Polaryte HD Review

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What is Polaryte HD

As per the infomercial these are high definition sunglasses that provide amazing protection against UV rays and at the same time provide amazing clarity, cut glare while boosting colour and contrast. The ergonomic design of the frame asserts to suit all types of faces and stays securely in place no matter how much you move around. It claims to be an amazing pair of sunglasses that are perfect for blocking harmful UV rays and at the same time provide pleasant viewing. They are also mentioned to be polarized to reduce any kind of glare.


How does Polaryte HD work?

Best eye protection

Polaryte HD claims to have the best eye protection that can be termed as the gold standard for high definition vision. It states to be the best protective and stylishly designed sunglasses that have features that cannot be matched by any other brand on the market. This claim sounds too fanciful; Polaryte HD reviews will soon expose the truth. The protective sunglasses declare to have UV400 protective coating that saves the eye and the area around them from the harmful rays. Polaryte HD also alleges to protect the eyes against most intense glares, which is a far-fetched claim considering that Polaryte HD is yet to be reviewed. Polaryte HD promises to stay perfect even after use for years because it consists of anti-scratch lenses. The surety of these lenses will depend on Polaryte HD reviews.

Polaryte HD Features and Benefits

Polaryte HD assures to be perfect for men and women both and is designed in an ergonomic frame fashion to suit all types of faces. Does it really suit narrow, oval, round and other types of faces? Polaryte HD reviews will reveal the facts. Polaryte HD guarantees to have full 180 degrees protection that will take care of cutting glare and dimming the sun down. At the same time Polaryte HD promises not to dull the viewing but enhance it. Polaryte HD proclaims to master highest levels of grading that include the four Cโ€™s โ€“ cutting glare, clarity, colour and contrast. Polaryte HD asserts to boost the reds, saturate the blues and provide crisper green colour to help achieve a literal high-definition vision. Does Polaryte HD work as it promises to? Send us your Polaryte HD reviews. The stunning perfect fit design of Polaryte HD alleges to be so secure that it stays on while performing most activities. In fact, to additionally let users secure the glasses when not in use, Polaryte HD are equipped with magnets. These magnets securely clip Polaryte HD on shirts, bikinis, golf bags and even on purses. Polaryte HD does sound amazing but will be verified once it is reviewed.

Revolutionary glasses

Polaryte HD promises to be a new age fashionable glasses that enhance the colors in the surrounding and bring vibrance to them to give an HD feel. These characteristics are not present in normal sun glasses which are meant to block the sun but at the same time can darken the view further. Polaryte HD assures that it performs sun blocking brilliantly so that the eyes are not strained and at the same time does not hamper the view. Polaryte HD alleges to further enhance its usage by being polarized. Reflections and glares from certain materials can hurt the eye which is filtered out using Polaryte HD. Also sunrays come with harmful UVA and UVB rays which are also 100% blocked by Polaryte HD.

Additional Features

Polaryte HD states to be made from high-grade plastic which is totally indestructible and scratch proof. There are also magnets attached to Polaryte HD so that whenever they are clipped on to a shirt or bag they stay in position. All such features make Polaryte HD handy for driving without worry while having a clear contrast and colored view of the road. Polaryte HD also asserts to be great for virtually everywhere including skiing, fishing, walking around town and chilling at the beach.

What is UV400? – Always look for sunglasses which have the ability to provide 100% UV or UV 400 protection. It ensures protection against both UVA and UVB types of radiation. Expensive sunglasses models provide such feature by default.

Polaryte HD REVIEW

Polaryte HD Pros

Highly effective – One customer who reviewed Polaryte HD says that these sunglasses are amazing and blocks the sun to provide pleasant viewing. The anti-glare polarization feature really helps in blocking out annoying reflected light. The customer also praises the anti-scratch, indestructible body and magnetic locking feature for rough and tough use.

Brilliant display – One other customer who used Polaryte HD reveals that it enhanced the brightness around without making the eye water or squint. In fact it is the other way round. The eyes are protected against the harsh sun light. Another customer who reviewed Polaryte HD says that they are better than dark sunglasses and provide a crisp display with real high definition.

UV Protection – Another customer who reviewed Polaryte HD reveals that it works very effectively to keep harmful UV rays out. It has brilliant eye protection which does not fatigue them and can be used for hours. It also helps in keeping any type of melamine formation in the eye which can hamper the vision in long term.

Polaryte HD Cons

Lack of Style – One customer who used Polaryte HD complains that the aviator and Rayban styled Polaryte HD are not stylish enough. It may not necessarily suit everyoneโ€™s facial structure.

What do I get?

Get One Pair of Polaryte HD Sunglasses in Classic Black, Hard Shell Case and Cleaning Cloth For $59.98 + $9.99 S/H | Please see official website bestdirect.co.uk | Polaryte.com

Compare Polaryte HD with Eagle Eyes Sunglasses here.

42 thoughts on “Polaryte HD Review

  1. Polaryte HD are cheap and nasty they are too dark and they are no different to the $5 garage style cheap sunglasses I have been fighting with the company to get my money back ..I have 30 days… now they told me I’ve got to wait for a number I’ll get it within 24 hour. I have rung up 6 times about 5 days ago and I have still not got this number I don’t know whether this is even worse waiting for I’ll be waiting waiting what a ripoff I’ve tried to sell it and nobody wants to buy them so the word must have got around

  2. Hi! Im selling my brown polaryte hd sunglasses for Php1500. I bought it for buy 1 take 1 in tv shopping. Please contact me at 09205578820 makati or mandaluyong area. just need one

  3. Hi, Im selling my other polaryte hd, I don’t need the other one, I just need the black. Php 1,500.00 without case

  4. Hi! Im selling my black polaryte hd sunglasses for Php1600. I bought it for buy 1 take 1 in tv shopping. Please contact me at 09778132770 manila area. Rfs just need one

  5. Manufacturer’s name is not mentioned anywhere.
    It seems that lenses are nothing but tinted pieces of plastic.

  6. Polaryte makes many claims that require a well-equipped optics lab to confirm.

    Personally, I think the claims are too good to be true, and that the lenses are no more than simple tinted pieces of plastic.

    One claim, the ability to polarize light, can be easily tested by anyone. Take two pairs and hold one pair at 90 degrees to the other. If they really block light at a specific angle, then placing them at 90 degrees to each other should block transmitted light noticeably.

    As far as for the claim to block UV: Well, UV rays are categorized into three wavelength groups, UVA (400 to 320 nanometer), UVB (320 to 280 nanometer), and UVC (280 to 100 nanometer). While UVC rays do not normally reach sea level altitudes, UVA and UVB do, they are harmful, and Polaryte’s claimed blocking performance can only be confirmed by a lab.

    As far as I can tell, Cebe and Vuarnet, both French makers, produce the best performing lenses, and provide superior eye protection, whether you are crossing central African desert or climbing the alps.

  7. hello readers.. just to remind everyone that we customers have the right to refuse any product offer we feel do not like to accept or buy. Even if delivered to your home and found out that the product is not the same as promised in the ads, we have the right to refuse the product. No questions asked…

  8. Hi! Im selling my brown polaryte hd sunglasses for Php1800. I bought it for buy 1 take 1 in tv shopping. The item is still sealed. Please contact me at 0917 552 0301.

  9. These glasses are garbage. Quality is very low: of the materials used and of the vision u have with them. Instead of buying them, just burn your money.

  10. So does the product actually deliver everything it says on TV? Feedback from people who already bought would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Ghian … bought them a few days ago and … no, I am not happy with them. I don’t care about style, but HD feature that they were shown in a video ad, is really not nearly to the real thing ๐Ÿ™

      In my opinion, they might be using enhanced saturation in post-production, but when I’ve tried to do similar what is in that ad, I could see slight improvement, compared to when you are looking with your naked eye.

      They were definitely not worth money on Amazon. I found them nearly a half price in other shop here in UK. Very disappointed ๐Ÿ™

      If they were as advertised, I wouldn’t mind and pay even ยฃ100 for them, but I am going to return them on Monday. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Base on what I read from any speculation those of you you guys is already have some. I am planning to have it one but as i read from your comments much better prepare money to buy aokley polarised rather than to get one of polaryte HD..

      • Base on what I read from any speculation specially those of you you guys is already have some. I am planning to have it one but as i read from your comments much better prepare my money to buy aokley polarised rather than to get one of polaryte HD..

      • Thanks for postings. It help a lot to those people who are clueless of the item being sold online. Please keep posting reviews. Thanks agian…

  11. I heard that these sunglasses have magnets embedded in the arms to help secure them in place when you fold them on your t-shirt or something like that.

    Anyway, I’m prompted to ask, do those magnets pose any dangers to your health? Particularly to your brain? I’m a little concerned because when you wear the sunglasses, those magnets are pressed on the sides of your skull. Would they cause any problems when you wear the sunglasses regularly and for long periods?

    Hope someone can answer this. Thanks!

  12. M selling mine for 1,800 brand new color black.
    I bought it at home TV shopping and since it’s
    buy 1 take 1 on TV, I don’t have use for the other

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