Snack Pets

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What are Snack Pets?

Snack Pets are innovatively designed lunch boxes that claim to make lunch time a fun time for the kids. Designed to be stored in the refrigerator and promised to keep food cold and fresh, Snack Pets are not only easy to carry but also serve the purpose of keeping a variety of food like meat, cheese, veggies and even cold treats like ice cream and slushies.


How do Snack Pets work?

Lunch time is now fun time – With four exciting designs to choose from, Snack Pets claim to make the kids look forward to lunch by promising to stand apart from the regular lunch boxes. The four designs are namely Baxter the Playful Dog, Milky the Mischievous Cow, Cherry the Curious Lady and last but not the least Flipper the Fantastic Dolphin. Snack Pets claim to not only keep food fresh for your children but also promise to keep cold treats like Ice Creams and Slushies cold enough for the children to enjoy and share amongst their friends.

Sounds almost too good to be true? With no reviews yet to confirm or deny the functionality of this product, you can only wait to try it out and see for yourself. Snack Pets claim that they are designed to live in your refrigerator making it easy for you to store your kids lunches or snacks well in advance, giving you the convenience of just removing Snack Pet out of the refrigerator and directly onto the hands of your kids.

Easy to pack, store and carry all kinds of treats – Snack Pets claim to have a unique solution to the lasting freshness of the food stored in them. A revealable gel pack keeps the food fresh upto seven hours making the task of ensuring fresh food for your kids, an easy one. A hidden place mat when opened out reveals exciting adventure for the kids to place their food on. Not only are Snack Pets useful for packing foods such as meat, cheese, fresh fruit, veggies but also for milk and yoghurt to give your child a healthy yet fun snack. Snack Pets claims to have a unique design which helps you store it after use with ease and by using limited space.

Snack Pets claims to have a flat zip design as well as stain resistant lining which enables you to fold it right down to the size of a paperback book to save space. The stain resistant lining also claims to make Snack Packs very easy to clean as all you need to do is wipe it down and stick it right back in the freezer. While Snack Pets sounds like a perfect solution to a kid’s description of a fun lunch pack, reviews are awaited to see how far Snack Pets’ claims hold good. Snack Pets lunch bags claim to be suited for anything varying from picnics to camps to schools. While they claim to be the perfect solution for fresh food, Snack Pets claim that they are suitable to carry toys too. Review Snack Pets now to let the others know how true their claims are.

What do I get?

2 Snack Pet Lunch Boxes and 1 Snack-N-Go Container for $14.99 + $13.98 p&h | Official website:

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