Bucket Stool

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What is Bucket Stool?

It’s an all-in-one seating and storing stool you can sit on when placed over a bucket and simultaneously put things inside it through the gap below. Bucket Stool is a unique stool that aims to make things easy and help you relax when you go about chores at home and outdoors.


Bucket Stool CLAIMS

Smart Solution that Simplifies Tasks
The makers of Bucket Stool project it as an intelligently designed stool that doubles as a lid when you place it over a bucket and sit on it. Since Bucket Stool fits buckets of the most common sizes and has ample gap under it when placed over a bucket, you can pass things under it to store them safely there without getting up.


Fulfils Multiple Needs Effortlessly
Further, Bucket Stool is designed to rotate when kept over the bucket. So when you sit on Bucket Stool, you get additional flexibility even as it remains absolutely steady.

Also, Bucket Stool can be used not only inside your home but also outside; for instance, in the garden while gardening, playing a sport or cleaning. You can use the Bucket Stool in your yard while you perform a task like painting your car there. In addition to that, you can take the lightweight and compact Bucket Stool out while fishing, picnicking or anywhere. You can store things and also sit on it. Besides, when you flip your Bucket Stool over and it snaps into place, you won’t have to use both hands to carry them anywhere.


What do I get?
2 Bucket Stool just for 14.95 only + S/H.
Official Website:getbucketstool.com

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