Skippy Fish Lure Seems to work

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They say, fishing is extremely relaxing and can be quite therapeutic as well. You see many people all over the world sitting in front of a water body trying to catch fish and looking relaxed and having a nice time with friends. But at the end of the day, men will be men and you want to win bragging rights amongst friends by catching the big fish. In that case you understand the importance of baits you use to lure fish. And that’s why Skippy Fish is almost indispensible to you if you want the prize catch.


Skippy Fish Lure
This amazing product comes from professional angler Lou Consoli and has already had the fishing world, including many professional anglers talking. The secret of the product lies in the bait, which is injected with natural scent. That’s why; it smells and tastes like natural fish. Hence it instantly attracts different kinds of predatory fish in water drawing them towards you. You can use this product to catch trout, bass or any other fish for that matter and their predatory instincts will be heightened when they smell Skippy Fish. But that’s not all; it also mimics the motion of other real small fish, giving it that completely authentic feeling.

You could be a professional angler or might have taken to fishing as a hobby; you will find this product extremely beneficial. Good thing about this product is that you don’t need to look for different baits for salt water or fresh water for that matter as it will do the job perfectly each time. And it will also have its effect on different kinds of fish without you having to do much to lure them. This is the perfect bait, almost like real fish bait that will ensure that you come back home with the Big Fish and brag about it to your friends and loved ones.

Skippy Fish, as the name suggests, is similar to flukes to catch fish, but is made to smartly skip under structure with spinning gear to capture maximum fish easily. The head of Skippy Fish is similar to those of traditional flukes, but its tail is more like a swim bait, being long and thin with a flat edge. The tail of Skippy Fish is the highlight as it kicks aggressively back and forth when retrieved or simply jerked during fishing. Extra mass is provided at the end of the tail to get the bait into action the minute it is skipped under structure to incite immediate strikes.

Skippy Fish Features

Skippy Fish is designed to skip under docks, trees, and heavily weeded areas. Its lure is best fished rigged weedless with a 4/0 offset hook. Exceptional flexibility is one of the exciting features of Skippy Fish. It is also remarkably versatile as can fish with an offset hook near the top of the water column and under several other situations. The Skippy Fish lures are injected with anise oil scent so that fish hold on longer to it, thus making fishing easier and convenient.

SkippyFish Lure is intelligently designed and well-packaged. The plastic used in its body is soft and flexible, and yet it is reliably strong and durable. The highlight of SkippyFish Lure is its well-designed, flexible tail that makes fish catching a breeze. It’s super adaptable, incredibly brilliant and better than ordinary paddle tail. Also, it comes in three sizes and twenty colour schemes to choose from.

Different Types of Skippy Fish
The Skippy Fish is available in ten attractive patterns including threadfin, baby bass, alewife, pearl and gizzard to name a few. These baits come in two different sizes of six and four inch baits, and both come in eight baits per pack to which more exciting additions are expected.

SkippyFish Lure Advantages

The smart Skippy fish lures have been designed to get into areas and capture fish where other baits find it difficult to go. Skippy Fish lures are weightless hence they show great flexibility in moving around and catching a great haul effortlessly and in a jiffy. They can skip and draw smart strikes from fish holding tight to structures like trees, docks and even thick weeds. The bait can also be customized with markers to add designs and highlights to make them look attractive. The Skippy Fish lures are exceptionally versatile and yield a great supply whenever you want.



What do I get?
You get the 55 piece tackle system when you buy Skippy Fish for $19.95 plus S&H of $8.95 You can get another set and an instructional DVD that includes clever tips with your offer by paying additional shipping and handling fees.



Skippy Fish Lure Video
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4 thoughts on “Skippy Fish Lure Seems to work

  1. Skippyfish have just made it to the uk. trying 4″ golden shiner as it looks just like young pollock. Also 6″ silver flake for bass in ireland next year. I just do sea fishing . both boat and shore. will use on the boat trolling. action seems good in the water and they are very well priced.

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