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You might have been driving for a long time and are quite confident about your skills as well. But that has nothing to do with the issues you face while driving at night when you have to contend with the glare from oncoming vehicles. Sometimes it’s too dark around for you to drive around safely, while dusk and dawn can be tricky times for you to drive as well. Unfortunately many of us tend to travel to and from work around these times. Thankfully now you can make these journeys a lot safer with Night View glasses.

How does Night View NV Glasses Work

Night View glasses are path breaking in many ways but importantly they have glare reducing properties, which make a lot of sense for you if you tend to drive at nights. They offer you a great deal of clarity, which is something you need when driving in tricky visual conditions. With Night View you will see things clearer and brighter all around you and thus you will have done your best to avoid any mishaps on the road because of vision related problems. You will see things well defined and the glare will be dramatically reduced for your benefit too.

Remember the times when you have been bothered driving at night because of the light coming towards you. Now that problem will be overcome thanks to Night View, which will allow you to drive anytime and anywhere. Night View glasses work on a principle similar to sunglasses, which cut down the glare from sunlight. These glasses simply cut down the glare from headlights and streetlights at night.

The specially coated yellow lenses are at the heart of the Night View glasses because they are responsible for blocking the blue light, which causes glare at nights. These glasses will also be handy for you to drive around in rains because they will avoid the strain that is put on your eyes in these conditions. Night View are not only for driving; they can be used when you go boating, skiing or hiking for that matter. They are functional, stylish and virtually indestructible.



What do I get?
Get 2 Night View NV Glasses for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official website


Night View NV Glasses Video

9 thoughts on “Night View NV

  1. I just tried the NV glasses for the glare on my computer screen and it has helped a lot. So this is another use for them. I will try for watching TV also. Have not driven yet using them, but I will try them for that original purpose next.

  2. I just bought the Night View NV glasses for $10 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. There’s a money back guarantee with buying from their store, so that works for me. Would never buy from the website b/c I’ve heard stories about people buying infomercial stuff and being doubly charged or not getting their refund. Tried the glasses last night-noticed the yellow tint on lights. Will try them again tonight on my way home from work. I will give it a try for a week…and see. Otherwise, I’ll be returning them back to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  3. The whole process of me ordering these NV glasses was a hassle, and they did not work, did not help me with my driving at night time. From the website, I called the phone number to order the glasses because they say buy one get one free, but you have to pay like $8 shipping for each, so I only wanted to order 1 pair. Well when you call to order, you have to order thru an automated process, and along the way you have to listen to at least 5 other offers for tv products, and theres no skipping thru them, so then there was no way to just order 1 pair. You have to order both. They don’t give you a choice. So when I got them, they sent me 4 pairs! They sent me 2 of the BOGO frees. It cost me almost $50. I was so mad. And them with them not working? I packaged them back up and sent them back. So now Im waiting on my refund. I sent them within 30 days of receiving them, so hopefully I will get the refund with no problems.

  4. They do work as advertised but they are very small and flimsy. Almost like kiddie sunglasses. Expensive to get shipped. 2 sets cost me $46. I don’t recommend them at all.

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