Pocket Chair Review

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Are you tired of standing around? Do you want to get off your feet? Don’t you find those folding chairs poky and uncomfortable? Introducing Pocket Chair, the compact and convenient chair that folds-up in to your pocket! The Pocket Chair is a lightweight, yet heavy duty chair that opens in a snap and folds with ease.


How does Pocket Chair work?
Take a seat anywhere with Pocket Chair; take it to the beach or to the park, watch that big game sitting comfortably or even tailgating. Pocket Chair is perfect to be taken for gardening activities in the yard or a golf course. Now don’t sit on the ground or stand around or get into those folding chair frustrations!

The secret of Pocket Chair is its dual action. The two sections of pocket chair are pivoted by a pivot axle to each other and can be swung open to define a seating surface. It’s a support system that gives you the strength of steel and comfort of a chair, all together in a chair that fits right into your pocket!

The Pocket Chair has the muscle and strength to hold up to 350lbs of weight. Since more people can be seated in less space it’s a life saver for parties and family events.

You can take it on fishing trips, bus stop and for camping. It folds up so small that you can put into your handbag, glove box or knapsack. It’s great for gifts. You also get a free water resistant carrying case. Don’t get twisted in complicated contraptions, get Pocket Chair!

Pocket Chair

The Unique competent and highly innovative Pocket Chair is truly amazing in the fact it can fold to a very tiny size. The size is very small making it super compact to keep and use.

The unique Pocket Chair can fit into a larger front jeans pocket but do not expect it to be comfortable carrying it this way.  It will fill the pocket completely.  It does fit easily in a small bag, backpack, or your fishing tackle box.  It can even fit in a woman’s handbag easily while carrying the innovative Pocket Chair in a side pocket of pair of cargo pants works very well too.

In our competent and highly innovative Pocket Chair review I was very surprised by the strength of this tiny chair.  It can hold a 250 pound man with ease. The chair is not designed for this 250 pound man to be bouncing up and down in the chair; this might be overdoing it a little.

While the chair appears to be very lightly built this is one case where looks are very deceiving.  The high-tech materials are much stronger than they appear.  With the unique design which distributes the weight over the entire chairs frame it easily handles the advertised weight load.

A quick glance at the chair may have you wondering about comfort.  No one is going to claim it provides the same level of comfort as a full-sized lawn chair.  What it does provide is reasonable comfort with high levels of convenience.

The Unique competent and highly innovative Pocket Chair is not advertised as being the best chair you will ever sit on, but as the most portable and convenient, which is quite true.  No other chair on the market matches the compact storage size and ease of use of this tiny chair.



What do I get?

  • 2 Pocket Chairs
  • 2 Carrying Cases



Reviews and Complaints
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Pocket Chair Video
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29 thoughts on “Pocket Chair Review

  1. I am quite enthusiastic about innovative products launched and Pocket Chair was one such product which I found interesting enough to purchase. Since advertisements always show such products in a glaring fashion I thought of surfing the net to check for reviews by people who might have had experiences using it. On searching for “Pocket Chair Reviews” I received a long list of sites that looked promising enough to help my anxiety. I would like to warn people that most of the sites were actually some kind of scam and had completely fake reviews. I could tell it clearly because the reviews were so nice and promising with links of purchasing the product after every paragraph. On visiting the links I found out that the link took me to the manufacturer’s website. I quickly exited the sites and with some luck finally found genuine reviews on this website. Thanks a lot for all the hard work put in to maintain a site with reviews from real people.

  2. Such handy products can become an instant rage and there’s a huge attraction for them. I was also tempted by the Pocket Chair, which looked very cool and clever. However I was not going to repeat my mistake of buying such products without doing my research about them. Such mistakes have been rather expensive for me in the past. Hence I thought I will find out more about this product by going through the reviews about it. But what a nightmare it turned out to be. None of the sites that showed up instantly had any semblance of a review about the product. They had these Buy Now tabs, which were proudly displayed for some reason. Does anyone fall for this trick anymore? It’s really sad that people think genuine users can be taken for a ride like that. I have loved the content on your site and will do myself a favour by sticking to your site for reviews from here on.

    • Yes, there are indeed people who think it’s alright to try and fool consumers through such cheap and underhand means. It would be another matter altogether if such sites were getting punished by the search engines. But that isn’t happening because search engines have been proven helpless so far when it comes to picking out these fake sites. Hence manufacturers are looking at it as a free ticket to take advantage of gullible users like you.

  3. I just got the pocket chairs delivered today and I have to agree with some of the earlier comments because they are impossible to lock into position! I had to use all my strength to lock them which took me about 30minutes and now I can’t unlock them! Not so easy to use after all. The marketing videos lied big time. But it only cost $20 so I can’t be bothered getting a refund. I tried sitting on them and they aren’t so bad I guess, of course they’re not comfortable but I guess they could come in handy someday at a picnic or something. Maybe better for the kids to sit on though as it is quite low and probably easier for adults to just sit on the floor instead.



  4. Never saw the ad on TV but saw this chair at Office Depot selling for $9.99. Bought one and tried at home. Seems OK. Don’t know how long it will last, however, from frequent use. I am 5’1″ and about 118 lbs. It’s low but because I’m short it’s not uncomfortable. It’s not really pocket size but a good portable chair to bring when an portable chair is needed.

  5. Will someone please email the telephone number of Pocket Chair to me.

    I would like to arrange for returning the product.

    Thank you.

  6. Wow, I feel raped after ordering the chair from the website. I ordered the buy one get one fee and yes I payed the $16.00 for shipping for that. I wasn’t worried about it. I just entered my CC # and hit continue. Then it wanted to sell me more chairs. I just hit continue over and over again not realizing I was hitting yes, continue adding the extra’s. I realized my mistake but figured I would just cancel at the end. Ummmm, no, they already had my card number so they just charged my card $39.99 + $49.99 in shipping. Isn’t there some type of law against this type of scam. I will also be reporting them to the BBB but like they really care. Guess I’m getting chairs and other surprises! Now on to finding the CEO and having a nice chat!!


  7. the process to order by phone and web site both SUCK! I worked in customer service by phone and web site and we NEVER treated a customer in such a disrespectful manner. Product sounded really good but…to much work and the other replies scare us off. Like what was said…look for it locally.

  8. Its bogus people, that chair isn’t new I had one when I was six years old now I’m 36 its been around for 30 years had them when me and my family went camping its bogus there is already patent out on it by Coleman there ripping you off do not buy it. I’m in the process of investigating more and turning them in for fraud.

  9. My neighbor just gave one of the many pocket chairs he bought, great idea! Its like why didn’t I think of this. He just had a BBQ and 20 of us were just chilling in the back yard with not many places to sit and then he broke out pocket chairs. For at least an hour we were sitting on them….about 4 of us. I was the only one who got to keep one, awesome chair.

  10. Went to order the pocket chair on the website and it is very hard to navigate. I wanted one and ended up ordering eight. Called customer service and they said they could not help for 5 hours after the order had been placed. Called back later that day and they said they changed it but would not send confirmation. I then told them to cancel and again they said they could not send confirmation. Then wrote the BBB and have not yet heard anything. I know that I am going to end up with eight of these chairs. Customer service for this company is terrible!!!

  11. The Pocket Chair is the first product I ever bought off TV and I am very pleased. It was a bit tight to open and fold up at first once out of the box, but after you open and close a few times it loosens up. I am looking forward to bustin this out at the bus stop and in the subway on my way to and from work. Recommended for commuters that have to stand in the heat.

  12. Just got the Pocket Chairs yesterday, they are exactly what we needed. Sturdy and fold up just like the ad on tv. The deluxe version is very cool with 2 hidden pockets underneath. Just what we needed for our weekends at the park. Will be great for the kids as well. Thumbs way up

  13. Just received my pocket chairs. They are impossible to lock in position and the metal bends easily! Plus they are much shorter than pictured on the site. Impossible to sit comfortable on it without feeling like you’re going to tip over. Very unhappy with this product. It looked like a great idea–it’s not. Don’t waste your money. A copy of an invoice was not in the package and there was no return label to affix. I had to call and receive the information over the phone for returns.

  14. I got the Pocket Chair shipment today, when I unfolded it, it’s so hard to fasten the safety lock on the bottom of the chair, I asked my husband to do it for me, he can do it but needs to use a lot of strength, now, I try to fold the chair, I can’t either, need my husband’s help again. it’s not easy to use as show on TV. I might get the refund of it.

  15. Ordered Pocket Chair by phone – holy crap! What an ordeal. No human intervention here! Had to listen to an automated voice spew 4 or five different offers and they’re HEAVILY pushing the “buy extras” routine or get “Special Offers” if only I would participate in subscription programs for other advertisers. After listening to all of that, I got no confirmation number and no total amount that would be billed to my card. VERY poor business practice as far as customer service is concerned.

  16. My comment/question/suggestion is similar to Arnie’s in that: Would the inventor be anticipating making a larger size model? I know this would defeat the “pocket-size” idea, but I envision using this chair with my older students in my music classroom! Presently I prefer to have my students sit on the wal-to-wall carpeted floor so that I have instant access to a large open space without wasting valuable class time moving/stacking chairs. For my disabled, older (5th-6th grade) and “over-weight” students who have difficulty getting up from the low level of the carpet, the present pocket chair would be of great use to my children. But for those of us with bad knees or who are tall, just 5 inches would make a helpful difference!

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