Instant Fisherman Review

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Are you one of those who’re just crazy about fishing and never let even a single chance to go fishing pass by? If so, then you should definitely explore what over a Million fishermen and women all over the world vouch for and have taken up earnestly. It’s the Instant Fisherman, that’s newer, stronger and better version of the famous Original Instant Fisherman. It’s a great step and achievement in the exciting world of fishing which has made this profession as well as hobby greatly lucrative and fun.


Instant Fisherman

The Instant Fisherman has state-of-the-art features that make fishing thoroughly rewarding and exhilarating. It’s a superlative fishing implement that boasts of strong hinges that can snap shoots like a shotgun, with great super sensitive rod tips for a sniky bash, a foldable crank handle for easy storage and transport along with greatly improved smooth reel with a four to one gear ratio. Due to these, it spreads and catches better and collapses better too.

Thanks to these fantastic qualities, the Instant Fisherman can catch big fish in a jiffy. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, strong enough for any type of fish and also precision balanced for accurate casting work. It functions so smoothly that fishing will be devoid of all hassles and would be pure fun. Its advanced functions lend it so many unique qualities that you feel absolutely sure that you have got the best thing with you.

The Instant Fisherman is the compact, steady and always ready-to-fish fishing system. It is portable as you can easily pack it and move around freely. It can fit in your tackle box, in the glove compartment of your truck or car, your golf compartment or bag pack. It is also perfect for kayak fishing, can be kept in a boat or in RV always.



What do I get?
The Instant Fisherman Portable Fishing Kit is available for just two payments of $19.95 plus $11.92 S+H. Along with that, you get another Instant Fisherman Portable Fishing Kit free on payment of just $11.92 S+H. Not just that, you’ll also receive Fishing Secrets of the Pros and a 10 year replacement warranty even if it gets damaged! So go ahead and buy this dashing fishing implement right away!

Official website Total cost $63.74 (Including $23.84 s/h). 30-day money back guarantee (minus s/h).

Instant Fisherman Customer Service
Instant Fisherman
P.O. Box 402
Neenah, WI 54956-0402

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time.

Phone: 1-800-956-7698

To check the status of your order online, please visit



Instant Fisherman Video


10 thoughts on “Instant Fisherman Review

  1. Bought Instant Fisherman for my grandsons Christmas for about £40. The line broke on the first day of trying out in the back garden. I would say the line breaking is about 1/2 lb. worse than that there are no instructions on how to change the line and three competent fisher men couldn’t work it out. Wish I had read the reviews before buying instead of after. Piece of junk.

  2. Ordered these for my husband to carry in his truck. They were junk when they arrived. Called Instant Fisherman, got a return number and shipped them back. This was back in March 2013. Still have not received a refund. These people need to be reported as I’m sure there are hundreds of others like us, waiting on our money.

  3. I ordered this product on 1/10/13 and have still not received a thing from them. No contact from them. Their customer help line does not work. I thing everyone who has been screwed by this company should call their BBB and have this product remover. And start a law suit against them. This is a scam.

    Reed W. Hoskins

  4. I ordered the product 1/10/13. I have received nothing so far. The customer help line does not work. I thing everyone who has been screwed by these people should call their BBB and complain to them and have this product removed and and start a joint law suit against them.

    Reed W. Hoskins

  5. Instant Fisherman appears to be a BIG con job. They have charged my CC, however, NO product has arrived. ALL their contact details don’t work so I can’t chase anything up. STAY AWAY from these fraudsters.

  6. I just want my products that I paid for and my new ones that I paid shipping and handling for a new set I had 4 different poles thought wow while I work take a break I can fish I have been fighting for many many years to just get what I paid for I literally said a mouth full I got what I paid for….who do I need to get a hold of or send the new to I was told they would send new ones to my address never did It has been since they first come out Ive been sick for 3 yrs and cant fish my kids can so its been a long long long time!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THIS!! then went to and everything is there that needs looked up so I can get my poles….. I just want someone to fix this.

  7. Where do you send your broken or damaged instant fisherman that stands behind the product with a 10 yr warranty and a double guarantee or your money back..Let me know when you pay the shipping again to to have another one send out what is the next step. I purchased and had problems called was told to send to and address and I had to pay shipping again the product was covered but they don’t pay for the shipping everytime you need a new instant fisherman so who or what or whom is needed to correct this product because I been fighting for years to get my products replaced so I can fish again with the instant fisherman also the tackle belts are terrible I understand keep price down but wow that is crap ! Give me a new customer service number not WHERE TO ORDER ONLY!

  8. How is the Instant Fisherman different from the previous Original Instant Fisherman?

    What is the maximum weight that the Instant Fisherman bears?

    How is the Instant Fisherman to be maintained? Dos it need servicing?

    What is the Portable Fishing Kit and how is it to be used?

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