Ambervision Glasses Review

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Do you spend almost $100 on a single pair of sunglasses? Even if your sunglasses are expensive and branded they do not necessarily protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But now you can choose Ambervision, the sunglasses that do not just look stylish but also block the harmful UV rays with their amber lens that block the blue rays. It’s very rare to find a combination of style, UV protection and also crystal clear vision in any sunglasses.

How does Ambervision Glasses Work

Most of the regular sunglasses are expensive and even if they do block UV rays, the vision is usually dark and you cannot see things clearly. But not with Ambervision; it filters 100 % UV rays while giving you crystal clarity and not giving you dark vision whether you use then indoors or outdoors. Ambervision has the classic retro aviator look and they look so stylish that anyone would think you are wearing expensive designer glasses.

The secret of Ambervision lies in its feature of blocking the blue rays, that are known to cause haze and fog, and letting only those rays that can focus penetrate through the glasses to give you crisper and clearer vision. The glasses also protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays that can cause eye diseases like cataract and retinitis. Traditional sunglasses make your pupils open wider thereby making the higher levels of UV rays enter into your eyes in turn damaging them. But this harmful problem is prevented by Ambervision with its UV-400, which is the best protection against UV rays. That’s not all. The lenses of Ambervision are constructed with the patented and durable CR-39. You can buy Ambervision without the worry of its size not fitting you since one size of the sunglasses fits all. The high technology of the sunglasses also eliminates glare so you can wear it to the beach or while playing any sport. Ambervision is available at the price of just a fraction of regular expensive sunglasses and if you buy the special glasses now you will get a second pair of Ambervision free.



What do I get?
2 Pairs of Ambervision for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website



Ambervision Glasses Video

3 thoughts on “Ambervision Glasses Review

  1. bought a new pair of amber vision glasses for 50p on the market. Great – really 80’s vintage retro – you’ll stand out from the crowd! Vision is bright and clear – even if the world does appear in 50 shades of yellow.

  2. Bought a pair on the market for 50p! Really 80′ retro style. But they are quite good, if you don’t mind seeing the world as 50 shades of bright yellow…..

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