Simply Nails Review

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About Simply Nails

Simply Nails claims to be a nail system that can give you naturally glossy and shiny nails right at home. It promises to eliminate the use of chemicals and acetone to keep your nails safe and healthy at all times. The shine of Simply Nails is assured to last for a whopping two weeks and it takes just seconds to smooth, shape, and shine your nails right at home. With Simply Nails you are assured to save hundreds of dollars on salon visit for manicure and it also declares to be great for toenails to give you a pedicure right at home.

How does it work

The Simply Nails system maintains to have an automatic nail polisher that buffs, smoothes, and shines your nails. Simply Nails states to have two roller head attachments for smoothing and shining. The first roller assures to smooth the ridges and bumps of the nails and the second roller head buffs and polishes them. The non-abrasive rollers of Simply Nails assert to spin at 2,400 RPM to smoothen and polish the top layers of your nails to make them look naturally bright. The device alleges to be handy to give you complete control and work on the nails in seconds

Reveal the natural shine of your nails

Nails tend to look dull every now and then, for which women usually apply nail polish. But the chemicals in nail polish and acetone can do more harm than good to the nails. Visiting salons for nail jobs is expensive and doing it at home is messy and time consuming but now with Simply Nails you can reveal the natural beauty of the nails and make them bright right at home easily and quickly and make them look beautiful without using nail polish. Simply Nails alleges to have an automatic nail polisher that buffs, smoothes, and shines the nails and make them naturally glossy and shiny. The two roller head attachments of Simply Nails – one for smoothing and the other for shining – convince that you wouldn’t need nail polish to make your nails look bright again. With this, Simply Nails emphasizes to smooth, shape and shine your nails right at home.

Also great for toenails

Not just fingernails, Simply Nails also declares to be perfect for toenails to give you a salon grade pedicure along with manicure. Nails are promised to be polished and presentable in just seconds with Simply Nails so that you can go out and shine even if there are impromptu party plans or if you are too busy to go to a salon. The shine brought by Simply Nails is emphasized to stay for as long as two weeks. Simply Nails proclaims to be handy and lightweight to give you complete control to work on your nails perfectly. With this feature it also states that you can carry it in your bag if you need to go out and even on travels so that your nails will always be bright and beautiful.

What do I get?

You get simply Nails™ set and Sure Clip for $14.95 USD plus $11.9 P&H.Official website

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