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What is Tac Belt

It claims to be a storage pack that is creating using tactical grade material. This durable, weather and water-resistant bag can be strung over the shoulder or worn around the waist. Tac Belt asserts to be designed with numerous sections to hold all the essential items with ease.



Raymond Nelson, a Tac Belt user found the side pockets inaccessible due to the straps. His Tac Belt review also says that the smaller compartment on the front comes with a flap that inconveniently covers access the zipper.

One Tac Belt customer Dennis Edwards reveals in his review that Tac Belt is not as great as it promises to be. Its straps are small and will only fit someone with a smaller waist.

Another customer Carlos Torres complains in his review that the plastic parts broke apart within a week. As per his review the description for the bag is not accurate since the pockets fail to larger essentials.

A Tac Belt user Keith Jones bought it for bike riding. His review states that the quality of the bag is not great and the material is very thin. He warns other users against its construction quality and questions the durability of the material in his Tac Belt review.

Jason Davis, a customer who purchased Tac Belt found it highly functional and helpful. However as per his review it is difficult to lock the belt around the waist. His review adds that a gun pocket in Tac Belt will add a good feature to its functionality.

A Tac Belt user Martin Wood states in his review that the bag is poorly designed. The compartments are smaller, the belt strap is thinner and the side pockets do not really accommodate any items. His review also says that the center pocket bundle straps of Tac Belt dangle too much around when not buckled.


Tactical storage bag – Tac Belt states to be a strong and durable bag that is forged out of tactical grade materials. Tac Belt also promises to be lightweight and is military inspired to optimize storage space without adding its own weight. There are currently no Tac Belt reviews available to support its claims.

Functional features – Tac Belt assures that it can be worn around the waist or strung around the shoulder with ease. Such a feature makes it perfect for holding gear for climbers, hikers, runners, bikers, and more. Tac Belt guarantees to be weather and water proof with durable tactical material that does not snap or break while withstanding a lot of weight. Tac Belt also proclaims that it doesn’t damage easily and stains will wash right of from its surface. Did you find Tac Belt as helpful as it claims to be? Send us your reviews.


What do I get

  • 1 Tac Belt (Desert Tan or Tactical Black)
  • 1 Tac Belt Mini (Desert Tan or Tactical Black)
  • 1 Survival Blanket

Official website: TacBelt.com

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