Night Vision Tac Glasses REVIEW

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Night Vision Tac Glasses

These military inspired glasses help sharpen your vision and shield your eyes. Glaring light can affect night vision which can be dangerous for you. Night Vision Tac Glasses block blinding glare helping you see objects that aren’t visible otherwise.

Night Vision Tac Glasses come with an anti-reflective coating and tint that help protect and enhance natural night vision. They work well for driving at night and any other time where visibility is affected by glaring light. Night Vision Tac Glasses are hardy too. They are built to be tough with polymer frames that can bend and flex without breaking.

Night Vision Tac Glasses REVIEW

Javier Ferguson’s review of Night Vision Tac Glasses exposes it to be a disappointing pair of glasses. It didn’t help him see at night or during the rain. The glasses failed to reduce the glare and instead provide the exact same output with a yellow hue.

Another Night Vision Tac Glasses review by Brandy Bass states that these are only good for overcast days and otherwise fail to cut the glare. She also suspects foul play since it doesn’t seem that the glasses are polarized as advertised.

One reviewer, Wilbur Stokes warns that Night Vision Tac Glasses isn’t made using the high-quality material. Instead are poorly manufactured using cheap material and sharp edges that can cut through the skin and provide discomfort while wearing them especially in the nose region.

Sheldon Hart, a Night Vision Tac Glasses reviewer doesn’t recommend these glasses and suggests a visit to the eye doctor instead to get a better, medically-sound option.

One other customer, Mae Lawrence claims that Night Vision Tac Glasses is a total waste of money since it fails to work as promised. According to her review, Night Vision Tac Glasses didn’t really change much except add a yellow hue that worsened the night driving experience.

As per the review by Billie Flores, Night Vision Tac Glasses aren’t a perfect fit as promised and has a bit of distorted lens. Overall the quality of the glasses is also poor and even though they have anti-glare feature, they lack the ability to really make driving a comfortable experience.


Night Vision Tac Glasses Questions & Answers

Q. What is the transmissivity of Night Vision Tac Glasses?
A. The glasses allow most lights to get through but turn them into a yellow color.

Q. Can it be worn over prescription glasses?
A. No.

Q. Are the lenses on Night Vision Tac Glasses anti-fog?
A. No.

Q. Will it fit properly on a woman’s face?
A. These glasses are universal in nature.

Night Vision Tac Glasses Verdict

Night Vision Tac Glasses is similar to many polarized sunglasses available for men and women for the purpose of driving. The features of being anti-glare and cutting stress to the eyes are also found in many competitor glasses such as the BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses. Both of are available on Amazon apart from their manufacturer’s website. Even though these portray similar features, the BLUPOND glasses have a better review and rating over Night Vision Tac Glasses. 318 customers have rated BLUPOND 4.3 out of 5 while Night Vision Tac Glasses has 2.5 rating out of 5 by aggregating 303 customer reviews. We suggest to still look for options and search Google for Night Glasses, Driving Glasses, and Polarized Glasses for driving for a better quality deal over Night Vision Tac Glasses. Also, check Amazon and Walmart’s online store to view similar items and compare them on the basis of reviews and ratings.

Night Vision Tac Glasses Price

Buy Bell + Howell Night Vision Tac Glasses for $19.99 + FREE Shipping at the official website:

3 thoughts on “Night Vision Tac Glasses REVIEW

  1. After trying amber clip-ons, yellow clip-ons, yellow visor, I just test drove my $20 pair of original B&H Tac glasses on a winter’s morn drive to work. I slid them over my rimless titanium glasses.

    The tint was red-orangish, as opposed to yellow-amberish. But they made curbs and pavement edges stand out more. Reduced (or dissipated?) the glare from freakin halogen & led lights too.

    Verdict: I am amazed. They set the clock back on my cataracts at least 2 months. I’ll trade “cheap & cheesy” for “pretty clear vision” any day. If I need a new set every month, I’ll gladly fork over the 20 bucks till I get my surgery.

  2. Bought the normal daytime tac glasses about two weeks ago. Put them on my face today and the frame cracked on the top left side. So… Thanks for that. My first Bell and Howe product. Also my last.

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