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It is the new eyewear for night time that lets you see bright lights, neon signs and many other things clearly at night for safety and comfort when out at night. No more straining of eyes at night If you suffer from vision problems at night, VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES is what you could solve the issue. VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES is special night time eyewear that claims it makes things look crystal clear so you don’t have to struggle while going about normally at night. It relieves your eyes from the stress that squinting causes when you try to focus seeing clearly in normal conditions in the dark.



These glasses come with special lenses that filtrate and block ambient blue light that causes night time glare to help you view things clearly the way you do just as you would in the day.

Headlights, neon lights no more a problem – VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES guarantees relief from problems like headlights around, streetlights, neon signs and other lights that seem blinding to the naked eye. It has specially coated yellow/ amber lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to your eyes. According to the manufacturers of these night view glasses, they feature High Tech HD vision technology which enables you to see around clearly irrespective of lighting and brightness.


Safety and security outdoors at night – With VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES you can be sure that you have all the safety and comfort you need while moving out at night. The glasses effectively reduce the night time glare coming from the lights around you to a great extent and also sharpen the effect of colors of things so everything seems clearer and better. They are also compatible with all weather conditions, be it cloudy, rainy or sunny. You can also embark on outdoor activities like boating, hiking, running, golfing, skiing and more confidently without any worries as VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES guarantees complete protection from any mishaps.


Light, durable and strong – VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES is constructed using from aircraft grade aluminum and steel, which makes it durable and strong enough to last for years. This night eye wear is also ultra-light so using it seems a breeze. According to the makers of VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES its lenses are of aviator quality, are scratch resistant and also shock proof so you can count on it all through.

What do I get?

You get two units of VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES for $39.99 plus $3.99 Shipping.Official website

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