PackIt Lunch Bags Review

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Tired of packing lunch in an ordinary lunch bag and end up with spoiled or cold food? There is a reason why mothers love PackIt. The PackIt is the first portable, meal sized mini fridge that keeps healthy food refrigerator cold up to 10 hours. This helps you give your child fresh food that stays cold when they are at school.


How does PackIt Lunch Bags work?
You can now pack stuff you could never pack before such as ice-cold milk, deli meat and cheese, tuna and chicken salad, and smoothies too. Everything in the PackIt stays cold and fresh.

Regular lunch bags may claim that they are insulated, yet they do not keep food cold. In just 2 hours, ice packs melt. It is not healthy to heat food that is not kept fresh.

PackIt works differently. It works on new eco save built in cooling technology on every side. This keeps food refrigerator cold and fresh up to 10 hours, which is 5 times longer than any other lunch box. Your kids can get the benefit of food from the fridge.

Grab an empty PackIt from the freezer. It folds flat to save space. Fill it up with all the healthy food you want to pack for your kids. You can even put leftovers back in the fridge, where they will stay fresh for the next day. It works great for travel and day’s out too.

How long does PackIt Keep the food cool?

When your child goes to school you want him or her to have food that stays cool and fresh. PackIt suits the purpose as it keeps food cool for 10 hours. It might seem a bit farfetched because the product only has a fold over flap instead of a zipper, so there are chances that the cold air might escape and hot air comes in. However there are many who have said that it works well only for around 4 hours. That means your kid can have cool food, as it should be during lunch hour. And if it does stay cool for 10 hours, you have the option of putting the food that’s uneaten back in the fridge instead of it going to waste.

PackIt Freeze and Go Lunch Box is a little bag that stays cool for long hours and prevents your food from getting spoilt. It keeps food fresh and cool.

The lunch box needs to be put in the freezer to stay cool. Simply lay it flat in the freezer and leave it there overnight. The gel inside it freezes up.

When you are ready to use the lunch box simply pull it out of the freezer, undo the Velcro and pop it open and place your food in it. The best part is that the PackIt Lunch Box stays cool for up to 10 hours so you can carry it with you anywhere you want to. You can carry it with you to school, to office, and more.

Disadvantages of PackIt Lunch Bags:

There are a few disadvantages to using PackIt lunch bags and a practical one amongst them is the fact that it doesn’t have a provision for putting labels on them. How can you write your child and teacher’s name on it then? On the other hand, the gel packs start sweating as they begin to defrost. Hence it’s useless to try and pack napkins with your child’s lunch because they will get wet and soggy before use.

According to some customers the food didn’t stay cool for more than 3 hours, which was hugely disappointing. Cold yoghurts go warm and salads begin to wilt; there goes your idea of a cool healthy lunch. You are better off opting for the regular insulated bags, which can be used with ice pack to greater effect. And it’s a lot cheaper option as well. PackIt is certainly not worth its price, especially when you have a cheaper alternative that does the job better.

And then there’s the Velcro Issue to deal with. Kids will naturally hold the bags by the top handle, but what happens because of that is the Velcro tends to come apart. It’s just not strong enough and what’s worse is it cannot be sewn back because you will end up damaging the gel pack that’s under the fabric.

Lunch Bags Get Wet:
PackIt on the whole seems a good idea but lacks in execution. It doesn’t keep food cool for 10 hours for starters. To make matters worse, the bags get wet from the inside when the freezer pack starts defrosting. That’s a strict no-no.

PackIt doesn’t work for 10 hours as claimed:
You are told that PackIt keeps your food cool for 10 hours at refrigerator temperature, but that’s not the case at all. You will manage to keep food cool for about 5-6 hours at a sort of low cool temperature. It’s absolutely unsuitable for milk and other dairy products, which will not last.

PackIt Alternatives
Getting a MNT lunch bag is a much better idea. You can use it brilliantly with two ice packs. It will keep food, including juices and milk cool for a good ten hours and it’s a lot cheaper option as well. You can buy them at

PackIt Lunch Bags Features

  • Keeps food refrigerator cold up to 10 hours
  • Revolutionary cooling technology
  • Saves money
  • Works great for on-the-go-mothers
  • Great for school lunches
  • Healthy, fresh food anywhere

The PackIt is one of those things that when you use it, you can’t believe it did not already exist because it just makes so much sense! The whole concept is very simple; the bag has the freezer gel built right into it. Keep the bag in the freezer, it folds down flat, and when you need to keep something cool pull the bag out pop it open and throw your food in. Could it get any easier than spoon feed!

When we pack the kid’s lunches, we throw one of those freezer packs in their lunch bag to keep things cool. This works fine provided we remember to put the freezer packs back in the freezer when the kids come home. Too often, we unpack their lunch, but forget to throw the freezer pack in the freezer and don’t realize it until the morning.

With the PackIt, since the bag is your freezer pack and lunch bag in one, it becomes more of a habit to unpack their lunch and store the PackIt in the freezer. The other big advantage to the PackIt is that it can keep food cold for up to 10 hours. The whole bag is filled with freeze gel, since the food inside the bag is surrounded by coldness, it stays nice and cold. Of course, no issues with leaking since the gel are inside the wall of the bag.

The PackIt closes with a Velcro strip on top. This works fine, but it does leave some gaps along the edges. It does not seem implausible that as the kids swing around the bag, things could fall out of the top. Zipper however makes much more secure seal sense to me but curious to know what’s the thought of Velcro over zipper.



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17 thoughts on “PackIt Lunch Bags Review

  1. Bought 4 PackIt bags – various sizes to take to the beach. I purchased directly from the company. I received confirmation of the order and that they took $ out of my account. Several days later, I received shipment tracking information. Several days later when the tracking info continued to say it was not picked up yet, I called the shipper. They informed me that the company had not released the package yet. I called PackIt who blamed the shipper. I continued to call both companies to find out that PackIt had not released the package. The package was finally given to the shipper but not until the day before I left for vacation. The package has yet to arrive and will be left on the front porch as no signature is required. Not sure if the package will still be on the porch when I return home from vacation. Not sure if this product is any good as I have paid for something I never got.

  2. I ordered 3 PackIt Lunch Bags, the S&H is NOT what they stated and charged me an additional 42.00!! They sell them at BED, Bath and Beyond and Amazon. DO NOT lets these scammers scam you, like they did me.

  3. I bought the buy one get one free and gave one to my sister in law. We both hate them. They do leave a puddle and they don’t keep things as cold as advertised. And for that price by the time you’re done with all the charges, it should work a lot better.

  4. I have three of the PackIt Lunch Bags and they are “great”. It keeps the food and drink cold for at least 8 to 9 hrs, which is longer than 2 to 3 hrs when using other insulated lunch bags or boxes. It was worth buying and I have no complaints. I will be ordering more of them.

    • Maine, you are obviously a company employee! You own THREE already and will be ordering more? Hardly! They don’t work as advertised and should be shut down!

  5. I bought Pack-It for my daughter to take to school. It melted all over her back pack and also left a puddle on the lunch table. I’m on line trying to return it.

  6. PackIt No Received

    At least you received yours. I ordered mine over two months ago, and the charge showed up immediately on my credit card, but the Packit Lunch Bags have never arrived. I’ve called their customer service 3-4 times, but always get voice mail. What was the number you called to order it? Maybe I can get through to a live person there.

  7. This PackIt Lunch Bags is a rip off! I called to order these lunch boxes and put in my credit card information and the automated system would not give me a total so I hung up! Well a week later I see the charge come thru on my bank account. I called Pack-it customers service and told them I never confirmed my order. She then told me well you hung up so that confirmed your order. I said well should you not tell your consumers that if you end the call it completes your order? She said well if you would have waited on the phone it would have gave you an option to cancel. Needless to say I’m only getting $19.95 back out of a $32.95 charge due to them charging $13.00 shipping and handling and I have to pay the shipping to return the item! So BE WARE!

    • The same kind of thing happened to me! They charged me $28.80 for shipping! I reported them the the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT order from them.

    • Just happened to me too. I’m in the process of trying to send it back unopened – refused to accept and have my credit card company deal with them. That automated system is for the birds!!!! My $19.95 turned into $40.39. Someone has to do something about them!!!

    • I had trouble with Pack It too. I went to the Better Business Bureau and I got every penny back. That included all the shipping charges. Next time, don’t argue with companies like this. Just report them to BBB.

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