Lace Keeper Review

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What is Lace Keeper

It is a buckle that can be easily attached to your footwear to make sure your laces stay in place at all times, according to its claims.

Lace Keeper assures you that your shoe laces won’t be undone the way they normally do causing you nuisance. You know how annoying it is for you to leave home for a walk or a run for that matter and realize that your shoe laces have come undone. Not only do you have to stop ever so often to tie them back on but it can also be a safety risk because you could trip over them. But this easy to attach buckle claims to do the job simply for you. We want to know whether you agree with this claim in your Lace Keeper reviews.

It’s extremely simple to use

Not only is this buckle quite useful to avoid this annoying problem, it stresses on the fact that you can attach it to your shoes quite easily as well. To begin with you enter the top and bottom of Velcro ends under the laces. The Velcro ends can then be overlapped before tying up your laces. They can be gathered together and secured in place by connecting the buckle. Did you find their use really that simple? Why don’t you tell us in your Lace Keeper reviews? What if you want to release the laces when you are done with them or want to have them replaced? You just have to release the centre of the buckle and the laces will be released. But since we don’t have enough Lace Keeper reviews we can’t really verify this claim.

Versatile with several benefits for you

This buckle emphasizes that it offers you complete flexibility as you can position it anywhere up or down the laces. Thus you have the option of wearing them wherever you want. Moreover this buckle works with all types of footwear, which is an added advantage. We look forward to hearing about its flexibility in your Lace Keeper reviews. Whether you are running or constantly on your toes at work, you won’t have the hassle of excess shoe laces dragging on the ground or being tangled up. There’s no constant retying or struggling with a double knot either. Importantly as your shoe laces are secure, falls and trips will be avoided too. Lace Keeper reviews should confirm that.

What do I get?

You will get two Lace Keeper for $9.95 plus $11.9 P&H.Official website

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