The Handie Handle Review

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What is it?

The Handie Handle is a strong and sturdy handle that lets you get a grip on your beverage containers. With the The Handie Handle in your cup you can distinguish your drink and sip it with style!

The Handie Handle is so amazing, you are sure to love the convenience of the Handie Handle!


The Handie Handle can be used on a variety of beverage containers. The Handie Handle is perfect for stainless steel tumblers like Yeti and Arctica, large cans and glass bottles, double-walled plastic cups like Tervis, BPA free bottles like Nalgene, and many more beverage containers.


Construction and Design
The Handie Handle features a sturdy construction of thick bungee and tough paracord. The Handie Handle is designed to withstand impact, wear and tear, lasting you a long time.

The Handie Handle features a soft material and lay-flat design that makes it very easy to store almost anywhere. The Handie Handle is so versatile, it fits easily in your backpack, back pocket, tackle box, gym bag, glovebox, saddlebag, tool chest, on a hook or carabiner.


Lightweight and Packable
The Handie Handle is both lightweight and packable making it perfect for campers, hikers, boaters, students, commuters and just about anyone!


Colors Available
The Handie Handle is available in 5 amazing colors: Black, Blue, Green Camo, Blue Camo and Pink Camo. These brilliant colors will let you distinguish your drink and sip with style!

Order the The Handie Handle today and sip your drink with style!


What do I get?
You will get The Handie Handle for $15.99
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