Pink Armor Nail Gel Review

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Who doesn’t want to look their best every time they go out? That’s why you look after your hair, makeup, outfits and accessories before you step out of the house. But you often forget your nails or deliberately overlook them because you have to spend huge amounts to get them done in a salon. However having battered, unkempt nails can bring your whole well put-together look down. Thankfully now you can rely on Pink Armor Nail Gel to make you look your best from head to toe. Using Pink Armor Nail Gel is like getting a professional manicure at home.


Pink Armor Nail Gel Review

Fake – Suzie who bought Pink Armor Nail Gel complained in her review that it doesn’t have the unique pink tint like the other bottles. It doesn’t dry with a hard shiny gel like finish that you expect. She thinks this product is not what it claims because when she opened the bottle there was a foul chemical odor. It is thin and watery and not thick like the original Pink Armor Nail Gel. When you look at the bottle you see that it’s not the Pink Armor Nail Gel that is distributed by Ontel Products Corp, Fairfield NJ 07004, but is made in China. She wishes she had bought $.99 bottle of clear polish from dollar store.

Bad product – Lea who used Pink Armor Nail Gel exposed in her review that she was initially okay with the product but stopped using it after her nails started peeling. First it was just a couple of nails but now they have all peeled and are short. She also suggests that you need to follow the instruction of taking it off in 5 days. That’s because another new grew under her nail and it was an extremely painful experience.

Gives a funny glow – Jasmine who reviewed Pink Armor Nail Gel revealed in her review that it gives her nails a funny glow or lavender tint when sunlight hits it. It is also nowhere close to the strength that it is advertised. She is annoyed by the fact that the nails start peeling off after a while. They don’t get strengthened and scratch, chip easily. For its quality, she thinks it’s an expensive product.

It has serious problems – Ruth who bought Pink Armor Nail Gel complained in her review that after a couple of weeks she noticed a white patch in the center of her nails. When she removed the polish to reapply she realized that it was her nail that was peeling off. Every time she puts her hands in water she has to use cuticle trimmer to snip the nail in the middle of the finger. Her nails are very thin and sensitive and her friends are asking her to sue the company.

How does Pink Armor Nail Gel CLAIM to Work?

The secret of Pink Armor Nail Gel lies in its Keratin rich gel, which works from right under your nails to restore them to a healthy state. Now you can bid goodbye to battered nails by simply brushing Pink Armor Nail Gel on your nails. It will provide an adequate coating and support to your weak and damaged nails. If your nails have been damaged because of gels, glue or acrylics then Pink Armor Nail Gel can work wonders and restore them to the best shape possible.

Pink Armor Nail Gel can be used as a base coat to great effect. The whites will look whiter and brighter, while the nail beds will look pink as they should be. If you have recently manicured your nails then you can enhance its longevity by applying Pink Armor Nail Gel as a top coat over your chosen nail polish. Pink Armor Nail Gel is extremely versatile and every time you have it on, you’d have nailed your look to perfection.

Instructions of Using Pink Armor Nail Gel
Though the Pink Armor commercial claims to apply the coat once a week, it is suggested to apply 3 coats to start with. Then keep adding 1 coat every other day to build up the hard gel layers.


Warning : It contains a chemical, which is known to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm, in the State Of California.


Ingredients : Ethyl Acetate , Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimelitic Anhydride Copolymer, Water, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Isopropyl Alcohol, Etocrylene, Fluorescent Brightener 367 “Dubenzoxazoyl Naphthalene”, Red 6 Lake, Calcium Panthothenate, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Yellow 11, Violet 2.


What do I get?
You can buy Pink Armor Nail Gel for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge at You also get a Glass Nail File and another Pink Armor Nail Gel plus Glass Nail File with your offer.

30-day money-back guarantee (less shipping, processing, and handling).

Pink Armor Nail Gel Customer Service
973-439-9035 or Customer Service hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (Eastern Time).

126 thoughts on “Pink Armor Nail Gel Review

  1. Horrible product. They have changed the product. Was a light pink. Now a fluorescent pink and stinks. Takes forever to dry n

  2. Ontel Pink Armor was the best. Re-ordered on line (not from Ontel) product different in color (an ugly brighter pink now) & DOES NOT work like Ontel’s did, it peels and chips nothing like original Ontel Pink Armor (I wish they still sold in stores in the As Seen On TV section). Don’t buy unless it’s sold by Ontel.

  3. I’ve been using Pink Armour for months and have enjoyed the results. However, today I noticed white spots appearing on my nails, which I’ve never had before. Makes me very concerned about long term use IMHO.

  4. I ordered this gel on the 2nd Aug 2018 6 weeka later no arrival. Have emailed them about 8 times now they have not bother replying. Really discusting. No other way of contacting them to complain. Put me off buying on line.

  5. I have been using Pink Armour for 4 weeks now without any progress. I ordered mine off facebook- but one get one free. Ordered 2 lots and only received one. Also it sayes made in China I think I have been scammed as the strong chemical smell gives me a headache. Does anyone else find the smell unbearable. Not sure if I have been sold something other than the genuine product.

  6. I ordered the three bottle deal and it has been put on my card but I am yet to receive it. I order this back on Feb. 18 th. and this is now into the first week of April. It said shipping was insured world wild. I have sent many emails to no reply. Whats up with my order

  7. I loved how you did this commercial. Crazy thing is this… The Pink Armor Nail Gel looked great on TV, and it also looked great on my nails. The growth is really wonderful and the coloring of my nail has improved. I get compliments on my nails everywhere I go. My problem is…..AS SEEN ON TV store sales only last a little while. I can’t find the Pink Armor Nail Gel anymore. My nails are suffering. Help me find where to purchase Pink Armor Nail Gel…. Beverle’ Thomas P.O. Box 26162, Charlotte, NC 28221…803-342-0293.

    • the phone # they gave on this is the lady says a wrong # I confirmed the 803-342-0293 with her and she said that is her # but not Pink Armour. I am thinking I need to investigate this even further now.

  8. No one product works for everybody. I love, love Pink Armor polish. It is one of the few polishes that can withstand the frequent abuse I inflict on my nails. I’m a nurs so I wash my hands all day long for 12hrs. Oh and don’t forget the hand sanitizer. That stuff eats most polish for lunch. I don’t have those problems with Pink Armor and I love that pale pink tint.

  9. I wore acrylic nails and they damaged my nails. I started getting manicures but my nails would not grow. They were short and stubby. I began using Pink Armor about two months ago, and for the first time in my life I have strong and beautiful long nails! Thank you for this product. I recommending it to my friends and family.

  10. Pink Armor nail gel is really awful for my nails. It might be okay for other people, bit I had to stop using it because my nails are splitting into layers, even down below the whites. Even three weeks after I last removed it from my nails, all of my nails are still peeling off and breaking. My nails have never been this badly cracked. I will never use this product again.

    • I agree totally. I used to use Lizgy which was ideal for my nails, then it went off the market so bought Pink Armor what a disaster, my nails look disgusting, will never buy the product again!

    • I have been wearing nail tips for more than 7 years. I have very thin nails and suffered a lot of nail damage until I found one tech who was very careful with my nails. I recently moved to another state and couldn’t find a tech I liked, so I had my acryllics taken off. My natural nails looked horrible from years of mechanical filing! I found a bottle of Pink Armor Nail Gel at Target in a clearance bin and decided to give it a try hoping it might cover up the rough spots while my nails grew out. OMG! My nails looked beautiful when I applied 2 coats! The pink color was pretty and the nail tips look bright white! I LOVE this polish and found a second bottle at Walmart. This is the first time in my life I have not been embarrassed to show my natural nails. I wish they would make other colors. I remove the polish once each week, and leave my nails bare for 24 hours while I treat my cuticles with a vitamin e oil. I wear the Pink Armor for the other 6 days/week. I am thrilled to have found this product!

      • Found it at Fry’s in the As Seen On TV isle the other day. I’ll give this product a try & hopefully have success like you.

  11. I have been a licensed nail tech since 1988. My nails are oily and polish always peels off within hours. Pink Armor is the first polish to ever harden my nails and last for days. What’s the key? Make sure you wash your hands, clean your nails off with rubbing alcohol and then apply a thin coat. I use it daily without a problem. No more buying Essie, OPI, Creative Nail, China Glaze, Sally Hanson, etc. for my nail hardener! I love you Pink Armor!

    • Thanks for the rubbing alcohol tip, I’ll give it a try. I don’t get routine manicures & was curious about this product. My nail care consists of washing & then using a nail brush which leaves my nails & cuticles looking healthy.

  12. I used Pink Armor Nail Gel as instructed and it would peel off my nails. It would not stay on my nails. I so desperately wanted my nails to grow, but this did not work for me. I would love to have my money back.

    • I have always had thin, peeling, splutting nails. Then I tried pink armor nail gel. It is wonderful. If you apply a coat under the tips of your nails, it is even better. I usually use at least two coats.

  13. I’ve used it since July of 2013. I am a hair dresser for 26 years. It’s the best thing I used in years on my nail. And they are nicer then ever before.

    Thank you.

  14. I’ve had my Pink Armor for a couple months now, but haven’t used it yet. Since reading some of the bad reviews…think I’m going to try a clear protective coat on b4 applying the Armor and change every 4 days. We’ll see what happens.

  15. I love love love this product My nails never break and the polish stays on until I change color. I hope they never stop selling it . I have never had such beautiful nails.

  16. I have never had such beautiful nails I am on my fourth bottle. They are picture perfect nails love this product.

  17. I bought pink armor and my nails are still breaking and chipping I am very disappointed in this nail armor. All I asked for was something to keep my nails from breaking and for my nails to grow without having to put fake nails on but I guess I was asking to much waste of money will never recommend this product to anyone.

  18. Pink Armour Nail Gel has been a nightmare for me. I used it for a month and my nails started to turn white in spots and I ended up having one nail start to come off, had to go to the doctors as it was painful and I was worried. She said to stop using this product as I could see and she could that if I used it anymore, I would continue to lose my nails. I took it off and have not used it for 3 weeks, my nails are getting better but I did end up losing one nail. That was not fun.

    I would like to get a refund for this lousy product and I have spent a lot of money on doctors visits and tests.

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! My nails were constantly splitting and peeling-I was hiding my hands, it was depressing!! Found Pink Armor at Walgreens and with in a few weeks my nails had greatly improved. I now use this as my basecoat and topcoat, my nails are now very long, strong as ever and no splitting or peeling! I have recommended Pink Armor to anybody that will listen! Thank you!!

  20. I got my Pink Armor Nail Gel at Walgreen’s and was happy to see I had that pink and white manicure look. I painted some on my friend Julies hands. I told her to remove in one week as it states on bottle??? she forgot and painted polish over it. and when she went to remove her polish she was shocked to see stained orange nails that are so so thin and ridged and rippled! she has always had nice white healthy nails??? I feel really bad!!! So far it works for me??? it seems odd? I think it has to do with remembering to remove once a week???? I tried to find out what happens if you don’t take off once a week??? REPLY IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ANYONE???

  21. There are a lot of very good As Seen on TV products. The Pink Armor Nail Gel can be bought at CVS and returned if you don’t like it.

  22. I don’t know why so many negative Pink Armor Nail Gel reviews. I have used every product on the market, to strengthen my nails for years, and this product really does what it says. Every other product, after taking it off, left my nails brittle and splitting. When I take off “Pink Armour”, my nails are shiny, and as strong as I have ever seen. I wash dishes by hand all week and work in a restaurant, my nails are constantly under water, and I can honestly say, after 7 days, “Pink Armour” is still on…no chipping, no peeling. I have to keep looking at my long nails, because I can’t believe they are really MINE! I LOVE this product!

  23. Wish I had seen this site before I bit! I ordered one set of Pink Armor Nail Gel per TV ad supposedly for $10. They shipped two sets and four of the nail manicure sets. The S & H charge was $27.96 and the product $20.00. This Co. is not legit! I wish I knew you could buy from Walmart.

  24. I bought Pink Armor Nail Gel at Target $14.99 (didn’t know it was cheaper at Walgreens or Walmart). I apply one coat on my nails and my nails are shiny for the whole week, it does not chip or peel and I do not use gloves when my hands are in water. It also fills in the ridges that I have on my nails which smooths them out which reduces me having to buff them. I like shiny nails and I used to apply clear nail polish but it would start peeling off after a couple of days, that never happens with Pink Armor. One last thing when the nail on my middle finger would start to grow out it would split down the middle and I would have to keep it trimmed short, so far I’ve been able to grow it with no splitting. With all the bad reviews I will keep an eye on my nails just in case they do start peeling, hopefully that doesn’t happen.

  25. I tried Pink armor, but I didnt like it my nails keep breaking. I am a cashier and all I do is bang them and they are broken, I get better results with several coats of nail polish.

  26. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Everyone notices and compliments my nails. They’re long, strong and super glossy. Also applying this over your regular nail polish will make it last for a long time, mine usually last for about 2 weeks looking great. I have never been so proud of my nails. It is such a great feeling to have so many compliments and to be able to say that I done it myself at home. My only concern now is, running out!

  27. I was going to order this Pink Armor Nail Gel and I’m so glad I found this site to open my eyes. Thank you all for your honest reviews. I don’t need my nails to be worst than what already are, after many years of going to the Nail Salon and expending so much money on acrylic on my own nails it took for ever to get my nails back to being healthy, I decided to stop a year ago and now my nails are better but it took almost a year to have them healthy and I don’t want to go back to damage them with anything not worth it. Now I just buy regular stuff from Walt mart and they look very nice. But we ladies always looking to make it better anyway, so I was very close to buy this. I won’t be getting it. Thank you all for the warning. Good to know. Good luck to all of you and I hope you all find a great treatment and share it with us. I will do the same.

  28. I bought this Pink Armor Nail Gel at Walgreens and was so excited to see the results. Soon I realized that this is just an over priced clear nail polish, its nothing like the gel and it makes your nails chip and break. REFUND!!!!

  29. After waiting two months ordered from tv only used one day hope product will work. Do not know how well product is yet after reading reviews, will order from Walmart if not satisfied. Sorry for other bad reviews, dont give up hope.

  30. I purchased a bottle of “Pink Armour” from Walgreens. At first it did seem to help my nails. After a couple of weeks, though, my nails started to peel and split. Then they broke. For over 2 months now, I have been trying to get them to grow out. They still look awful with the peeling and breaking. That stuff ruined my nails. I am wondering if they will ever grow and look nice again. I would never recommend this to anyone. Whatever is in it just made my nails a mess.

    • The exact same thing happened to me. I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased the Pink Armor Nail Gel product. It’s a shame, too, because I really liked how my nails looked for a couple of weeks. Now they are peeling and nasty.

      • I’ve been using this Pink Armor for about two weeks and my nails look worse than ever! And it burns my eyes when I put it on. It looks nice on but when I take it off my nails look like crap!

  31. I had ordered Pink Armor. I was not happy it mad my mails peel and chip bad this is why this Pink Armor Nail Gel has formaldehyde in it I don’t want to put that on my nails.

  32. I ordered Pink Armor Nail Gel in December 2012, at first it was on back order but when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprise. I used the product and loved it, my nails are much stronger and they are no long chipping. I am completely satisfied. My nails have grown so much that my friend asked if I had on tips.

  33. I have been using pink armor for 3 weeks, and I cannot see where they have grown any,, The color tint is pretty but the ends still break.

  34. I bought “Pink Armor Nail Gel ” nail gel a few months ago thinking it would live up to the commercial cuz my nails are very thin and weak and chip and peel very easily but after using only this nail polish for the past few months have found that NO it does not work like the commercial says it does. While it makes my nails look very nice as if I just got a manicure by no means is it worth the $10 it cost. :-/

  35. Bought the Pink Armor Nail Gel at Wal Mart $9.88 this past weekend. Put a first coat on… looked ok, slighty pink tinge, and SUPER glossy. Waited a day and put another coat on. Everything looked ok UNTIL it started chipping and peeling, which I noticed 4 days after the original coat. For me this polish is DEFINTELY NOT worth the price I paid for it.

    Review Pink Armor Nail Gel

    Does Pink Armor Nail Gel work well on damaged nails? NO

    Does Pink Armor Nail Gel support your weak nails? NO

    Can Pink Armor Nail Gel be used equally well as a top coat and a base coat? YES

    Does Pink Armor Nail Gel give professionally quality results? NO

    Do you think Pink Armor Nail Gel is reasonably priced? NO



  37. I have been using pink armor nail gel and it ruined my nails, now my nails are peeling and are chipping very easily, I don’t believe in this garbage and I think you are falsely advertising.

  38. This Pink Armor Nail Gel is not a scam it really works!!! I had almost given up on having nice nails and was ready to get nail tips. I remember seeing part of an infomercial about pink armor and how good it was supposed to work so I copied down the phone number but never called, then one day I saw it at my local drug store and I picked up a bottle. I had tried just about every product out there so what did I have to loose except the price of the product nothing else worked so what the heck right? Thank heavens I took the chance and bought that bottle it worked and only in a short amount of time. I love my nails now no more dipping, splitting, cracking, or weakness. You have a faithful customer in me, I will buy this product as long as you continue to make it, I tell everyone who will listen to me about pink armor, I also look like I have a French manicure, and it is fantastic.

  39. I bought this since my nails are always peeling and cracking…I have a job that requires me to type 8 hr a day…This product is wonderful..I have the healthiest looking nails without the salon price…I really wish you would consider making this in a wide range of colors…I would love to purchase them…. I will never waste my money at the salon again….Love it Pink Armor Nail Gel total lives up to it’s promises…Buy it and you will never live without it…My nails shine and stay beautiful all week long, no matter how many dishes, yard work or typing I do…This is the best product ever…Please make it in alot of colors…It would be another best seller…

  40. I absolutely love this product!! I tore off my acrylic nails and being the curious person I am I used the product right away without filing my nails or anything. I wish I could post a picture but they look AMAZING!!!!! I love it!!! Just one coat made them feel and look soooo strong I am gobsmacked!! I got this product at walmart in the as seen on tv section for only $9.88 NO ADDITIONAL FEES!! The website for this product is outrageous they make you add additional products and shipping and handling fees where as walmart you grab it off the shelf and that is the only fee!!! I sure hope word gets out there about this product and remains on the shelf because I WILL BE BUYING MORE!!!

  41. I’m so sorry for everyone who’s been ripped off online when ordering this Pink Armor Nail Gel! I bought it yesterday at Family Dollar for $10.00 (one bottle, no file) and I REALLY like it. CVS also has a ” As seen on TV” section of the store. I put on one coat last night and one more this morning. I had pink and white nails for years, and loved them, but had to give them up because it gets really expensive, and you start feeling like a a freakin slave to the nail salon. Of course my nails were paper thin for a long time. I got them back to”normal” but could never grow them out.I then tried a professional gel manicure. The polish started chipping the next day, and it cost me like $35.00 plus tip.WHAT A RIPOFF! Put 2 coats on like I did and then one every other day. If it’s nice out, sit outside so no fumes bother you. I swear my nails are now as hard as, well, nails! Ladies, report the scammers to the Better Business bureau. Good Luck!

  42. HORRIBLE!! My nails are worse than before- they break and chip and the “gel” peels and cracks off getting snagged in everything- this is a scam and waste of money!

  43. I REALLY like this product, though I did not buy order it by phone. Instead, I bought it at my local Wal Mart where I did not need to pay for shipping and could just return it if I did not like it. Pink Armor Nail Gel make my nails thicker, helping them to grow an minimizing cracks on my nails. I put it on an remove and recoat once or twice a week, depending on my activities. LOVE IT, recommend it to everyone with thin nails.

  44. I am very happy with Pink Armor Nail Gel. I use vinyl gloves multiple times every day in my practice. The polish lasted the entire week. I didn’t “cure” it using UV lights, because I didn’t know about it. I simply applied it like regular polish and was very pleased about how well it lasted. Furthermore, I purchased it at Walgreens, not through the mail, and thus saved shipping and hassles.

  45. Just buy Sally Hansen, it is way cheaper and works better! Pink Armor Nail Gel is NOT like salon gel nails, it is just a pink tint clear polish that costs a lot and does not wear as well as Sally Hansen does. The shipping is also very expensive. If you are going to fall for it, be sure to buy it at a store like Walgreens etc that has a no hassle return policy & you will not get ripped off the postage.

    A friend fell for it and let me try it, I got the same results she did- lasted as long as a cheap polish & no miracles like they claim. You don’t get refunded the outrageous shipping & handling & return postage, you get ripped off even if you return. Read the ingredients too- yuck!

  46. After a 4-month wait for the product to arrive, I was very disappointed. It ruined my nails within 1-1/2 weeks. My soft, somewhat peely nails became at least twice as bad and I had to keep cutting them down to the quik. I’ve started using a different product this week to try to repair some of the damage caused by Pink Armor Nail Gel and it seems to be helping.

  47. I have been using Pink Armour for over a week and my nails are hideous. They are breaking and splitting more than ever. I would like to get a refund but not sure how. I purchased it at Boscovs.

  48. I ordered the pink armor from their site, and received it yesterday, so far I really like it, they also sent me a really nice manicure set and some sort of disk to make designs on my tips, only problem is they could of put instructions in with the nail design disc.. otherwise so far I really love pink armor.. it actually looks like I’ve had them professionally done.


  49. I bought the Pink Armor Nail Gel at Walgreens for $9.99, 2 weeks ago. My nails are very brittle, and chip and peel constantly. I put on the Pink Armor Nail Gel and my nails instantly looked better. The nail gel did not chip, and my nails have not cracked or split since I started using it. I can normally only keep polish on my nails for 1 day before it chips or peels off. I was amazed that after 1 week the nail gel was still on and I actually had to use remover to take it off and apply a new coat. I am a hair stylist, my hands are constantly in water, or in gloves and this nail gel has not been effected by my job and it has actually protected my nails. I am very satisfied with the Pink Armor Nail Gel and it was definitely worth the $9.99 I spent on it. With my cosmetology license I can purchase all professional nail products at cost, and I was a bit hesitant to purchase this at full price but I am glad I did. It does not have the harsh effect on my nails like the professional gel sets with the UV light I have purchased before. I highly recommend this product and I use it on my clients and so far every one of them have been pleased.

  50. For those of you saying that you paid $19.99 and above for a bottle of this stuff, you are over paying! You can get Pink Armor Nail Gel nail gel at Wal-Mart for just $9.99. I got mine, and so far it’s working great! My nails are thicker and longer. Using it as a top-coat works like a dream. The commercial says that all you need is one coat once a week, but that probably won’t work if you have weak, brittle or cracked nails. I suggest using the Pink Armor Nail Gel nail gel as a base coat, wait for it to dry (which doesn’t take long), then apply 2 coats of a regular nail polish color, and finally use the Pink Armor Nail Gel as the top coat. In the middle of the week, apply one more coat of Pink Armor Nail Gel over your manicured nails. Repeat this process every week for 4 weeks. This is how I used it on my nails, and so far so great! 🙂

    As for those complaining that they never got their order,that is with ANYTHING that you buy online or off of television. I highly suggest going to your local Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s. It’s only $9.99, and you don’t have to pay S&H. 🙂

    • Yes you can get it from Walgreens, or Walmart, but if you read the back of the label, it is not 100% money back guarantee unless you buy it from their direct site… it is cheaper from the internet, even though i paid a total of $24.95, I received 2 bottles of pink armor, 2 manicure sets, and 2 nail art for tips disc..

  51. This Pink Armor Nail Gel is a scam. All we got were two bottles of clear nail polish, which we applied (it was clear, not tinted pink) and I had 3 broken nails within 1 week and my mother had 2. We weren’t doing anything that would cause the nails to break. They did not send a shipping order in the box or no receipt so it is going to be very difficult to get my money back. WARNING: THIS STUFF IS NOTHING MORE THAN EVERYDAY CLEAR NAIL POLISH AND DOES NOT HELP A BIT!!!

    • Wherever you bought yours at. YOU GOT SCAMMED. I have used Pink Armor Nail Gel for over 2 months and it works wonders on my nails. I have EXTREMELY nasty brittle nails. I saw this product @ Walmart (didn’t even know it existed.) I saw it was $9.99 and thought “Damn, that’s expensive, HELL NO!” After some thought, I decided to try it and found it to be very good.

      So, if you cant get your money back, NO receipt. LOOK at your local Walmart or Walgreens and buy it there. PINK ARMOR IS A TINTED PINK COLOR AND GOES ON A CLEARISH COLOR. (if that makes any sense) . Don’t give up hope just yet, buy it from Walmart and try the REAL stuff before you make your final thoughts. Sorry you got scammed… -_- That is always a real deal breaker for anyone. -ENJOY!-

  52. I can’t believe how much money I have spent trying to get my nails to grow when all it took was this wonderful bottle of Pink Armour. My nails haven’t looked this good in years. I have been using it for two weeks now. the first week I just did the armour and then the second week I did one layer of the armour, then on top I did a pale pink colour and then I did another coat of the armour. It all dried perfectly making my nails even more hard. The Nail Armour does not peel therefore the nails stay strong at the tips. This is by far the best product I have ever tried and would highly recommend it.

  53. I got my bottle of pink nail armor I found it at my local Walgreens for $9.99 . One of the reviews said there’s looked a little bit orange when they got it, mine was pink. Some said it didn’t look pink when it was applied when I put it on it gave my nails a hint of pink color, I liked that. My nails are very week from years or fake nail use so I could bend by nails., after 2 coats of the nail armor my nails were a lot stronger and could not bend as easy. I have only been using it for a week but so far I love it. I have read a bunch of negative reviews here but a lot of them are from people who had to wait forever for there product or never got it at all maybe if you had a better experience when ordering you might have been more happy with the product it self..

  54. I have always had trouble with my nails being soft. When I seen the ad for Pink Armor Nail Gel, I thought boy this is just what I need. So I purchased it and tried it for a month. Now my nails are in worst shape then before. They are peeling so bad they look like an animal has been chewing on them. Now I,M stuck with two bottles of this stuff. Beware this stuff may work for some but I wouldn’t buy it if I was you.

  55. This product is an expensive top coat not unlike Sally Hanson Complete Care or NutraNail Complete Care. It is no better the those products nor any worse. My nail still crack and break after use of all three products. My advice is to find a product that penetrates the nail with a protein or biotin substance. These products do not help diminish breakage, splitting or cracking.

  56. Pink armor works great I have going to the salon for years and when I stop my nails were paper thin, every time they grew they broke off ex specially the side of the nail I hated it then I saw the tv add about pink armor and ordered it right away yes there was a back order and I waited about a month when it arrived I was ready to test it out I put it on my nails then put pink polish then put a top coat of pink armor then in the middle of the week put one top coat IT WORK LIKE A DREAM!!! My nails stayed in tacked it did take awhile for them to grow because I had to file them every week to keep them manicured but now they are growing strong! You must be patient if you have damaged nails like I did very satisfied with the results, just do your part.

    Thanks Sandi

  57. I’m going on the third day and so far so good. There’s been no peeling which was always the case before with all other products. It’s not pink like I thought it would be. It’s more of a natural look yet the nail still looks pretty.

  58. Ladies Take Note Just About Anything you But from a seen on TV ad DOES NOT WORK OR DO WHAT ITS SUPPOSE TO ITS A WASTE OF $$ ..

  59. Used Pink Armor…not as it promised.. I should have stuck with regular clear nail polish. It works just as well. I just threw away money on a product that does not work.

  60. I too have been waiting a LONG time for my order. After 2 months I received an email from this company saying it was on back order. Meanwhile I lost my debit card & got a replacement with a different number. I’ve long since forgotten & given up on my order when today they sent me another email saying my card had been declined. I’m so glad I lost my card after reading all the negative reviews – they can keep it!!!

  61. Ordered Pink Armor Nail Gel on January 18th received it January 30th….didn’t have to wait to 3-6 weeks as stated. Got all that was promised to me; the buy one get one free and the two free nail kits. I’ve just used it but see no pink tint. Looks like regular clear polish to me, but we shall see if it actually works. It has hardened already which regular clear polish doesn’t do. So hopefully it works

  62. I received my Pink Armor Nail Gel after 5 months of waiting and waiting, to be so disappointed, it’s clear on my nails, looks just like regular clear nail clear coat, in the bottle it looks light orange, not at all like the commercial, I could have went to the drug store and saved so much money. I will be honest I don’t believe I received what is being offered on the commercials and on the internet. Would be careful ordering this product.

  63. I just received my Pink Armor Nail Gel in the mail and it came with lots of extras, including some kind of nail design kit. I have no idea how it works and I can’t find it anywhere online. I can’t believe it didn’t come with directions. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do with this? Please help!!
    Thank you!!

  64. Be careful before buying Pink Armor. It appears to be a copy of the real thing which is sold on QVC. Pink Armor Nail Gel will ruin your nails!

    • I currently use Pink Gel Coat from QVC purchased from Sephora. I think it is a great product. I’m looking for someone who has used both QVC’s Pink Gel Coat and Pink Armor Nail Gel that can compare the two. Do you have any experience with both?

  65. I ordered the Pink Gel Nail stuff in September. In October I received a notice it was back ordered and would be sent by 10/26/12 and should be here in 10 days. I AM STILL WAITING. WHAT A SCAM.

  66. I just read the reviews and my credit card information better not be given to another company and I did not join anything that gave permission to charge my account any other money!

  67. I cannot give a review on the product, since I have yet to receive it. I ordered it on October 1, 2012 and keep getting told that it is on back order. Yet, I see them advertising Pink Armor Nail Gel stating that you will receive it in 4-6 weeks. It is going on 2 months since my order and as I stated, I am still being told that it is on “back order”. There commercial is very misleading, they should stop advertising until they can fill the orders that they have already received.

    • Hi, sorry about how they’re doing you. I ordered mine on sept 28th 2012 just got it 2 days ago it’s a scam its not Pink in bottle or on your nails looks like regular clear nail polish so disappointed and mad that I waited so long for this. Wish I had seen this review site first.

  68. Just got my bottle of nail gel after waiting several weeks, now I see I should have got a second bottle free which I did not get, the advertisement states 2 FOR 1. Please send second bottle.

    Thank You

  69. I order this as a gift to my mother, shortly after I order this product I received a phone call that I was charged 1.00 USD applied to some membership and would receive a 60.00 USD Wal-Mart gift card plus a discount coupon book valued at 120.00 USD all this my membership would only cost me $35.00 a month. What the heck was this! seems this company, Ontel Products Corporation has the right to sell my information including my credit-card and phone number… Folks beware… I wrote to the company and when you click on Place Order it seem s you are also giving them the OK to sell you personal information to other companies. Read there “Terms & Privacy” I was not a happy camper and here it is November and I have yet to see my order.

  70. Ordered Pink Armor Nail Gel nail gel back in early August. Today is November 19th and I just received it. I was notified that it was on backorder shortly after I placed the order. Then in early October, I received an email saying it would be shipped the following week. Obviously, it wasn’t. I’m going to give the product a try, but after waiting for so long, it had better be GREAT!

  71. I ordered Pink Armor Nail Gel on Oct 11,2012 at 6:49PM and got a e-mail shortly after that it is back ordered. It is Oct 28 and is still on back order. I am considering canceling my order and just forget about it. You would think that they would have enough on hand to complete orders in a reasonable length of time.

    • Called the number (no internet) and tell them you are unhappy. They discounted mine to $18.98 with out even asking. 1-800-715-3887 tell them you have no computer. They may give you another number, thats fine 1-888-904-9090. I waited almost 3 months. Received 3 days ago. Hope its GOOD!!

    • I paid extra for express processing and have been waiting 2 weeks and just received an email that it is on backorder. I hope they refund my $ for the express processing.

  72. Review Pink Armor Nail Gel

    Does Pink Armor Nail Gel work well on damaged nails?

    Does Pink Armor Nail Gel support your weak nails?

    Can Pink Armor Nail Gel be used equally well as a top coat and a base coat?

    Does Pink Armor Nail Gel give professionally quality results?

    Do you think Pink Armor Nail Gel is reasonably priced?

    • Have my hands in gloves five days a week for 8 to 9 hours. Thought that this would help my weak nails like it shows on the commercial. After one day of use it peeled off like a fake nail would. It will be two weeks now of trying this product and it still peels off and nails are not any better. Would not recommend this product .

      • Debbie – did you give up on the Pink Armor Nail Gel or keep using it? Has it improved over time? Wondering if it is worth the several month waiting period for receiving an order. I hate the expense and time involved in going to a nail salon for nails that look good for a week – longer if I could afford gel nails. Please post an answer if you can.


        • I suggest you buy gelish nail gel and an led light to cure it. In the long run it’s cheaper than a salon and it’s your own nails.

      • Anything that contains ketone, will damage your nails. I worked with ketone for years, that is what damaged my nails in the first place, and it will damage your brain over constant use. It did mine, it will appear as if you have a short time memory. As in Alzheimer.

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