Tac Glasses REVIEW | BuyTacGlasses.ca Busted!!

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About Tac Glasses

Tac glasses are the sun glasses inspired from the sun glasses worn by the military soldiers. It is lot different than the ordinary sun glasses which everybody has. Ordinary sun glasses makes the vision appear dark making it difficult to see through clearly. Also when it comes to blinding glares ordinary sun glasses are useless.


Tac Glasses CLAIMS

Tac glasses on the other hand claims to have been produced taking into consideration all of the above drawbacks. The features mentioned includes blocking blinding glare so well that the previously invisible view of the object is visible clearly. It is also said to enhance the colour giving eagle-sharp vision and hence can also be used in low intensity lights giving improved optical clarity.

Tac glasses are advertised as military tough and is said to survive the harshest conditions.

It can be used at all places from golf course or on waters or slopes. Tac glasses has an amazing light filtering technology which allows you to see through and reveal hidden images or message which when seen from bare eyes or other ordinary glasses shows nothing.

If you are an avid lover of sun glasses and love to have a collection of them, tac glasses surely will be an exclusive add on to your collection with such eye catching features.

Tac Glasses REVIEW

Marco Burns, a Tac Glasses customer, writes in his review that the glasses are flimsy and cheap. He found the finishing of the glasses poor because of its sharp edges that are uncomfortable to wear. He suggests users look for something else instead.

A similar complaint is mentioned by Jacob Hunt in his Tac Glasses review. He also mentions that the packaging contained a cancer warning, too. He was disappointed with its packaging quality, too, since it came in a cheap cardboard box.

One reviewer, Jean Tucker, reveals that Tac Glasses are too narrow and small to fit comfortably. The nose piece on the glasses fails to cover it all the way and cuts the nose instead. Her review further states that Tac Glasses has poor build quality with rough edges on the lens and the frame.

Otis Love discloses in his review that Tac Glasses do reduce the glare but they are so dark that it is sometimes difficult to clearly see through them. He used them on a golf course and could not track the ball due to the dark tint.

Another review of Tac Glasses by Pam Welch claims that the glasses are nowhere as good as advertised. She suggests other enthusiastic customers save their money since these are cheap and overpriced.

One Tac Glasses review by Jennifer Foster divulges that the frame is too narrow and looks small on her head. The frames have a cheap material used that doesn’t fit across the nose and feels uncomfortable to wear. Also, the glasses don’t ship as pictured but are delivered in a cheap cardboard box. Overall, she doesn’t think these cheap glasses are worth the money.

A customer, Becky Morales, exposes Tac Glasses in her review by stating that the glasses aren’t made of actual glass but is actually cheap, hard plastic material. She wasn’t impressed with that and didn’t like the flimsy body of the frame. She warns other customers in her review that Tac Glasses is just a well-marketed glasses and they shouldn’t believe in its advertising.

Wayne Patrick’s Tac Glasses review reveals that the glasses are actually a cheap knockoff of the ones they have used in the commercial. He feels that they are overpriced and a scam to rip-off people by selling them cheaply-made and flimsy glasses.

Roy Burton disappointingly writes in his Tac Glasses review that there was no clarity through the glasses nor did it cut the glare as promised. As per his review, Tac Glasses don’t cover the face well and a lot of light through the bottom of the glass.

A Tac Glasses review by Tomas Becker states that although the vision through the lens is okay but the quality of the glasses is highly poor.

According to Daisy Wilson’s review, Tac Glasses don’t work well in low light conditions and during the day, they simply cut the light and not the glare. She also writes in her Tac Glasses review that the quality of the glasses is cheap and is pretty small for an adult’s face.

Tac Glasses Questions and Answers

Q. Will Tac Glasses fit over glasses?
A. No.

Q. Do Tac Glasses really cut the glare out and provide a crystal clear vision as advertised?
A. Yes, they are good for a clearer vision during the day and provide decent protection to the eye. But they aren’t very good for use at night.

Q. Will these glasses fit over prescription glasses?
A. No.

Q. What does Polarized Glass in Tac Glasses mean?
A. Polarized glasses are designed to cut the glare and protect the eyes, especially on water. Polarized lenses have a special filter that smartly blocks intensely reflecting light that might hamper the vision, thus reducing the glare.


What do I get?
Bell + Howell Tac Glasses for just $19.99 USD + $6.95 USD P&H! | Official Website: BuyTacGlasses.ca


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7 thoughts on “Tac Glasses REVIEW | BuyTacGlasses.ca Busted!!

  1. I find it hard to believe that a Canadian company is using American symbols to sell their products. That is enough to throw me off. Really????

  2. Crap is not a descriptive enough word to describe the frames on these glasses. I bought two pair, one I wore 5 times, then the frame broke near the bridge as I took them off (using two hands) the other one the bow broke as I was closing them the FIRST time I took them Off. I did not heavy hand these. Buy the $10.00 glasses in the gas station.

  3. End of the ear piece scratches the plastic lens. I was very careful to carry the tac glasses in the company provided bag. When the ear pieces are folded down to fit inside the storage bag, the ear pieces scratched the plastic lens. The scratches obscure my vision. Very distracting

  4. Tac glasses are rubbish, i spent $60.00 for a pair, within 1 month, tiny bit of plastic holding the screws broke, now there useless, very cheaply made, ripp off, dont sit on your face evenly, plastic nose covers, fall off too easy, bit of wind, tilt easy, lenses to wide, never again, wasted my money.

  5. The main reason to use sunglasses is to protect your eyes from dangerous UV light and glare. Always ensure any glasses (especially sun glasses) have government certification for UV and safety. Check with an optician or opthalmologist before wearing any glasses you acquire. Getting cancer or eye damage is a high price to pay for fashionable or cheap glasses.

  6. Tac glassse’s are a plastic lens. My son says they bother his nose as they don’t completely cover it well enough (nose piece is a lil small). I found that they don’t cover the UV rays as well as they show on the tv commercial, they block somewhat of the sun ,but the glare is still there which shouldn’t be if they were really true UV protective like good sunglasses. Took a chance on them and was wrong don’t recommend purchasing them save your money for a better sun glass protection!

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