Better Bags

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What is Better Bags

It’s a reusable sturdy shopping bag that comes with loads of features that make shopping easier. It can clip to the cart, has a broader base for carrying more items and doesn’t spill over while driving.

Shop with ease:

Better Bags promises to be the most suitable solution for every issue that a grocery bag creates. To note a few, the regular grocery bags are quite weak and just tear open with the slightest amount of weight in them. They are very difficult to carry and once put in the car while going back home, they spill over. Another issue noted is trips to and fro the car and home to unload the whole shopping goods. But Better Bags convinces that it overcomes all the drawbacks of a grocery bag and adds up some more superior features for peaceful shopping.


Loads of features:

Better Bags guarantees that it is the most amazing bag that is created with one single thing in mind – shopping. The design accommodates Better Bags to lock itself up and is said to stay secure right in place providing open mouths all the time to stow away items bought. The wider base of Better Bags allegedly stays in place in the car without spilling over and turning. It also helps in storing more produce and goods and it is stated that on an average a single Better Bags can equal a total 7 grocery bags space. Additional front pocket gives an extra space to keep wallets, cell phones and coupons easily. When it comes to sturdiness Better Bagsdeclares to be so strong that it can even store heavy items of up to 40 lbs. with ease without tearing. Better Bagsalso alleges that it can be folded flat when not in use and can be easily placed into the glove box or the side of the seat saving a lot of space. The material used to create Better Bags is claimed to be earth-friendly biodegradable that is quite easy to clean and is safe as it is resistant to mold and mildew.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 2 Better Bags for just $10 + $13.98 P&H.
  • You’ll also receive 1 Insulated Bag for Hot/Cold items.
  • Official website:
  • 15 thoughts on “Better Bags

    1. hmph. Just called the number and they say it was shipped three days ago and should be here sometime in the next week. I’ll believe it when it shows up. I just hope it isn’t a piece of junk like the other stuff I’ve ordered. Still VERY suspicious that the website seems to be shut down. I ordered in August.

    2. I’ve received two postcards telling me of shipping delays, assuring me my card would not be charged. But the website seems to be down now, there are no reviews. Apparently these yahoos ran their ad campaign before they had ANY product on hand. Probably still waiting for Chinese workers to sew them.

      Thoroughly disgusted with this. Sounds like some people were already charged but didn’t get anything. I have yet to order any “as seen on TV” item that wasn’t a piece of junk anyway. The FTC should shut them down.

    3. I was wondering if what the phone message is true that your credit card is not being charged until the order ships? Also was wondering if anyone has got their order?

      • CALL 1-855-668-1655 – DO NOT go to the website they suggest, just wait for the operator to ask you to put in your PHONE # on the order and your ZIP CODE and they can tell you when it will be shipped. The automated system said that your credit card won’t be billed until item shipped…so far this is true. I order 8/22/14, won’t be shipped until around 10/3/14 (so they say). pretty long time I think I should have just checked out “as seen on tv store” close our town instead. When will I learn.

    4. I placed a $40+ order on June 5th, and it’s been almost 3-1/2 MONTHS since I received a confirmation email of my order. They were very fast to charge our card, but I haven’t heard from them since.

      Today I found a phone number and email address, and emailed them. They say you will hear back in 72 hours. I sure hope I do!

      Here’s the info for anyone else:


      Hope it helps! And, I hope we weren’t all scammed!


    5. I also ordered these bags on June 8,2014 and as of this date I have not received the product and the only thing I got was a confirmation of my order with the order number 12190231. I have been trying to find a phone number or an email so I can find out what is happening. If you have a phone number or email please email it to me thank you.

        • Hi Deb! Thank you for the info you sent. I tried calling the phone number u gave and I got an automated system that said that if I ordered the better bags my credit card would not be charged until the order was shipped. I wanted to speak to a real person and all that happened was they sent me to a answering machine that says to leave your name and number and someone would get back to me. So far I haven’t heard anything. But I am a very persistent person so I will keep trying. If I get thru to someone I will let you know. Thanks again

    6. I also ordered the get better bags on June 8,2014 order number 12190231 and have not been able to find a phone number or an email address to get in contact with them if you could please email an address or phone number I would greatly appreciate it. I saw this on a commercial thank you.

    7. I ordered 3 sets of getbetterbags, order #12175247. It is June 19th and I have not received my shipment. The shipping total was some $41.94!!! The actual order was $30.00. I have not heard from this company and can’t seem to locate a phone number or contact email address. A confirmation email is all that I have received. This concerns me as to the validity of this company.

    8. On 6/6/2014 I purchased the Get Better Bags. It is now 6/17/2014 and I have not received any kind of feedback such as an email on shipping info. My order number is 12182560. Also, if I wanted to order by phone is there a number I can call to check on my order?

      • Eileen, I have the same situation. Same order date everything except today is the 18th. I hope this isn’t a rip off. I have found no way to contact this company.

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