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What is H2Glow:

It is a water bottle with flashing LED lights that claims to keep you safe while you are running or cycling at nights.
H2Glow promises to give a helping hand to fitness enthusiasts who like to have a good run when they come back from work. Or it could be that you are into cycling but you know it can be quite unsafe for you out there on the roads in the dark. But rather than the hassle of carrying a flashlight, you can let your water bottle double up as the light you need, according to the claims made by H2Glow.

H2Glow is meant for your safety

You could be running or cycling out in the dark or in bad weather, H2Glow claims to ensure that you stay safe. That’s because this water bottle has flashing LED lights that activate with a simple press of a button. H2Glow stresses on the fact that it can create three different flashing light patterns. And as a result you will be seen in adverse weather conditions as well as during the dark of the night.


H2Glow is packed with features that make it quite effective

One of the highlights of H2Glow is that it guarantees you 360 degrees visibility. Hence you will not have to worry about any dark spots when you are out running. It also makes sense when you are cycling and pull up next to a vehicle, which often is a dangerous blind spot. H2Glow is a handy water bottle for you as well whenever you indulge in your chosen activity. It can carry up to 500 ml of water, according to its claims. Thus you can stay hydrated at all times.

H2Glow for your convenience

H2Glow is available with batteries that can last up to 48 hours of non-stop use. It also fits all the regular bicycle bottle holders making it quite versatile for your use. This cool and sleek looking bottle is available in three fun colours; pink, yellow and clear. Now your safety while running or cycling in the dark is in your hands.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy H2Glow for £9.99
  • You can Choose from 3 different colours:
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Clear
  • Official website: jmldirect.com/uk
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