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What is Clix Sunglasses

It claim to be foldable sunglasses that have silicone covered arms that can be bent 3660 degrees to wrap around anything. The glasses have wayfarer styling and comes with UV protection. Clix Sunglasses claims to be ingenious sunglasses that can easily fold to store and click into place.


Clix Sunglasses CLAIMS

Foldable, flexible sunglasses – It states to have special silicone gripping arms that can conform to any head’s shape for a perfect slip-proof fit. More shall be revealed once Clix Sunglasses is reviewed. Clix Sunglasses alleges that these silicone covered arms can be bent and flexed to 360 degrees to easily wrap around wrists, bike handle bars, car steering wheels, and more. Plus it asserts to have a 180 degree folding frame to make it compact and convenient. Such farfetched claims will be verified once Clix Sunglasses is reviewed.

Styling and protection – Clix Sunglasses assures that its UV400 lenses provide optimal protection against harmful UV rays. Clix Sunglasses alleges to have smart wayfarer design that looks good on men, women and children. Clix Sunglasses maintains to come in 8 different colors to match the user’s persona and choice. At this point of time there are no Clix Sunglasses reviews available to attest to its claims.


What do I get?

Clix Sunglasses REVIEW

Gilbert Wagner, a Clix Sunglasses user reveals that the sunglasses are cheaply built and broke in 3 days. In his Clix Sunglasses review he further adds that its design isn’t appealing as it looks and misses the curve that goes around the ear.

On the contrary, Carroll Reeves found Clix Sunglasses nicer than expected. In his review he says that the flatness of the sunglasses does reflect some light but works great for outdoors. He adds in his Clix Sunglasses review that the sunglasses have a plastic feel to it but the quality of lens is decent for its price.

A review of Clix Sunglasses by Dora Cox states that the lenses are made of poor quality and made her eyes feel tired after prolonged use.

Another user Jennie George complains in her review that the silicone arms in Clix Sunglasses gets stuck in her hair. She liked the concept but says that it didn’t work for her.

Ann McDonald asserts in her Clix Sunglasses review that it broke within three days of use. The molding also felt uneven and fitting wasn’t as great as she expected it to be. Her Clix Sunglasses review further states that she would have liked it more if the construction was solid and the folding mechanism was planned in a more functional way.

A user named Ricardo Hart reviewed Clix Sunglasses as cheap, waste of money. The center assembly is flimsy and broke easily.

According to Bradford Lewis’s review, Clix Sunglasses comes with rubberized frame with a black coating that transfer to the face and ears making it all black.

A reviewer named Glenda Barber claims that Clix Sunglasses is a nice and feels heavy duty but doesn’t really last for long. The folding on the nose is pretty flimsy and is the weakest link in its design. Over all she states in her Clix Sunglasses review that these could have been nice but lacks the quality of durable sunglasses.

Diana Wade, a Clix Sunglasses reviewer, says that its ingenious design lacks the solidness that is required for numerous joints. As per her Clix Sunglasses review the sunglasses broke down in the first week. She warns in her review that Clix Sunglasses is just something that gets a wow factor but doesn’t last at all.

Another customer named Spencer Fuller writes in his Clix Sunglasses review that the sunglasses work fine but can break easily upon falling. He says these are cool looking but not the sturdiest ones.

Lloyd Collier states in his Clix Sunglasses review that the concept behind these sunglasses is pretty nice but they don’t last much. As per his review, Clix Sunglasses have extra joints to fold it actually fails it and breaks it from the center.

A similar review is given by Isabel Newman who says Clix Sunglasses look good but break after few uses. In her review she recommends users not to purchase Clix Sunglasses since it has a plastic body and joints that doesn’t stand the pressure and motion of constant folding and gives away easily.

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