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What is Pen Pal?
Struggling to find a pen when you need one can be such a hassle and extremely inconvenient. Now there is a simple and easy way to always ensure you will have a pen wherever you need one. Pen Pal claims to be a revolutionary new stick anywhere pen holder that keeps a pen wherever you need one.


How does Pen Pal work?

Pen Pal guarantees to be versatile making it great for use anywhere. Simply peel and stick it to keep your pen within your reach. It promises to stick to most surfaces making it perfect for notepads, refrigerators, in the car and clipboards. Pen Pal maintains that it is ideal for use in the workshop or garage, a great travel companion, and can be used anywhere in the home, work areas, office & school. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Pen Pal is reviewed.

Pen Pal emphasizes that its flexible design holds a variety of pen sizes. This claim of Pen Pal will be attested only once users review Pen Pal.

It also proclaims to fit any decor because it is available in plenty of assorted colors. Pen Pal states that it is extremely durable and is made from long-lasting rubber. Sounds too fanciful, Pen Pal reviews will expose it soon.

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