and Easy Recipe Book
  • 1 Food Chopper

Get the complete set for just $10 + $20.97 s/h . An additional $10 p&h is added for items sent to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska. Official Website


Microwave Pasta Boat Video
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78 thoughts on “Pasta Boat Microwave Cooker Reviews and Complaints

    • I had the Pasta Boat for quite a few years till I accidentally broke it. Then I ordered the “new” Pasta Boat and it is a knock off of the original. Every part fits loosely even the handles which could cause a burn accident. When I try to make linguine it boils over into the microwave a long time before it is even cooked. I just sent it back! Junk!

  1. A friend gave me the Microwave Pasta Boat Cooker and I absolutely love it. It beats boiling all that water on the stove and having to stand and stir. I would recommend it to everyone.

  2. The pasta boat is made out of CODE 5: PP (POLYPROPYLENE)

    Qualities: Hard but flexible

    Common usage: Ice cream and yogurt containers, drinking straws, syrup bottles, salad bar containers and diapers

    PP is one of the safer plastics, but be sure to recycle wherever possible.

  3. I got a Pasta Boat at Big Lots for $5 with the intention to bring it to work with me and have better lunches instead of going out for fast food. It’s been perfect for that! I make enough to share with a co-worker and we’re experimenting with all sorts of pasta dishes (not fans of Velveeta cheese product so we’ve been trying to find alternate mac and cheese recipes). Mine didn’t come with a storage lid or the chopper but I’ve already saved the money I spent by not eating out. My Pasta Boat has never boiled over and my pasta hasn’t been gummy like others are describing. My favorite way to dress up pasta (usually Angel Hair) is just a bit of either butter or olive oil and sprinkle some garlic powder over it- delicious every time. Hope this helps !

  4. The Pasta Boat is AWESOME! I just couldn’t believe it would be as good as the reviews I read, but it is. LOVE it! We have pasta a lot more often now!

  5. Pasta Boat works great but I will have to put it away and not use it until I can find out if it is safe to use. Seems no one can answer that question. So I have to assume that it is not safe to use. Too bad cause it is one of the few items sold on TV that really work well and save time in the kitchen.

  6. I am always on the lookout for kitchen appliances that make my life a lot easier. That’s how I found out about Microwave Pasta Boat and wanted to know what it offered me. I also wanted to read a genuine review of the product so that I could decide for myself if Microwave Pasta Boat was what I needed. So I browsed around and came across these sites,,, And how much useful information did they have for me? Zilch. One of the sites led me to free trial offers while the other talked about some random product that I had no interest in. How difficult can it be to get a genuine review of a product that one wants to buy? If I hadn’t found your site I would have completely given up on this product and review sites in general because most of them are a waste of your time. Now every time I want to read an objective review of any product that I am keen on, I will come straight to your site rather than going through this rigmarole again.

    • And you will always find genuine reviews on our site unlike others you have noted and many more that are floating around online. Their search optimization methods can fool search engines and get them initial attention, but after all users are looking for genuine content. We understand that and that’s exactly what we will offer you every time.

  7. I’m so envious of all you people that have gotten your pasta boat to actually work. I’ve tried on several occasions, varied the cooking times, and EVERY TIME it looks like the starch has leached out into the water, and the pasta, ANY KIND, is a disgusting lump of goo!!! The comment about boiling the water first was interesting, but according to the directions, that is not necessary. I have only myself to feed, and bought this product for “ease”. Not the case for me. I even finally found a phone number and called, was told I’d receive a response within 4 days, but that never happened. Any suggestions would help and be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Hi AL
      I have never had that problem. I do open the microwave and give my pasta a stir half way through as to separate the long pieces. I have had no problems. I never heat up the water first & I never add salt. I just make sure there is the right amount of water in the bowl. I would imagine some microwaves are different temperatures than others. Maybe that is the problem. But I would always give it a stir half way through and that way you can see how things are cooking.

  8. I received the Pasta Boat from a friend as a joke gift because I’m addicted to spaghetti and I love it! Once I adjusted all of the microwave times, I found that it does have great results. The pasta has the potential to be cooked perfectly and it’s about twice as fast as stove top cooking (although, if your stove boils water very quickly, it’s closer to equal time.)

    My only complaint is that the pasta does have a hint of that been-in-a-microwave taste. It wasn’t at all overwhelming or disgusting, but it was noticeable. Still, it didn’t turn me off of the pasta boat, but I only use it if I’m just feeding my self. If I’m cooking for others, then I revert back to stove top pasta.

  9. How do you steam veggies? (how much water under the base attachment) Don’t have Pasta Boat instruction book. Wish it could be downloaded on my computer.

  10. Pasta Boat Instructions lost! Why is the no direct way to get replacement instructions from either PASTA BOAT Co or other web sites. All sites take you no where!!! Very frustrating!

  11. Single guy here! Got a pasta boat and used it the first time; it came out way too over cooked so I tweaked the times a little. I put 2 cups of elbow pasta in and filled to the 4th line like the directions say, but cooked it for 15 min rather then the suggested 25. It came out perfect! I hope it doesn’t cause cancer cause I really like how easy it is to use!

    • I have read all of the reviews ad not one person has said what the number on the bottom of unit is. What is it? Most of you are using it, so you must know.

  12. I wanted to love the Pasta Boat, I really did. However, after following the directions for a 4 portion serving, the water boiled all over my microwave and made a big sticky mess. I will be returning it. I’m skeptical of the other reviews.

  13. Used My Pasta-boat for the first time. Used 13oz of spaghetti and fill line of water to just over six. The instruction are not clear to use cold or hot water is I used warm. The bottom did not cook well it stayed bunched up, but the rest of the pasta cooked great. Next time I use it I’m going to take it out and stir it a couple of times. Yes I would try it again.

  14. What kind of plastic is the pasta boat made from….I’m looking for the number 1 through 7 to determine if it is safe….leaching of PVC into food etc. I know it is safe in the microwave meaning that it won’t distort or melt but that doesn’t answer the question …”Is it safe to eat from?”.

  15. I’ve never had my pasta boat boil over..We love it. I cooked Sweet Potatoes few nights ago & they were perfect..skins peeled right off & could mash w/fork..clean out is easy & fast..We love it..Just put water to level it calls for, put pasta in, don’t have to stir “forget about it” & 13 minutes later its done..I like it a lot.

    • I gave one to a daughter in-law for Christmas. I have not heard if she even used it. I am using it today to cook sweet potatoes. Easy to use. Will try steaming my broccoli.

  16. Yep, greatest thing since slice bread but the one thing they don’t tell consumers is, when plastic heats up, it will leech toxic chemicals into whatever you are cooking . A lot of people are ill and they don’t know why. Something to think about when you bite into that pasta. Be careful.

    And yes Virgina, I am a chemical engineer for Monsanto.

  17. There are pros and cons on the Pasta Boat.

    The pro is that the Pasta Boat works as described. I put the water in and bring it to a boil, then add the pasta, stirring slowly at first. Then place back in the microwave WITHOUT the lid. It cooks great. I remove it from the microwave, let it sit a couple of minutes. Then I put on the strainer lid, and it strains the water completely. I then can mix in my veggies and tuna and I have a great tuna pasta dish.

    The con is that you get the free chopper that you don’t want and has nothing to do with cooking pasta, but you have to pay for the shipping and handling. The same is true with the second Pasta
    Boat. I don’t need it so it is sitting in the original box.

    I was surprised when I got a follow-up call from a company rep and he wanted to confirm my order including my credit card number. I did not give it to the caller, but I still got my Pasta Boat order.

  18. I got the Pasta Boat and it works very well. I have an 1100 watt Microwave and no boiling over problems. Be sure to follow the instructions to cook it WITHOUT the lid. Put the lid on when it’s done to strain it,

    I use mine to make my favorite cold sesame/peanut noodles and running cool water after cooking makes the temperature of the noodles just right.

    When I use it I make a full package at a time (water level 6). Since whole grain pasta I buy comes in smaller packages than regular pasta, I don’t alter the time, to get the longer cooking time required for a given volume of Pasta.

    My only complaint; my instruction book got damaged and there’s no place on the internet to download another copy.

  19. Ever since I saw the Pasta Boat advertised I wanted one. But waited til they came out in stores. Only got one, but that’s all I need. Yes it does spill over in the microwave, but I love mine. Yes it may be faster to cook on the stove-top, but you don’t have to watch it in the microwave. I’ve used mine also to boil potatoes. Wonderful way to do either pasta or potatoes. In stores like Wal-Mart its only about $10.00 – no shipping/handling hassles.

    • I haven’t seen a clear answer as to the type of plastic it is. I’m concerned about the BPA leaking into the food.

      • My pasta boat doesn’t have a number. It has a PP below the recycle logo which through Google I found out is #5. Which is considered safe.

  20. What is the point of paying such a high “handling” charge to wait so long for a plastic thing that takes longer to cook spaghetti than it does on the stove top & it boils over & makes a mess too & a chopper that does not work well? Add to that the “customer service” is not good and you have to pay the outrageous extra S&H for the second one you may not even want and this spells a rip off. I agree, some of the products on TV are actually good, but the company selling them is not, so buy them at a store where you get no hassle returns or skip them. I refuse to ever deal with such a company again no matter what they are selling! Skip the pasta boat.

  21. I ordered it on June 2nd and got it on around June 30th. I washed it good and used it and it works great. I used it for my gluten-free pasta also- I did add 2 minutes longer on wheat pasta for my daughter. I am glad we have each our own pasta maker so we do not have cross-contamination. But so far my experience has been positive. But be forewarned- it does say takes 2-3 weeks to get it and that is a lie- it takes 2-3 weeks for them to process it and then takes 2-3 weeks to receive it- so it really takes 3-5 weeks to receive it.

    • Just buy it at Walgreens or CVS, heck, even Walmart. It’s only 10 bucks and you don’t have to wait OR pay shipping. Voila. Problem solved. Now quit whining.

  22. I ordered the pasta boat on 6/23 and the money was taken from my account. my order number is 2698396.

    Today is 7/24 and I have never received my order !

    • James, Can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to get it. Even though they say 2-3 weeks- that actually is how long it takes them to process it before they send it and then it takes 2-3 weeks more before you get it. I was a bit annoyed by that myself.

    • Yes. I even left the spaghetti whole the way my daughter likes it. It says 15 or more mins to cook – the water does boil over into the microwave though.

      • I added 2 minutes longer and cooked the thin spaghetti for 17 minutes or until I saw the water boiling over. I drained and then poured the pasta in a smaller bowl. My daughter and her guinea pig lol (he loves pasta) really enjoyed it.

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