Mighty Bite Review

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Someone finally did it. Fishermen round the world say this as seen on tv lure will change fishing for ever. Imagine a lure that will make fish fight hard, hold on, and refuse to let go until you hook and reel them in. Introducing the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure, this 5-sense fishing lure system looks, sounds, smells, tastes, feels and actually swims like a wounded bait-fish. Catch everything from Pan fish to giant bass to trophy sized salt-water game fish. Mighty Bite is by far the best value in fishing today. This as seen on tv bait is ready anytime, anywhere and works as well as live bait.

How does Mighty Bite Lure Work

Fishing is a passion for many and they love to indulge in their favourite activity every now. If you love to go fishing on your own or with your mates, you understand that it can be extremely therapeutic for you. At the same time you want to show off your skills by landing the big fish every single time. And that depends a great deal on the bait and lure system you are using. That’s why; you will find the revolutionary Mighty Bite fish lure system extremely handy. It’s the only proven five sense fish lure system that is available to you today.

There are many fish lure systems out there and then there is the Mighty Bite, which will be the perfect aid for all amateur and professionals alike. One of the greatest advantages of this product is that it’s extremely versatile and works well in both sea and fresh water. And importantly it smells, sounds, looks, feels, swims and tastes exactly like a wounded bait-fish. In fact the similarities are too great, which is what draws the big fish to the bait and offers you sensational results you look for when you go out fishing. It’s also the reason why this product works wonders on all types of predatory fish and draws them in.

The product comes packed with several features that add to its attraction and results it gives. The special bite mark design of the product is one of its highlights and the spasmic action it makes is, incredible to say the least. The 3D Hologram design is another important feature of this product, which creates a strong scented tail that is a huge attraction for the fish and gets them to strike over and over again. In fact it works on all senses from taste to smell, sound, sight and feel, which ensures that you will have the prize catch with you when you go back after your fishing trip.

Mighty Bite Lure Features

  • Works for All Predatory Fish
  • Incredible “Spasmic” Action
  • Unique Bite-Mark Design
  • 3D Hologram Design
  • Creates a Powerful Scent Trail
  • Get Fish to Strike and Strike Often
  • Appeals to All 5 senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Feel and Taste


What do I get?

  • 10 Mighty Bite Lures
  • 12 Adjustable Mighty Bite Fins
  • 12 Rattles that “Sounds the Dinner Bell”
  • 12 Unique Mighty Bite Scent Sticks
  • PLUS Weed Guards, Popper and Tail Weights, No-Miss Deadly Treble Hooks
  • BONUS – Jeff Mancini’s exclusive “Fishing Secrets EZ Guide”

Just $19.95 and just $7.95 processing and handling. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H). NY residents add sales tax to your total order. Orders from outside the Continental U.S. add $10.00. Continental U.S., AK, HI, PR, VI, GU & Canadian orders only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Please Visit The Official website www.buymightybite.com | mightybitesale.com


Mighty Bite Lure Video
A big redfish on mighty bite

Loren Largemouth Bass caught on Mighty Bite

The amazing Mighty Bite Lure


22 thoughts on “Mighty Bite Review

  1. Those with negative messages about Mighty Sight should of DONE THIER ‘HOMEWORK’ FIRST!!!! Reminder: YOU came to them! They did NOT APPROACH YOU!!!! ALWAYS! ALWAYS Check EVERY ONE’s reviews BEFORE PLACING your Order.. Come on! Don’t tell me you ordered the Product WITHOUT CHECKING REVIEWS?? If NOT! it’s YOUR PROBLEM! Not theirs.. STOP! the bad-talk!! May YOU ALL wake UP! AND USE Wisdom before EVER ORDERING AGAIN ON-LINE.. YA ALL got-ta be smarter than a “Box of Rocks”.. Your loss is your gain.. HOPE YOU ALL LEARNED by your loss and Experience.. I have NEVER BEEN “RIPPED-OFF” Due to being so careful.. Let it GO>>> And stop the Bad mouthing… Hope YOU ALL ARE WAYYY SMARTER NOW.. I (((SHAKE))) My head to Stupidity.. Best to YOU ALL!!

  2. Thanks for all the honest reviews,because it saved me money and a headache.i wonder if someone could turn them into the Better Business Bureau if enough people did they may stop them but not sure?

  3. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! The online ordering process is the SHADIEST I have ever encountered with an online retailer. Once you click on “Order Now” you are asked for all of your information including CC info. Then you have you click your way thru about 10 extra product offers all of which carry a separate S&H charge. Once you get to the last one, it automatically processes your order. There is no review process that allows you to delete or modify the order. The email confirmation does not include a cost summary so you don’t know what you’ve spent till you get your CC statement or you look it up on the CC website. SHADIEST ONLINE RETAILER EVER!!!!

  4. How long did it take to charge your credit card? I ordered on phone but hung up while they tried to sell
    me the add ons. Been three days no charge on my visa yet.

  5. I ordered mighty bite on-line, got everything i ordered.
    I didnt get ripped off, 19.95 plus p&h. I didnt get charged extra and they do work, it is the same as any bait its mostly about presentation, and if you watch the video and/or the infomercial jeff mancini says directly, if used properly it will catch you more fish, unfortunately jeff mancini doesnt offer fishing lessons, it worked for me so anyone who says it doesnt work should maybe find a good fishing spot or learn how to present a swim bait.

  6. Huge rip off. Just try to order it at the ‘low’ suggested price. None of the ‘no thank you, I don’t want additional sets’ keys work to process order. Only the ‘yes’ keys work. So when you get your order of extra lures they tack on nearly $30 in shipping costs and the order is 4 times what you planned to spend.

  7. I ordered the $19.95 deal on tv was told that there was no shipping so all I owed was $19.95 order came in today no receipt nothing to show what they charged me I called my bank they charged me $59.80 big difference I tried complaint number it doesn’t work every number ive called they give me another number ITS A RIPOFF A BIG RIPOFF.

  8. I ordered the 19.95 deal on tv was told no shipping all I had to pay was 19.95 order came in today no receipt nothing showing what I paid called bank they charges me 59.80 tried calling complaint number it doesn’t work every number ive called they give me another number to call THIS IS A RIP OFF A BIG RIPOFF

  9. I purchased the $19.95 package with a $9.99 shipping and handling. Mighty Bite charged me double and sent me the 100 pieces they offer and charged my account $69.75. I called to complain and they said thats what I ordered. I ask you why would anyone purchase the 100 pieces when not even knowing if this product works. I’m sending half the package back for a refund but was informed they will not refund the entire amount. What type of business is this really when they advertise %100 refund.

  10. Recently purchased the basic mighty bite system. Tried to order on line, big joke. Browser kept closing each time I entered the site. Ordered by phone, basic kit only. When my order arrived, I received two extra little boxes with additional spare parts I did not order. I was charged $89 and change for my order. Called about returning my order and was told by the CS rep that the shipping & processing fee would not be refunded. ($29.95 WOW!) This product is a major rip-off from the start. Companies like this that falsely mislead their customers are the reason I am more reluctant to make any future purchases online. I am returning entire unused product for a refund. I would not recommend this product to my worst enemy. Even with completely dissatisfied customers that return their purchases for a product refund, Mitey Bite is still making more than $20.00 on every order. What a con they have going on. They make money on every sale regardless of what crap they send a customer, and end up with their crap product(Made in China) to resell to another unsuspecting customer who is overcharged by another unscrupulous company.

  11. This Mighty Bite Lure is a joke. I would not recommend this to anyone. I returned and was charged $9.95 because it was returned. I came in several packages and I’m not even sure I got everything I was suppose to get with this. I would not by this again and would not want to have it if they were giving it away FREE.

    • Once it enters the Postal mail stream it takes approximately three days to receive your order. The problem is always the delay getting it into the mail stream.

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