Magna Optix Review

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About Magna Optix

Magna Optix asserts to be the world’s first sunglasses with magnetic lenses that make its glasses interchangeable quickly. Magna Optix emphasizes to come with blue Polarized day lenses to reduce the sun glare during the day and Amber night lenses to block bright lights at night or on a duller day. Magna Optix guarantees to block out harmful ultraviolet rays and is great to wear all year long.


How does it work

You can block out the glaring sun during the day and bright lights at night in just a second as the creators of Magna Optix allege. The sunglasses claim that all you need to do is click on the blue Polarized day lenses of the glasses during the day to block out the sunlight and click on the Amber night lenses of Magna Optix to impede the glaring lights at night or on a not-so-sunny day. The powerful magnetic frame of Magna Optix promises to hold the lenses securely without the use of clips and holders.

Reduce the bright glare during the day or night

Staring at the sun is impossible and the bright glare of car headlights at night are not conducive for driving, too. But now Magna Optix declares to make things easy with its interchangeable glasses. Magna Optix states that it is the world’s first ever sunglasses that have magnetic lenses that change quickly. With this feature, the sunglasses assure that you can enhance your vision during the day and reduce the glare of lights at night to brighten the way so you can drive comfortably. Magna Optix guarantees to reduce the glare of the sun or headlights and other lights by just clicking on the blue Polarized lenses during the day and Amber lenses at night or on a cloudy day. The powerful magnetic frame of Magna Optix states to hold the lenses firmly without the need for clips and holders.

Block out harmful ultraviolet rays

Along with reducing the glare of the sun or lights at night, Magna Optix also asserts that its polarized lenses to block the harmful ultraviolet rays. Whether you want to go skiing on a snowy winter day, driving on a foggy rainy day or playing beach ball on a bright sunny day, Magna Optix promises that you can wear them and do all the activities with great ease. The magnet in the frame of Magna Optix is alleged to be so strong that it can hold the lenses in place securely even if you play or ski. Magna Optix claims that even the most expensive designer sunglasses cannot work as efficiently as it can. Magna Optix convinces to be especially great for chauffeurs who need to drive during the day and night.

What do I get?

You get Two sets of Magna Optix frames with Electro Clear lenses for just $14.99 USD + $9.9 P&H.Official website

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  1. The product don’t even exist they take the money then tell you that the order was canceled because they are not available then tell you that you were not billed when the truth is that the funds were taken from the account and that there’s no record that the funds were taken

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