PermaShades 3000 Review

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What is PermaShades 3000?

Have you spent so much money buying new sunglasses only to have them break? Now there is a new pair of sunglasses that are practically indestructible and stylish and comfortable too.

Here’s introducing the PermaShades 3000, mega-light, stylish sunglasses that are almost indestructible. So no matter what kind of accident happens with the PermaShades 3000 it is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

There is no other pair of sunglasses like the PermaShades 3000 sunglasses! You will absolutely love the look and style of the PermaShades 3000 sunglasses!


PermaShades 3000 REVIEW

Not that unique – Derek who used PermaShades 3000 exposed in his review that though manufacturers want you to believe that the sunglasses are truly special, if you search for flexible or unbreakable sunglasses you will find many options. It’s true that these other sunglasses are not always made out of the same material or are that inexpensive.

Not up to the mark – Mike who bought PermaShades 3000 complained in his review that the lenses don’t seem to be made out of the same unbreakable material as the frames. So they might not be long lasting, and even if they are durable they can be scratched. Hence if you use these sunglasses regularly, you might have to replace the lenses often. But the company doesn’t offer them on their own and you have to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Poor customer service – Maurice who reviewed PermaShades 3000 revealed in her review that you don’t know who makes them and you only have an email address for customer support. They also keep $13.98 when you return them. You are told that you can replace the lenses but you are not offered any information about where you can buy them. Annoying part is that their privacy policy allows them to solicit you through regular mail, phone and email. Your number could also be given to “reputable” third parties.

PermaShades 3000 Claims

Flexbend technology – The secret of the PermaShades 3000 sunglasses is the Flexbend technology which bends to accommodate any trauma. This feature ensures that the sunglasses go back to their original shape, no matter what kind of accident it goes through.

So the next time your kids get their hands on your sunglasses you can be sure nothing will happen to them. The PermaShades 3000 sunglasses are guaranteed to go back to its original shape. It’s that amazing!

Virtually Indestructible – These ultra-light, stylish sunglasses are virtually indestructible making them accommodate any kind of accident. Even if you crush them, bend them or shoot them you can’t break them.
With the PermaShades 3000 sunglasses you will never need another pair of sunglasses ever again!

Great for the beach, golf course and any place – Wearing the PermaShades 3000 gives you that stylish look you always wanted. Use the PermaShades 3000 at the beach, at the golf course, while driving and any place. The PermaShades 3000 sunglasses are so incredible you are guaranteed to love it!

Lightweight, comfortable and stylish design – With its Lightweight, comfortable and stylish design PermaShades 3000 will be the only sunglasses you will ever want!

Replaceable lenses – PermaShades 3000 are designed with replaceable lenses that you can remove in just seconds. The lenses easily pop in and out in just seconds.

Glare Reduction – PermaShades 3000 features incredible glare reduction allowing you to wear these sunglasses comfortably wherever you go.

UV400 protection – PermaShades 3000 is also designed with UV400 protection that incredibly blocks out 99% of harmful rays, keeping your eyes safe. Unlike plastic glasses and designer sunglasses that break when they fall, PermaShades 3000 is virtually indestructible. So even if your kids lay their hands on them nothing will happen to them. Order your pair of PermaShades 3000 sunglasses right now and never buy another pair of sunglasses ever gain!


What Do I Get?
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