ECO Pocket Shopper Bag

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What is ECO Pocket Shopper Bag?

It is a reusable shopping bag that fits in pocket or purse and can be kept in its built-in zipper pouch with clip. It can also accommodate a lot of things since it is thick and strong.


Go green. Say no plastic bags

ECO Pocket Shopper Bag is a reusable shopping bag that is promoted as a great alternative to plastic bags. Those who are passionate about going eco-friendly and have been looking for a suitable choice may find this really useful. Since it is reusable, you can stop using plastic bags and be sure you’re doing something good for the environment.

Compact when folded, huge when in use

ECO Pocket Shopper Bag is called so as it can be folded and fitted into a pocket easily. That means you don’t have to carry it separately when not in use but can be simply folded and carried in your purse or even your pocket for convenience.


Far more durable than plastic bags

There’s always a chance of your plastic carry bag getting torn anytime anywhere and everything simply falling off. But the makers of ECO Pocket Shopper Bag guarantee that it won’t happen with it as it is made of durable eco-friendly materials.


Built-in zipper pouch

ECO Pocket Shopper Bag has a smart compact bag design and a built-in zipper pouch. It is designed to be folded, packed up and stores its own zip to hold it in. You can slip this folded bag in your pocket and go out without having to engage your hands in carrying it separately.


Pops out easily when needed

The makers of the bag promise all the convenience you need while shopping as it opens up in an instant without having to struggle with it.

Useful features

ECO Pocket Shopper Bag comes with a number of helpful features such as spacious bottom gusset to hold huge and heavy things in, reinforced handles that you are guaranteed make your bag thick, sturdy and comfortable and the perfect portable bag design.


Stays in your everyday bag easily

Opting for ECO Pocket Shopper Bag means you may not face the inconvenience of forgetting it as it can be easily kept in your bag.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive Three Eco Pocket Shopper for just $9.99 +$7.95 S&H
  • Official Website :

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