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What is Take-A-Seat: It’s a seat that lets you carry all your things wherever you want to go. It is a stylish allin-in-one bag, backpack, dolly and chair.


Take-A-Seat claims to make things easier for you when you want to go out and enjoy the day in the Sun or on a match day for that matter. There’s nothing like enjoying those glorious sunny days by the beach or going fishing for that matter. But carrying all the stuff you want and packing it in the car can become the bane of your existence. However now Take-A-Seat offers you a way to pack all your stuff conveniently and take it with you wherever you want.

Take-A-Seat has three solutions in one for you

To begin with, it is a bag in which you can pile up all the things you might need for your day out. From towels to coolers and packed food, there is room for a whole lot of things in this bag, according to its claims. There’s also a dolly, which can let you carry the bag conveniently, be it to your car or in a park for that matter. Importantly, Take-A-Seat also has a chair attachment, which will let you sit down and relax wherever you go.

Take-A-Seat is packed with smart features

And it’s quite stylish for you to carry around as well because the large duffle bag is actually sleek. It also turns into a dolly for your convenience and is quite durable for regular use. But that doesn’t mean Take-A-Seat is heavy; in fact it’s only 2.4 lbs. That makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. Its design also makes it quite compact and it can easily fit into the overhead compartment of the plane.


The collapsible, freestanding frame is another highlight of Take-A-Seat design and the comfortable seat makes it a smart solution for many.

Take-A-Seat is convenient for all

If you want to carry things with you for a game day or a fishing trip, it is supposed to be the right choice for you. Given that it’s lightweight and the convenience it offers, Take-A-Seat also works well for the elderly. And it makes sense for travellers and those who are constantly on the go. Now there’s a comfortable seat for you just about anywhere.


What do I get? Get a Take-A-Seat in black or tan for only $29.99 plus $8.99 S&H. Official website: BuyTakeASeat.com

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