Lava Lunch Review

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What is Lava Lunch

It is a lunch box that combines new age functions with design and claims to keep your food hot for up to 5 hours.

Lava Lunch stresses on the fact that it is the only tote that can keep your lunch hot so that you can devour it the way it should be. Many of us like to prepare a nice hot meal so that we can have it for lunch at work. Others might want to send hot lunches with their young ones to school. But the problem is that by the time it is lunch hour, your carefully prepared meal goes cold, which is a nuisance. You want to make sure it stays warm without having to heat it up over and over again. Lava Lunch maintains that now it’s possible with ease as you can gorge on delicious, warm food whenever you want.


Lava Lunch is a combination of design and function

Lava Lunch promises to be effective when it comes to keeping your food hot because it contains specially designed Lava Rocks. They have been created out of organic, plant based material and are capable of absorbing heat right from the microwave. The way it works is that once the interior temperature of Lava Lunch begins to drop, Lava Rocks start to give out the heat that is stored in them. As a result your food stays hot for longer and this can go on up to 5 hours, according to its claims.

Lava Rocks you find in Lava Lunch have also been designed in a way that they don’t leak at any point in time. Even if they are punctured the material stays leak proof and keeps on doing its job for a long time to come.

Lava Lunch is easy to use

Not only does Lava Lunch promise to be effective, it also keeps things convenient for you. To make the most out of its heat benefits you have to place Lava Rocks in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Once that’s done, they are ready to be used. The good news is that Lava Lunch can be used to keep things cold as well and you can simply use the rocks again when they have fully cooled. Every Lava Rock is made using organic material that can be used over and over again; thousands of times.

Lava Lunch and its many benefits

As mentioned earlier, Lava Lunch is capable of keeping your food hot for up to 5 hours. At the same time you can use it to keep things like yoghurt, drinks and fruits cool and nutritious too. Since you will be encouraged to bring food to work from home, you will end up saving a lot of money for yourself. You will also be making the most out of your home cooked food, which won’t be wasted any more. Lava Lunch emphasizes on the fact that it is BPA Free, which makes it safe for use.

What do I get?

You will receive 1 Lava Lunch in your choice of Black, Purple or Blue + 2 Lava Rocks for only $24.95 + $6.95 p/h ea.Official website

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