HD Vision Visor Review

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What is HD Vision Visor?

It is a transparent anti-glare sun visor that promises to reduce sunlight and headlight glare and get high definition vision when you are driving.

HD Vision Visor is supposed to help all drivers who tend to struggle on the road because of the glare from the Sun. Many of us have experienced this problem at one point or another and there seemed to be no straightforward solution until now. But you also know that it can be a safety hazard that you just can’t risk. Thankfully now HD Vision Visor is said to have come to your rescue and make things more convenient for you on the road

HD Vision Visor claims to cut down the glare dramatically

When you are driving, the glare from the Sun can become the bane of your existence as you know. That’s where the HD Vision Visor claims to work brilliantly because it reduces this glare during the day. But that’s not all, this HD Vision Visor also has daytime and night lens all rolled into one. Thus it can be quite handy at nights too by brightening your vision and cutting out the glare from headlights as well. Now you can be rest assured that you can be on the roads safely at nights.


HD Vision Visor also claims to add clarity to your vision

HD Vision Visor as the name suggests is all about high definition view, which is the big thing today. And the results are meant to be seen with the help of this visor as well, according to its claims. HD Vision Visor promises to improve colour and clarity for your view when you are driving. It also boosts the contrast, which will have a dramatic impact on your vision while you are driving. The claims that HD Vision Visor improves clarity and contrast are far-fetched. The only result you get using HD Vision Visor is reduced glare and night and day — thus naturally improving your vision. It does not do any magic or science to enhance color and contrast but both the factors improve after the glare is reduced.

HD Vision Visor is convenient to use

HD Vision Visor claims that you can block the glare from the Sun and stop straining your eyes, without actually blocking half your view. Thus you will have complete comfort and vision when driving. But that’s not all; HD Vision Visor is also promises to be easy to install. It clips on to any visor quickly and without any hassle. Without any tricky installations, this visor is meant to work.


Vision Visor Review

  • Does reduce SOME glare at night-time and day-time.
  • Fairly priced at $23, HD Vision Visor offer includes HD Vision Sunglasses also.
  • The manufacturer of the HD Vision Visor does not mention what material is the product made of. One reason for this could be that HD Vision Visor is made of Acrylic.
  • The commercial does not claim that HD Vision Visor is UV-coated
  • Similar branded products sell for under $20 at Amazon.com and other stores, most of them have UV-protection
  • HD Vision Visor does eliminate a little glare but not all both day and night.
  • Cheaply made hinges may not last long. The hinges may become loose after use and cause the visor to flop down.

  • Made in China.
  • HD Vision Visor could be backordered. That is the reason why there no customer reviews for HD Vision Visor.
  • May obstruct view
  • HD Vision Visor makes exaggerated claims of “Enhances color, clarity and contrast”. Products like this are only meant to reduce glare, they in no way improve clarity or enhance color and contrast.
  • The before and after photos on the HD Vision Visor site may be misleading.
  • Not much useful for short people as many other anti-glare visor products like HD Vision Visor do not fold down into your line of vision.
  • Manufacturer does not mention the sizes of the HD Vision Visor (both daytime and night-time lenses). This is crucial because a smaller visor than the standard size will be of no use.
  • Good sunglasses do the same thing.
  • Don’t expect the swivel mechanism to last very long.
  • Not available in local stores

Our Recommendations

We think HD Vision Visor is not a total rip-off. Though it does make some exaggerated claims, you need to understand that it is not a high-tech gadget but a simple anti-glare visor. You can wait till the HD Vision Visor comes in local stores. Or you can buy similar products at Amazon.com (or any other Store). You can use these search-terms to find a product similar to HD Vision Visor – anti-glare visor, day and night anti glare visor, glare shield.

What do I get?

  • Buy HD Vision Visor for just $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H
  • You also get HD Vision Sunglasses

Official website: hdvisionvisor.com

HD Vision Visor Video

12 thoughts on “HD Vision Visor Review

  1. HD Vision Visor is junk. It is made of thin and WAVY plastic (or acrylic) which distorts the visual when you look through it. It is dangerous while driving because of the visual distortion. The two visors (day and night) interfere with each other and the hinge is cheap plastic also. I don’t expect it to last long. It also needs to be wider and lower. When I lower the visor now, is too high for me to see thru without straining my neck and I’m 5’5″.

  2. Mine came by post and it two pieces I’d opaque acrylic, I fail to see what it can do anymore than my standard visor.
    I got caught by the ad, it is a rip off, buyer beware, I am an idiot!

  3. The HD visor is junk. I have a car and a truck and it’s the same for each.
    There’s a 2 inch gap between the two visors and I’m constantly trying to hide from the light that comes through the gap.
    The way it hangs on the visor it blocks your view of overhead traffic lights.
    When you flip the daylight visor up to use the night visor the daylight visor is still in the way.

    It’s junk. If you haven’t purchased it, don’t waste your money!

  4. The visor is easily broken. Mine broke in 3 weeks using very gently. Does reduce sun glare. Do not recommend because it broke so easily.

  5. I have bad night vision & it didn’t do much for me, but it was so heavy that the visor began to sag down. I removed the HD visor & my vehicle visor wouldn’t stay up in place. I have an appointment & may need to replace the whole visor. Don’t waste your money on this piece of junk.

  6. Just saw this commercial on TV. What a crock…the individual shines the light without the protector straight at the screen and states “this could be the sun or a headlight” then moves the light behind the shields….however, the light is now not directly facing the individual (you watching the TV) and instead angled away from customer. Why do the NOT face the light straight at the customer through the shields?

  7. Has anyone tried the HD Vision Visor, does it really work?

    Does HD Vision Visor really reduce glare?

    Is it really HD?

    Is it really easy to install?

    How is the quality of the product?

    Where is it made?

    Is it UV-coated?

    What material is it made of?

  8. This HD Vision Visor is rubbish. It is a Chinese knock-off of the patented Easy View HD. $19.99 for 1 vision visor, when I bought 2 Easy View HD visors for $10. Easy View HD is a much superior product, I threw my Vision Visor in the trash after 2 days. No brainier really.

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