Dreamie Beach Towel Review

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Going to the beach is fun alright, but what about the mess it leaves behind, including clothes and towels that end up getting spoilt in sand? And isn’t finding a place to relax at another hassle that worries you whenever you go to the beach? Now get more organized and be fully prepared the next time you make a trip to a beach by arming yourself with the amazing Dreamie Beach Towel, the world’s first fold out beach and pool blanket with a pillow pocket!


Dreamie Beach Towel
Dreamie Beach Towel is several notches better than other blankets that you’ve ever taken to the beach to use. It’s a long, luxurious blanket that makes things absolutely easy and fun on the beach as you can spread it on the sand to lie down on and also cover yourself up from the sun by getting into the huge pocket it has just like a sleeping bag. Besides offering the ultimate protection from the sun, it also has the pillow pocket, the best place to hide your valuable belongings in!

It’s soft and comfortable and can be folded and snapped too for one person as well as for two. It’s the perfect all in one beach-pool blanket that’s not only offers you great alternative to sit or lie on when on a beach or by a pool, but also offers great storage enclosure.

Dreamie Beach Towel is made from poly blend, the soft and durable material that makes it very comfortable to lie and relax on. And when you spread the towel out, you can also snap it at all the four sides so that it remains stretched tight without getting blown by the wind. Besides, you don’t have to get up every now and then to spread it out, in the case of normal blankets!

It’s a must have for every family that loves going to the beach regularly and everyone, including kids will love it. The stylish and practical Dreamie Beach Towel can also be used at the poolside. It’ll definitely become a necessity for every trip to the beach or a pool, so don’t compromise and let go of the greatly useful Dreamie Beach Towel for anything!



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