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What is the Mac Magic Pasta Pot?

The Mac Magic Pasta Pot is a one of a kind pasta pot with a built in strainer and handy mixer lid that allows you to have a fresh pot of pasta with half the amount of effort involved. The Mac Magic Pasta Pot promises to be a very handy appliance in the kitchen. With its sleek and advanced design and functionalities, the Mac Magic Pasta Pot claims to make life a lot easier in the kitchen.


How does the Mac Magic Pasta Pot work?

Built in Strainer – The built in strainer in the Mac Magic Pasta Pot is a blessing in disguise for those of you who have experienced the difficulties and mishaps that have occurred while trying to drain out the excess water from the pasta pot. With this exclusive feature, the Mac Magic Pasta Pot promises to eliminate the mess involved in draining the pasta pot. This feature is even perfect for you to drain out the excessive grease or fat that may have accumulated while making that rich meat sauce. And that’s not all, the Mac Magic Pasta Pot promises a stern god bye to burnt hands, oven mittens to hold on to the handle or a kitchen towel that may have slipped oh so many times. The Stay Cool handle of the Mac Magic Pasta Pot promises to keep your hands burn free and makes the task of draining the pot that much easier.


Built in Mixer and Lid Hatch – The Mac Magic Pasta Pot also boasts of a built in mixer that helps you easily mix in the pasta and the sauce while cooking. The built in mixer has a spatula that lifts the food from the bottom to prevent burning. Sounds almost too good to be true? Maybe so as the Mac Magic Pasta Pot is yet to receive any reviews from its customers. The benefits and advantages of the Mac Magic Pasta Pot do not stop there. The Lid Hatch is yet another convenience factor that makes the Mac Magic Pasta Pot all the more wanted in any of your kitchens. This feature allows you to pour in the sauce, add the meat, the beans, veggies, cheese and what not – all without having to remove the lid from the pot.

With no reviews yet, the Mac Magic Pasta Pot definitely has to be reviewed to see if the tall claims match up. So go ahead and place an order now. Those of you who do try out the Mac Magic Pasta Pot, please do write in your reviews to make the decision to purchase this pasta pot a lot easier for the potential customers out there.

What do I get?


Price: $29.99 + $14.98 | Official website:

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